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Gossip : Man Shot By Ferguson PD Was Friend Of Mike Brown

The person shot by a police officer on the anniversary of Mike Brown’ death was a friend of the 19-year-old that was killed last year by Ferguson PD officer Darren Wilson. 114 more words


"Straight Outta Patience"

But why are we out of patience? I say “we,” and not “they” because we all are one. We all mourn. We all feel anger towards the continuous unlawful murders, that continuously keeps us R.I.P’ing another hashtag every other week. 387 more words

Thugs Riot in Ferguson, Round II


State of emergency declared, 23 arrested.

The first round of mob violence over a dead thug and the ‘racism meme’ wasn’t enough.

Now, they’re at it again. 627 more words


Man shot during Furguson anniversary rally

A young black man has been shot at a mass rally marking the anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown in Furguson Missouri.

The victim, believed to have been shot by police, remains in a critical condition in intensive care. 32 more words


Warning about Psyops Instigating Police/Race Violence

I have warned about paid government trolls several times for years.  However, without naming names I urgently request that you heed this warning for future ‘uprisings’ like Ferguson.   295 more words

2015 Psychic Predictions