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A Review of "Otters in Space" by Mary E. Lowd

“Otters In Space: The Search For Cat Havana” by Mary E. Lowd is a delightful literary romp that is perfect for readers of any age, and it is definitely a book well-suited to easing people outside the furry fandom in furry literature. 215 more words

Anthropomorphic Characters

Could you be a...Furry?

Who are they?

Adults who create animal characters with human qualities. Often they dress in costumes (either just a tail or head to toe animal) to play out the character they identify with. 208 more words


New Cliff the Poodle Fursuit

So the Philippine Anthro Festival is happening this October 17,2015, so I thought it’s high time to get my fursuit for the con ready.Here are some work in progress pictures.



My son is performing tonight--need your prayers and positive energy!

My son as “Mex” in the center of the group.

My son performs tonight in the dance competition at Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA) in Atlanta, GA. 203 more words



I have no idea why, but for some reason I’ve been drawing a lot this week and I’ve made some things I’m proud of. I’ll show you some of my favorites. 179 more words


S-Con 2015: small is beautiful

I’m absolutely thrilled to be going back to S-Con this year. Last year was an absolute blast. The fans there are lively, talented and up for a good time, and the event is small enough to feel like an old-school, home-made, family convention and big enough to have a solid, diverse programme. 124 more words


4 music videos my son made

Time for a little shameless bragging.

My 23 year old son is an aspiring filmmaker (he also has a music review channel, Radio Recall) and has quite a few music videos on his channel, iBolt07 at Youtube.com. 407 more words