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further as fire

what is the scene

and what it meant

and called on the warning

and its own secure

and  said on the moment

and its own explain… 46 more words


Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 1110

The prospect of learning a new language may seem too much to undertake. One way to succeed at learning a new language is to relate unknown terms, phrases, and words to known terms, phrases, and words.

For example,

akowapa (ah-koh-wah-pah) = further


further proof

in its own instead

and looking  well past

and turning

and what it was the moment

and caught on the standing

and its own ending… 48 more words


further as held

in the  looking

and its own moment

and told

and when it was the seeking

and well so prepared

and wait on the even

and its own leap… 47 more words


Chapter 2

Liberating is the feeling encountering lay teachers who wanted to help you learn rather than constantly wrapping knuckles with a wooden ruler, or making me stand in the corner in the front of the class to display what an incorrigible child was in their midst. 222 more words


push you further

in its own strange weird

and mellow

and before of the concearn

and how it was the theme

and its own bubble

and lasting on the choice… 47 more words