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What can I watch at has furries, comedy and is based on a fairy tale

Well there is lots of choices you have your Puss in boots by dream works.

You have your robin hood by Disney though some would ague that it is a urban legand rather then a fairy tail. 416 more words

Furry Fandom

Want a furpaw soap or some disinfectant to clean that fursuit head?

Hay are you looking for your own furry soap?
Or maybe You want a bottal of disinfectant to clean your fursuit.

What ever your cleaning needs Wash your paws have got you covered… 25 more words


Thoughts on the Western Australian Furry Fandom

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and in the 5+ years that I’ve been in this community, I’ve definitely been guilty of this myself, but I think far too many people in the local, and in some cases, extended, furry community these days hold grudges, sleep around, cause drama, trouble, etc, the very things that drive communities apart and leave it shattered. 207 more words


18+ I have made a second mistake in life

In my previous post

18+ post Second life did NOT originally have furries

Witch can be located here if the writting did not take you to the link. 244 more words


Guest post: "A Conversation with Fred Patten" by Phil Geusz

A Conversation with Fred Patten

by Phil Geusz

Tomorrow, December 11, 2015, Fred Patten will celebrate his 75th birthday. If you don’t already know who Fred is and why it’s important that the fandom (and especially the FWG!) should honor him, well… Perhaps the best way to learn more about who Fred is and what he’s done for us both as furries and as authors would be to read on. 3,076 more words

Creating your very own gif

 If You want to make your very own animated cute/strange/weird whatever little gif animation for what ever reason then go to check out this website. http://gifmaker.me/ 120 more words


Why haven't I been working on my post well...

I have been busy doing some things.

You see I have a memory stick and I am putting stuff on it at intrest someone else. Then I will send this memory stick to that person. 123 more words