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Seven months of full-time travel finding our frontiers

Seven months of facing fears, firsts, and furthers – finding our frontiers across the globe

In January, my boyfriend Matt and I stuffed our 70-liter backpacks to the brim, carrying full messenger bags, yoga mats, and fishing gear, and boarded a one-way flight to South America. 900 more words


I have nothing further to say

This appeared today on yahoo.com and nothing could be further from accurate than this use of farther:

Confused about the difference between further and… 92 more words


further as avoid

caught as its own use

and window as the truth

and hope as the fasten

and spell as the words

and keeping

as the dealing… 50 more words


"Farther" or "Further?"

Should I Use “Farther” or “Further?”

The words farther and further are often used interchangeably based on what rolls off the tongue more nicely. Most of the time, it is not terrible grammar to use these two words in this way, but it is widely accepted by grammarians that the two words are slightly different. 140 more words

This Or That?

further as becoming

only as its own plan

and overheard as its own drift

as its own dreams

and making as its own cover

as its own shatter… 47 more words