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She's Back!

And she’s finally getting some answers! The Fused returns this month with Lindsi questioning the Ship about precisely why it chose her and learning just a little more than she bargained for, in Chapter 33: Answers.


Album of the Week 49-2016: Iommi - Fused

Combine the talents of heavy metal’s original riff master and the most soulful singer Deep Purple has ever had and ‘Fused’ is what you get. Even though the band carries the last name of Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi, the album seems to be a perfect collaboration between him and singer bassist Glenn Hughes, hence the double billing on the cover. 505 more words


Windows to the Past

I got it into my head to set up an old list of songs I haven’t heard in a long time, and boy is this a window into the past. 289 more words


Today's Thing of Beauty - glass

Now and then I find “things of beauty” which are simply that – I don’t need to buy them, but just to look at them is a joy. 42 more words


It happened again, I’m sorry. So busy. NaNo coming up, too…


Brief Apologies

Looks like there won’t be a chapter of The Fused going up today, external events have somewhat distracted me from writing it and I no longer have enough time to do so this evening. 12 more words