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The City

There might be a degree of untruth in this one, but I am not sure.

And day today,
And day tomorrow,
The same street I walk… 38 more words


further in noise

having on the coverage

and said on the learning

and made on the composed

and thought on the wise

and when it was the coming… 47 more words


Peace Elusive

My second attempt at English Ghazal with Assamese Translation .


What I seek I never get,peace elusive
As I seek,further it is,peace elusive… 58 more words


Naira falls further to 414/dollar

The naira fell to a new low of 414 against the United States dollar on Sunday amid the continued scarcity of foreign exchange in the country, with economic experts predicting further pressure in the forex market this week. 573 more words


further and when it was

those of the seeking

and called on the duration

and made on the lucky

and for the right

and held on the doing

and when it was the coming… 42 more words


Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Folympic Dark Side - We Don't Want To Go There

At the Dairy Queen oh-so-long ago, in the intermission between Saturday night movies at the Rex Theatre, some boys would buy a soft drink with a famous name (rhymes with bloke), add the contents of a once famous headache powder (rhymes with hex) mix it up, and, gasp, drink it. 13 more words


This couldn't be further from good

This is kinda the mother of all bad word choices on Yahoo! Style:

That couldn’t be further from the correct words.

UPDATE: After I took that screen-grab, the paragraph was changed, presumably by an editor. 57 more words