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Holiday Shoppers Confronted By Anti-Fur Protests Throughout NYC!

New Yorkers say “no” to selling fur trim jackets from dead coyotes. Protesters urge stores to join GucciGiorgio Armani, and other top end brands and go fur-free! 55 more words


New Yorkers Say NO To Fur!

New Yorkers protesting outside one of New York’s poshest department stores saying no to selling fur from dead, tortured animals. Bergdorf’s is invited on anytime to share their POV. #JaneUnChained


"Fur Kills" Hits The Big Apple!

#FurKills hits the Big Apple! Protesters converge outside Canada Goose’s flagship store in New York, New York. Now that GucciGiorgio Armani and other high end designers, have announced they are ending the use of fur, these protesters urge Canada Goose to stop killing real coyotes for fur trim! 54 more words


Fur free Friday New York City November 24th


Caring Activists Against Fur works with the aim of creating awareness of a very sensitive, yet often unacknowledged, issue: the fur trade industry disregards everything but profit. 773 more words

Animal Awareness

Activists Stage "Funeral" For The Victims Of The Fur Trade

Seattle area activists protest the fur trade exclaiming, “It’s not fashion, it’s violence. Fur is murder.”


Activists Disrupt Fur Retailer With Bold Speak-Out!

As fur season approaches, Direct Action Everywhere activists disrupt business as usual in one of several fur retailers in a Toronto mall, denouncing the sale of fur and asserting, “It’s not fashion, it’s violence!” We invite any fur retailers to come on and explain how it is they justify buying and selling the fur of coyotes, raccoons, fox, mink, or any of the other animals that are typically used as a fur fashion and status statement.