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Looking to do an Army School Drop?

Early Separation from Active Duty to Further Education In Accordance With Army Regulation 635-200 Paragraph 5-16

So, you are nearing your ETS from the Army and you either have been accepted to school/university, or want to attend but are unsure on how to go about the “School Drop” process? 630 more words

Can you see the influence of a library in a degree show?

The season of the end of year degree show is upon us and for some of us may have already ended. This year I have been to more degree shows than ever before. 1,161 more words


The government probably won’t do much about education

Such is the position the government finds itself in that education was relegated to little more than a paragraph in today’s Queen’s Speech. As might be expected, the government, through Her Majesty, said; 523 more words


A Word of Advice: Living from Pay Check to Pay Check

Hi Kally,

Good day!

I’ve been working at an Italian restaurant around the corner of my apartment as a server for the past 3 years. It is 10 hours shift and for every 3 days I worked, I get 1 day off. 569 more words


Mastery Learning - getting the foundations right

In the 12th Century, construction of a bell tower behind the Pisa Cathedral began. Due to it being built upon soft soil with only 3m of foundations, the tower began to subside on one side during the construction phase. 906 more words

Teacher Training

Returning to England 

Honestly, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, but this isn’t for those who think this is a waste of time and money. This is for those who are genuinely interested in why I have chosen to move to England for a year. 929 more words