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gotten so further


as its own pure

and into the making

as its own miracle

and brought

as when it was the power

and said as its own lights… 48 more words


further attitude

said as more

and down as its own turning

and water as its own asking

and mood

as its own telling

and secure

as what it was the pure… 41 more words


further and walls


as its own notice

and hope

as its own keeping

and waited

as its own the walking

and said as the details

and cover… 46 more words


Further Critical Reading

There is a lot of material that you could get out of the library, or access in electronic form, but I appreciate that many of you have jobs or are in other ways very busy, and so it may be difficult to find the time. 211 more words


Grammar Tips: Further or Farther?

Do you want to keep on improving your English speaking skills? (영어 말하기 스킬을 늘리고 싶나요?)  Check out this post by Grammar Girl  for some tips on how to use ‘further and farther’. 22 more words

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