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Who doesn’t like there home to look good?


My boyfriend recently bought a house and he gave me the best gift ever… creative license to decorate his home! The only caveat is I have to refrain from buying anything too girly… it’s still his home after all. 119 more words


Jazzing up the laundry room

So this space, as we all know, can get a little depressing.  Wash, fold, repeat.  I didn’t want this space in our new house to feel like that so it’s been an evolution of thoughts and ideas.  617 more words

Building A New House

Why Hire A Decorator?

Some things, well, many things, are best left to a pro.

I am not a proponent of the current ‘DIY’ process that is so prevalent. True, anyone can buy furnishings and put them in a room but when you want to get the best use out of your space and have it look ‘awesome,’ rather than just ‘o.k.’, then it is time to… 35 more words


Shepherd's Bush Fabrics

I took advantage of a free, dismal April Monday with to mooch along Goldhawk Road’s many fabric shops to pick up material for various projects.  Amazingly, I only succumbed to two lengths that were not on my shopping list! 61 more words


The Skooma Bubbler Conspiracy

If you got to this blog post from a “Skooma Bubbler” search, you’re probably looking for this information: the Bubblers and the pattern can still be gotten in-game, but only by pickpocketing npcs with the “Drunkard” designation. 329 more words


Of Mirrors and Looking Glasses

Though it may seem incomprehensible to most of us today, until the mid-nineteenth century, only a small percentage of people ever saw the reflection of their entire body in a looking glass. 3,031 more words