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Warning about Psyops Instigating Police/Race Violence

I have warned about paid government trolls several times for years.  However, without naming names I urgently request that you heed this warning for future ‘uprisings’ like Ferguson.   295 more words

2015 Psychic Predictions

What are you waiting for?

I was having a conversation with a member of our church reflecting on the promises of God. He talked about how he grew up in the church and how the religious non-christian groups of that time offered so much. 1,158 more words


An Explanation for the Riots in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD – in 5000 words (or less).

Four hundred years ago, our ancestors began importing native black Africans from their home continent to the North American continent, in chains, shoved below the decks of ships built especially for the purpose of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. 4,414 more words


The Cost of Rioting

Ok with there being riots in the streets “protesting” the police for the second time in a short time inside the United States. I think this is a subject that I should chime in on. 694 more words

Common Sense

Why Must We Think Twice About Having Sons?

During the Michael Brown controversy, I went to a #BlackLivesMatter protest in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia. While I was there, one of the speakers told a story about his sister. 700 more words

Social Issues

Another nail in the coffin of the Lame Stream Media - Video of St Michael Brown Thuggin It

The Gentle Giant

“Here is another video of Michael Brown… You know the black kid that was killed by a white cop in Ferguson Mo. (another waste of a fine young black mans life). 40 more words

Dear Everyone Who Blames it on Race

Dear Everyone Who Blames it on Race,

I’m very tired of reading people’s ignorant comments. You’re just as racist if you cannot look at each killing as an individual situation. 174 more words