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Artificial Intelligence Invades the Home … In Toys

The first thing I learned about Cozmo is that it doesn’t like to stay put very long. Roused from slumber, the little robot’s face illuminates, and it begins zooming around the table in front of me. 447 more words


'Detective Pikachu' Is Being Made Into a Live Action Movie.. No Really, It Is

If Fantastic Beasts wasn’t pokemon enough for you then there is good news on the horizon! Recently Legendary Pictures was able to nab the film rights to Pokemon, stirring the speculation soup regarding when we might finally get a live action version of the fabled TV and video game franchise that has engulfed today’s youth. 299 more words


Viral Video: What's Inside A Furby

Here’s what’s INSIDE a Furby.

A guy cut two Furbies in half with a high-powered water jet.


Furby Connect Sale - Best Price for Furby Connect Online - YouTubeFurby COnnect Sale

Furby Connect Sale – https://goo.gl/obw32C

It’s Christmas time and Furby is back! Find the best discount price for Furby Connect online right here – https://goo.gl/obw32C… 6 more words

Family Friends - Look The Other Way

There’s a Furby on the artwork. A Furby. WHAT YEAR IS THIS??? To be fair, I’d be right up for a trip back a couple of decades and it sounds as though  187 more words


Furby Connect Review

When we were offered a Furby to review by the lovely people at Hasbro I was secretly very excited. You see I was a little too old to have had one when they were popular in the 90s. 975 more words


Episode 042 - Double-Edged Sword

In which He-Man deliberately tries to ruin a young boy’s day by implying that his pet is dead.

As the episode begins, Man-at-Arms is admiring himself in front of a full-length mirror in the Palace. 1,064 more words