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How to Find Happiness (Without Looking for It) - Further

further: feature Further’s mission statement says that we find purpose, well-being, and happiness by pushing ourselves beyond our current status quo. There is no destination called happy; it’s instead an experience stemming from the process of living our best lives. 49 more words


Step Forward, Further

We do cue our steps,

to land a certain cadence

we learn to recognize,

our lives are truly designed.

Yet so often we are not sure, 46 more words


Boogie (@BoogietheBeast) "Further" (Audio)

When it comes to discovering new music, a great Source would NPR. Yup, the station tht brings us montone radio personalities has also helped break some of the best new artists in music. 120 more words


Cry through the rhythm
Air is not there is this real
Must be high def life



3 Ways to Benefit From Meditation Without Just Sitting There - Further

The benefits of meditation keep rolling in. The latest findings from researchers at UCLA claim that meditation keeps your brain young. High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging shows that large parts of the gray matter in the brains of those who meditated seemed to be better preserved. 37 more words


further valentine

down the road

and where the game of hearts

and who is rolling the dice

and who is longing to being nice

and what it has in store… 51 more words