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Fight the fur trade

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So, what is the fur trade? Is it where cute and cuddly animals are kept on cute little farms and fed and cuddled all day? 1,186 more words

Used Hay

Ever since I was first introduced to the phrase “used hay recycler”, emblazoned on a man’s baseball cap in what looked like very thick icing, I occasionally find myself wondering what it means. 708 more words


Petition: Tell Gucci using kangaroo fur isn't chic!

Why is Gucci promoting the largest land-based wildlife slaughter in the world? These iconic, highly social animals deserve better.

Source: petition: Tell Gucci using kangaroo fur isn’t chic! 150 more words


Dances with Loons (Part 4)

                Vacations or holidays are by nature different from everyday life. By definition a vacation implies that we leave or vacate our normal humdrum existence and experience something out of the ordinary, something different. 1,080 more words


Random Post - Ava Russell (Video for "Kids These Days" by Fur Trade via YouTube)

Just to get Arizona excited, I’ll post a video on its own: Fur Trade‘s “Kids These Days” featuring Ava R.

In fact it’s interesting to what extent this was a forerunner of other music videos featuring dancing girls of about this age. 350 more words

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Furry Chinese Fashion Trade (Autoehnography research: Animal Welfare in Asia)

In my previous post I touched on the idea raised in the Cove of Dolphins being denoted as pests of the sea by Japanese authorities. This led me to think what other species are classed as pests in Asian cultures this lead me to discovering the Chinese fur trade. 626 more words



The approximate first thousand years of the Nordic Iron Age (500BC-600AD) was a period when textile related finds first decreased then increased in the Malmö area, compared to the previous Bronze Age. 1,318 more words