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Life as a 90s Kid & The Fads of the Decade

Can you remember when beanie babies and those knee-high socks were all the rage? If you are anything like me, you grew up with trends like these. 2,029 more words


This summer I will....

1.Make my blog better,better posts,better images,everything for you❤

2. Buy a Furby (the child inside me never dies ☺)

3.Go to a music festival

4. Travel a lot ( and about this i have  little surpise for you) 29 more words


Finally! A Way to Efficiently Recycle Elements Found in Everything from Furbies to Wind Turbines

Rare earth metals are a crucial part of the materials needed for electronic products and magnets. Rare earth metals that are going to run out pretty soon. 584 more words


Unfortunate Looking

I have an eight year old daughter. She’s awesome – and I’m not just saying that because she’s mine. Well, maybe I am – but I think I’m hilarious, so naturally, I find her entertaining. 896 more words


Meet My Emoto-Tronic Furby Friend

I read somewhere on line that this might be worth some serious $$$.

This is Cocoa, circa 1998
Part hamster, part owl – native language Furbish…
48 more words


10 Things That Will Actually Make You Feel Truly Old

Buzzfeed has compiled a list of 33 things that will make you feel truly old. Here are 10 (for the full list, check out the link): 264 more words


Computer Hacking Using Children's Toys Is Nothing New

Hacker Samy Kamkar is getting a lot of press for a video in which he demonstrates that an outdated Mattel wireless texting toy can, with a few modern modifications, be used to open most garage doors in 10 seconds. 457 more words