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Letter to Ford Motor Company

For years I’ve suffered through Ford’s print and television advertisements. Today I finally did something about it.

If you’ve read my page about apostrophes, ‘Apostrophe Alert,’ you know the story of a late friend who was an apostrophe vigilante.  204 more words


You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.
Put it the other way “You can’t get further anywhere without leaving your present place”

Paramhans Jiddanand


Writing 4.2 - Writest and Wrongest

Here’s another installment of my series simply designed to tell you that you’re not writing rite.  I mean, that you’re righting is wrong.  Just try to get it write.   1,067 more words


How People Determine Your Level of Influence in the Blink of an Eye - Further

further: feature Why is it that some people command attention when they speak? And what makes some people more influential than others when they state a position? 62 more words


Further #EngTalk: Penggunaan Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia

(Conversations along #EngTalk: English words as Bahasa Indonesia slang)

Denger-denger, Presiden ke-enam SBY suka menggunakan kata2 b. Inggris, ada yang tahu kata-kata apa saja yang beliau gunakan? 374 more words


LSE is more: Education

The LSE have produced a series of analyses of the coalition’s record in key policy areas which are exceptionally useful for A2 Politics students who are willing to knuckle down to some of that reading business teacher’s go on about. 37 more words

- Education

New Music // The Chemical Brothers - Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

The Chemical Brothers have returned with their first taste of new sound since 2010 from a new album. Sometimes I Feel So Deserted is the brand new track from the duo, which was revealed along with a new album… 185 more words

New Music