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Monet's Seine Basin at Argenteuil-$15

Claude Monet painting The Seine Basin at Argenteuil
recreated in fused glass.

Fused Glass

Blue or Green Plumerias

I did several of these and they are quite popular!

Email me and I can make a custom color for you!


Windy music and Holiday memories

I’ve been making wind chimes lately, in between the one hundred and one things that have all conspired to happen at the same time.  Never a dull moment here as the central heating  contractor decided they can only fit us in to replace the system NOW, husbands work needs him away for two week NOW,  van expired on it’s MOT test yesterday, and the puppy had decided she want to shred the house if I’m not with her every second of the day. 133 more words

Creative Inspiration

Gearing up …

I spent the last 48 hours surfing the ‘net … learning techniques and gathering supplies.  Oh boy!  I am eyeing some new inks (copic markers and Tim Holtz crayons); prepping for our fall shows with more jewelry/displays; ordering (domino) art tile supplies and stamps; and getting ready to load up the kilns with night lights, bowls, spoon rests, ornaments and glass pendants …  Productive downtime!


Time to get busy!

Fused Glass