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It's Tuesday!

And this story probably isn’t quite regular enough for me to legitimately say “and you know what that means”, but…what the heck! The Fused is here! 32 more words


Lindsi's Still Alive!

Somehow, she’s surviving out in the emptiness of space — but she doesn’t have long. So what can she do? Find out in Chapter 29: Spacewalk… 23 more words


Hard Vacuum

It’s finally happened! Though it took some time, and I was away running a Convergence RPG over the weekend, which worked out better than I hoped! 66 more words


Well, What Do You Know

It’s a Tuesday, and that means it’s time for The Fused! Despite my having been away on a camping holiday for a friend’s birthday all weekend, I have succeeded in bringing you the next instalment of Lindsi’s continuing adventures! 16 more words


Only One Hour Late!

What do you know, I almost succeeded! I haven’t slept yet, so, it’s still kind of the same day, right? Here we are, one hour after midnight, and I bring to you the completed… 20 more words


With Apologies

This is the final day of the corrections.

It’s almost over.

And I managed to write part of the next The Fused chapter yesterday.

So, since I keep promising it, … 77 more words