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Sandwich-making superPACs.

You can make a sandwich out of pretty much anything. Once I used hollowed-out Furby™ and filled the insides with spiders and Gorilla Glue, with a dash of sriracha sauce for flavor. 126 more words

Analysis: ‘Tattletail,’ Why Mama Was Banned, And The Hellishness Of Nostalgia

Previously: Petscop.

There’s a special kind of horror that draws on our sense of nostalgia — horror that takes the things we loved the most as kids, that made us feel safe and loved, and turns those things on their heads, utterly destroying any good feeling we might have associated with them. 3,520 more words


I'm 31 and I have a 90s obsession. (Toys)

Hi team!

So I wanted to write a blog on my love of 90’s/2000’s nostalgia toys.

I would like to preface with saying that I am a 31 year old woman who has managed stores, responsible for Health and Safety, and founded a brand, that I own the following things: 351 more words


Watch A Furby Get Obliterated By A Hydraulic Press [VIDEO]

If you’re a 90’s kid I’m sure you remember Furbies, the electronic toy that resembles a hamster or owl-like creature.

Well a Finnish Factory by the name of… 51 more words


Two Hands Full... Family Friends

The band who put a Furby on their cover are back – Family Friends are continuing to make my head spin and they’re showing no signs of letting up or letting me get a rest any time soon. 320 more words