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The Fur Trade in Medieval Novgorod: Economic Impacts and Logistics. 

In 11th to early 15th century Novgorod, Russia, squirrel fur was so important to the economy that some kinds of tribute and rent were calculated in fur. 1,465 more words


Book Reflections - A History of Norway by Ivar Libæk and Øivind Stenersen

I’m living in Trondheim, Norway on a 2 year expat assignment with my family. We moved here from Australia and I knew very little about Norway before we arrived in July 2015. 1,373 more words

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A Journey Back in Time: Last Mountain House

Last Mountain House was a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post from 1869 to 1871. It was a branch of Fort Qu’Appelle 75 km east and was about 85 km southwest of Touchwood Hills Post. 140 more words


Wooden seals for tribute bags, from Novgorod

Fur collectors and tribute collectors in Novgorod used cylindrical wooden seals to secure and mark bags of fur and other items. I want to try making some of these, as the mechanism is very intriguing. 965 more words


Chasing the Voyageurs, part 2

The fur trade was a key part of Canada’s history and hundreds of people were involved in it from the late 1600s to the early 1800s. 778 more words


Anti Fur Protesters Take Over Portobello Market

On 21st of January myself and around 15  vegan activists protested against the fur stalls on Portobello Market in West London. There are several fur stalls there selling items such as full length fur coats, animal tails, fur hats, fur trimmed coats and fur scarves. 333 more words


Chasing the Voyageurs, part 1

Have you heard a family story about an ancestor who was a voyageur or coureur des bois? These were the men who canoed across the interior of North America to trade with the indigenous people for beaver pelts and other furs and bring the pelts back to Montreal. 437 more words