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AltFurry – 卐?

Denounced by the media, ‘AltFurry’ is often depicted as a neo-Nazi apologist movement by journalists worldwide. However, many individuals identifying as ‘AltFurry’ claim that these allegations are untrue. 1,041 more words


Macklemore - Same Love

This is a youtube video that I made back in may of 2014.

This video has a lot of special meaning to me. Both personally and in other ways. 93 more words


All Aboard The Shane Train!

About me
Hey there, I’m Tea the Dog. This is a small introduction about me and what this is all about…

Call me Tea or T! 286 more words

The Furry Fandom subculture

Fascinated by the relationship between human-animal, the so called Furry Fandom subculture definitely deserve a space in the FASHIONJUNGLE habitat.

The furry fandom community is characterized by fictional animal characters with human features, such as the ability to speak, walk on two legs and wear clothes. 328 more words


Old Fursuit Head

This is a picture of an old fursuit head me and my grandmother tried to make about 2 years ago with a reference sheet we were using for my fursona right underneath it. 82 more words


The state of the furry fandom II

The controversy around specific groups around the furry fandom is not going to die down anytime soon. Fuelled by the deceits of the media and their followers, furries are falling into the booby trap of the narrative that ‘fascism’ is on the rise, that violence is the answer to ‘hate’. 648 more words


The Fluff About Furries

Many people are curious what a furry actually is and what the furry fandom is about, along with the social normal within the fandom and around fur-cons. 78 more words