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Designer Headboards

A headboard, a basic element of a bed can create an ambiance which can act as a focal point. Initially, the concept of headboards was to segregate the bed from the wall such that any cold air from the wall could be transferred to the floor. 185 more words

Furniture And Design

Fireplaces and Design

Adding a British moor to the interiors is highly in demand and the best way to portray is a fireplace with some vintage chairs and a pretty mantle piece. 226 more words

Furniture And Design

'Rope' it up...

How the minutest of a thing can give a new definition to any item is astonishing, hence creating an item or a furniture that comes under the category of a minimal modern design. 255 more words

on the "Cloud" nine...

Comfort is the first thought that comes to us be in a relationship, a job or even at home. And comfort is when you have a comfortable ground , a comfortable base. 263 more words

'Lite' And Bright

Edison is remembered for his invention of bulb and an idea that has modulated with millions of concepts of beautifying it, accessorizing the origin but the true design, the actual masterpiece has now become a statement. 328 more words

Exposed and Raw Art in Architecture

An element that mostly the warehouses and godowns were famous for was their raw finish and incomplete polishing. But with the evolution of many materials, elements and style, Raw and unfinished look became a part of the modern times and evolved at its best with new improvisation. 271 more words

The 'Papier' Art

With the festive season just a fortnight away, and its special mention with the ‘Festival of Lights’ , making something colorful and in a  way like origami or even french papier art is surely worth some time. 118 more words