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Toy Project Part 5 (Final)

Welcome to the final post on the Furby! To wrap things up, this post will be rehashing some of the stuff from my past posts, mainly about the difference that I did between the old Furby and the new Furby. 823 more words


Toy Project Part 4

The last part of this project was the hair. To recap a little bit, with the original all we did was cut slits in cardboard and lay them onto the body. 470 more words



Not much to report, except that I saw a video detailing how a guy installed an Alexa inside of his Furby. Moreover, did you know Furbies have gotten really complex? 57 more words

Toy Project Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my crazy toy project! This week I’ll be going over the prepping of a lot of the pieces. Just like what we did with the original Furby (we had stapled cardboard to the body to hold up the fur we attached, we found that it worked really well as a base.), I put a layer of paper mache over the structure of the body so that the fur would have something to stick to. 675 more words


Toy Project Part 2

To start everything off, today’s post will concentrate on the measurements, pieces and the support system of the Furby. As I mentioned in the last post, I made more layers inside the Furby than we had done with the original, this one consisted of 20 layers. 469 more words


New Year, New Projects!

For the new year, I wanted to go back and redo past pieces that I did when I was in college (and maybe look at ones from high school and elementary school). 1,236 more words


Nostalgic Nineties - Furbys

They were the number one present for christmas, they were the toy that everyone wanted, they were so popular they also sold out everywhere. The Furby – the robotic like creature that made a comeback in recent years but in the nineties everyone wanted one – including myself. 378 more words