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Comedians who use shocking or transgressive humor are often no strangers to controversy and criticism. Even the best of them sometimes tip over into the gratuitous, but most don’t stay there very long. 1,718 more words



Hey all! Just letting you know we are open for business! Keep in mind the guidelines and have fun!

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Quick Characteristics Guide

Hehe sorry for the screencaps for now but here’s some quick characteristic guidelines for the four main subspecies of Jackalynx. These are not really set in stone, just true to the species of Lynx which they’re based off of so that’s why it’s a ‘guideline’. 68 more words

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Little note, right here.

I’m not really sure who all has read this, following or is just interested in this but if you happen to draw a Jackalynx, even though they are closed now, please send me a Note on… 41 more words

Furry Fandom

Jackalynx the Species

​​!! STILL WIP !!

“What is a Jackalynx?”

Basically your wanderlust kings and queens, with the exception of Iberian Jackalynxes with stick to their common areas from their threatened status, the Bobcat Jackalynxes are the ones that usually leave their grassland, coastal land if born in the same community as an Iberian Jackalynx.

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