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Three Cognitive Biases That Stunt Your Personal Growth - Further

further: feature It’s often hard to accept that our limitations are largely in our own heads. Personally, every leap forward in my adult life has been the simple result of a change in the way I think. 20 more words


further debate

never wrong

and lent

the voice of your reason

and how ty answers

and makes its all somethign


of the said

and where it heard… 47 more words



After the insipid chapter that was number 2, INSIDIOUS is back with a new director, an almost-entirely new cast and a renewed sense of dread and familial heart. 449 more words

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This Quick Quiz May Indicate Your Economic Future - Further

further: feature It used to be the stuff of science fiction. Now, robots, automation, and intelligent algorithms are at the center of a discussion about the future of human employment. 57 more words


Further and further outside yourself

You have to create your own love in life…
define your own meaning…
and harbor your own inspiration.
Start from your inside…not somewhere else..
start asking yourself questions that lead you further and further outside yourself. 74 more words

Food For Thought.

Long Distance

A hug: That is all we need
No words to express
We keep our sadness beneath
Where our hearts convey

We’re so far, so far away… 49 more words


Are You Brave Enough to Live the Life You Want? - Further

What comes to mind when you hear the word courage? It might be someone racing into a burning building to rescue a child, or someone else committing an act of civil disobedience to protest injustice. 42 more words