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Business by a Frozen Sea: Imperial Ambition, Competition and the Establishment of Hudson's Bay Company 1670-1713

The early history of Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) provides a unique example of ambitious imperial endeavour in a difficult and remote area. Historians examining the role of British enterprise in North America have generally turned to the activities of the Thirteen Colonies. 6,283 more words

Early Modern Trading Companies

Frontier (Season 1)

Who would have thought I would have watched a series about the North American fur trade. No I didn’t say it was good, I didn’t say it was bad, somewhere in the bland not much taste fast food of tv. 225 more words

Life Update (all)

2017 Great Lakes Rendezvous Directory

The 2017 Great Lakes Rendezvous Directory can be accessed by clicking on the image below. For all corrections, additions, and cancellations, please contact James LaForest at jela1966@hotmail.com or fccagl@hotmail.com.

French Canadian

European colonists’ ultimate weapon: consumerism

The trade in pelts and furs between Europeans and Native Americans was one of the most pivotal parts of American history. In the end, the trade destroyed the culture of every American Indian group it touched as it pushed the “frontier” ever farther west in the search for the pelts of fur-bearing animals. 1,306 more words

Illinois History

The Wood Runners

By 1721, the very lifeblood of New France, the fur trade, was on the brink of disaster. The market in France was glutted and fur shipments were no longer being accepted. 881 more words


The Fur Trade in Medieval Novgorod: Economic Impacts and Logistics. 

In 11th to early 15th century Novgorod, Russia, squirrel fur was so important to the economy that some kinds of tribute and rent were calculated in fur. 1,465 more words


Book Reflections - A History of Norway by Ivar Libæk and Øivind Stenersen

I’m living in Trondheim, Norway on a 2 year expat assignment with my family. We moved here from Australia and I knew very little about Norway before we arrived in July 2015. 1,352 more words

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