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Today's Thing of Beauty - glass

Now and then I find “things of beauty” which are simply that – I don’t need to buy them, but just to look at them is a joy. 42 more words


It happened again, I’m sorry. So busy. NaNo coming up, too…


Brief Apologies

Looks like there won’t be a chapter of The Fused going up today, external events have somewhat distracted me from writing it and I no longer have enough time to do so this evening. 12 more words


Horizon Mission

So there it is. At last we know the purpose and destination of the vast starship that is Lindsi’s home. It’s been travelling for hundreds of years, long enough for its people to stop caring about their destination, long enough to become another self-contained little world all its own. 235 more words


Just in Time!

It’s almost midnight, but it is still Tuesday! And here we are with Chapter 32: Horizon Mission!


#MicroblogMonday - Glass works again

And I forgot to blog again last night.

Yesterday late afternoon I went to check out a glass club. They do Tiffany style work (stained glass windows, lamps), fused glass (pieces melted together) and even mosaics (bits glued onto something in a pattern). 108 more words