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He Will Provide (TREK pt. 1)

Summer camp… most of you are probably fairly familiar with the concept and have likely volunteered at one. Let me tell you, though, that chances are you have never experienced a camp like TREK. 1,225 more words


12 Foot Davis

When we get the chance we like to get to know the communities that we work in and around. One day last year after finishing work in Peace River, we stopped at the 12 Foot Davis memorial site. 103 more words


Bell Rocks + Nipissing mention

In Julie Wilder and Mary E Wemigwans’ Wiigwaaskingaa (Land of the Birch Trees): Stories by Arthur J McGregor, Nipissing territory is mentioned on page 11 and 30 briefly, as shown.  23 more words


Business by a Frozen Sea: Imperial Ambition, Competition and the Establishment of Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1713

The early history of Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) provides a unique example of ambitious imperial endeavour in a difficult and remote area. Historians examining the role of British enterprise in North America have generally turned to the activities of the Thirteen Colonies. 6,283 more words

Early Modern Trading Companies

Frontier (Season 1)

Who would have thought I would have watched a series about the North American fur trade. No I didn’t say it was good, I didn’t say it was bad, somewhere in the bland not much taste fast food of tv. 225 more words

Life Update (all)