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A regular, simple, very everyday but I think really nice repeating pattern used here as a furnishing fabric on a sofa and a chair.

This particular design owes, as most of my designs do, more than a little to the various mid-century furnishing patterns that appeared over the 1950s and 60s. 71 more words



A very simple, very ordinary yet, in its way, a very beautiful regular repeating pattern used as a furnishing fabric for a sofa and armchair. 90 more words



They came over to our house today to install the TV unit, almost a month and a half after they were supposed to. It’s the TV unit… 209 more words

The 24th Project

Because There's No IKEA in Beirut...

Desperate times call for desperate measures, the saying goes. And it couldn’t be truer in the case of furnishing our home.

Do you know how tough it is for a young couple with a limited budget to find something that fits their style without breaking the bank in a country that’s all about appearances and what’s more expensive and fits with a specific attitude on decor? 431 more words

The 24th Project


Although this is similar to the pattern yesterday, in its way and in its heritage it is a quite different furnishing fabric.

Designed around patterns from the early to middle part of the 1950s, this fabric owes much more to the designs produced in the USA than to those from Britain. 60 more words



This was designed from the ground up as a furnishing fabric to look restrained yet to be noticed and appreciated.

It is an unusual design that owes much to the transport fabric patterns that I also create. 52 more words