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Gary Andrews:Ace Attorney

I recently learned that a cartoon made in the early 2000’s called “Gary The Rat” which has a furry tf based plot that actually takes itself somewhat seriously not only exists, but apparently I went back in time and wrote it while drunk! 4,306 more words

Conversation Series: Courtney Plante, social psychologist

“The fandom represents a safe space for this sort of identity exploration and play. When everyone is a fantasy-themed character, it reduces the level of self-consciousness a person may feel – after all, if the person you’re talking to represents themselves as a walking, talking blue cat, it’s pretty hard for them to mock or ridicule you for your self-expression.” — Courtney Plante.

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Animal-centered Culture

Day with the pups

It has been a long month. I have not gotten to spend as much time with my beloved puppies and kitty. Life has thrown me quite a few curve balls. 26 more words


Hitomi - Galaxy Badge

Galaxy Badge by © KittehMoMo

Drew this badge of Hitomi on a galaxy background today: 05-20-16

All art rightfully belongs © KittehMoMo; the galaxy is not mine. 16 more words

Prince Remember, Donald Trump Elementary, Furry Fandom & more! - Let's Have A Fefe

I DRESSED in purple for Prince but got a little off-topic first thing and started talking about my CenturyLink customer service experience. We went over the weekend and I let you all know that the trolls were after me — it was fun and I think the audience had some fun over what was said. 255 more words

Felicia Minor

Behind Stereotypes. A Furry Input.

I wrote before about the furry fandom. Today I am writing about them once more.  There is a lot of negative press for the furry fandom and I do, as part of the community, understand why. 1,298 more words

Yuki's Digitigrade

Fursuit Talk: Yuki’s Digitigrade Legs

Ok..I know what you’re thinking. “This is really random, Fiona”. Ok, ok. I know XD . What I’m trying to get at is my digitigrade legs for Yuki aren’t exactly “finished”, to say. 475 more words