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A Collection of Pop Culture Treasures: Chapter 2: Fad Fiction, Extended Cut

Not everything in the realm of Pop Culture has staying power. Sometimes that’s a good thing and then sometimes the public realizes years later that maybe that fad wasn’t so bad after all. 2,854 more words

90's Nostalgia

When I was at work recently I was asked if i ever owned a VHS (Home video system for those who don’t know what that means). 254 more words

Taking Control Of Your Furby

Furbys have been around for a while and they are an interesting (if annoying) toy that will teach the kids to be okay with their eventual robotic overlords. 227 more words

Robots Hacks

All things Furby!!

Furby !!

Welcome to my Furbyblog 101, this is my blog for all things Furby!

I will be including pictures, art, poetry and lots of Furby news for Furby fans. 37 more words

Furby Horror Game Captures The Terror Of Owning A ‘90s Robo-Pet

(Source: kotaku.com)



‘90s virtual pet horror game Tattletail, released yesterday, is a game specifically about my fear of Furbies. More specifically, it’s about how unoriginal, how generational and how predictable my fear of Furbies is. 485 more words