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Harry Potter Furby

My daughter asked me to draw a Harry Potter Furby for her, and here is the final result.


8 Things That Prove We've Actually Traveled Back In Time To The '90s

(Source: elitedaily.com)

As far as fashion goes, we’ve been knee-deep in the ’90s quagmire for years now. At this point, everyone basically dresses like he or she is an extra from the first “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie. 712 more words


Dear Agnes

Dear Agnes,

I miss you. I miss the sound of your voice. I miss the sparkle of your eyes. I miss your hair and the way it cascaded down your shoulders, crawling with lice. 1,050 more words


A New Generation Of Furbies Is Here To Terrify Us All Over Again

Ready to feel extremely old? Okay, here goes: Furbies hit shelves for the first time 18 years ago. That’s right — everybody’s favorite terror-inducing electronic… 562 more words


Furby gets updated again for the smartphone era

A good Furby doesn’t die, it just runs out of batteries. And maybe, if you’re lucky, it evolves every few years or so. Back in 2012, Hasbro brought the cuddly little iconic monster back from the toy grave with an electronic update. 160 more words


7th Sunday Festival

Check out this furby stage! Cool right?

7th Sunday, a festival in Veghel, the Netherlands. Approximately two hours away from Amsterdam.

It’s not the festival I would pick, the travel distance was crazy and too many stages (16!!). 339 more words


The Hacked Furby

So it’s all change here on this site. As well as all the drawing and the fun that comes with it I like to tinker with electronics and code, testing out ideas and concepts whilst presenting them in a fun way. 66 more words