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Notes From the Field: Sasquan 2015

The 73rd annual Worldcon was held this weekend in Spokane, WA at Sasquan 2015 and I showed up with a small posse of furry writers — … 1,022 more words


Review of "Song of The Summer King" by Jess E. Owen

“Song of the Summer King” by Jess E. Owen, to be one-hundred percent honest, is one of the best books that I’ve read this year. In all honesty, author Jess E. 405 more words


Noteworthy New Furry Novels of July 2015

I’m the sort of Writer Bird that believes any book news is good book news, but I’d have to say that the BEST book news is whenever a publisher announces upcoming book releases in a month. 932 more words


A Review of "Otters in Space" by Mary E. Lowd

“Otters In Space: The Search For Cat Havana” by Mary E. Lowd is a delightful literary romp that is perfect for readers of any age, and it is definitely a book well-suited to easing people outside the furry fandom into furry literature. 215 more words


Could you be a...Furry?

Who are they?

Adults who create animal characters with human qualities. Often they dress in costumes (either just a tail or head to toe animal) to play out the character they identify with. 208 more words


New Cliff the Poodle Fursuit

So the Philippine Anthro Festival is happening this October 17,2015, so I thought it’s high time to get my fursuit for the con ready.Here are some work in progress pictures.




I have no idea why, but for some reason I’ve been drawing a lot this week and I’ve made some things I’m proud of. I’ll show you some of my favorites. 179 more words