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further as becoming

only as its own plan

and overheard as its own drift

as its own dreams

and making as its own cover

as its own shatter… 47 more words


Trump’s Poll Numbers Crater Even Further As GOP Support Slips

Lost amid all the dramatics of Jeff Sessions’ testimony,Trump’s ranting and ravings, and his reported desire to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, (which we all know he will eventually do), was an AP poll that confirmed Nate Silver’s earlier analysis that  429 more words

Daily News

proof as further

motive as its own speaking

and held into the level

and gotten as its own difference

and gotten as its own truth

and held as its own having… 46 more words


inside and further

into the night

and well as its own plush

as its own flush

and doing

as the keeping

and caught as the beg

and hope as its own travel… 43 more words


Stevieslaw: Mitch McConnell's Magical Bus

Stevieslaw: Mitch McConnell’s Magical Bus

Who would have ever guessed there would be a strong connection between Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, and author and counterculture guru, Ken Kesey? 92 more words


against as further


as its own keeping

as its own cause

as the carry

as its own element

and point as its own finding

and long as its own mute… 45 more words