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Califur’s Venue Troubles and the Issue of Fandom Harassment

If there’s one thing that’s a large part of the furry community, it’s conventions – and as mentioned in a previous article of mine there’s a bunch and they’re only getting bigger and bigger in terms of attendance. 1,742 more words

Top 5 most influential artists

In lieu of the usual top ten list, I thought I’d do something a little more interesting: the top five most influential artists, the ones who have helped shape how I approach and think about creative endeavours. 1,304 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

Celebrating Achievements: The Ursa Major Awards

Awards are something that is not uncommon when it comes to the various interests that exist out there in the world; there seems to be awards for everything, ranging from actor awards, to music awards, to even non-media things like alcohol, such as at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 1,159 more words

Furry Travels: Furry Cons I Want to See In 2018

As mentioned in my previous post, Furry Cons are a huge part of this fandom, and there are plenty of cons to see and to attend. 1,057 more words

Frolicking Furries: A Look at Some SoCal Furry Meetups

One of the best ways to have fun in this fandom and get to know other furries is to attend the various meetups that take place here and there and everywhere in California. 1,489 more words

Authors of the Furry Written Word

As mentioned in a previous post of mine, there are quite a few writers out there that both are part of the furry fandom and write furry fiction – that is, fiction that features anthropomorphic animals largely in some fashion – and while they may not be the power house tour-de-force that furry artists or fursuit makers are, they’re still out there, and there are many furs that enjoy their work. 1,674 more words

(Fandom) Goodbye, DNA

Over the weekend, the macrophile artist known around the internet as DNA closed up his FurAffinity page. This all but completes his steady withdrawal from the furry fandom, which was announced a few months ago. 1,163 more words