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The Truth About Fur

Warning: Graphic content regarding animal cruelty

The other day I was talking with one of my animal activist friends about the fur industry. I’d never done research into the topic before and the extent of my knowledge was as broad as having watched 101 Dalmatians when I was a kid. 752 more words


Eliminate Horrifying and Cruel Fur Industry Practices

Millions of animals are tortured and killed by the fur industry each year. Domesticated, wild, and farmed animals are brutalized to create fur trim and coats. 16 more words


Stop Brutal Seal Clubbing and Torture

Every spring, the Canadian government allows the brutal killing and torture of baby harp seal pups. Up to 40 percent of the seal pups are skinned alive, their bodies discarded after their fur is harvested. 11 more words


Stop the Expansion of an Atrocious Mink Fur Farm

A mink fur farm is seeking permission to grow their business. This expansion would more than double the amount of animals imprisoned and killed for their fur. 26 more words


What Is Animal Rights? (Rewritten)

Aug 27th

What Is Animal Rights?

What is Animal Rights? Google defines it as “Animal Rights insists that animals, of any kind, are not here for human use only, such as medical research, hunting, and other services to humans.” A major example of this would be, us humans using Animal furs to have style, and look cool, as well as be stay warm. 344 more words

The future of fur in fashion: Millennials steer towards faux fur

Fur as a fashion statement has come and gone within the fashion industry. Recently, seen in high-end fashion magazines, fur has been making a notable appearance, but with a more modern twist. 1,393 more words

Spring 2015

FUR FARMS: Even the fur trade admits cruelty

When the fur industry themselves admit that cruelty takes place on fur farms you must know it is REALLY BAD!

Earlier this year (2015) Mike Moser, CEO of the British Fur Trade Association, agreed that animals on European fur farms “are distressed”. 204 more words

Animal Rights