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Finally, a new chapter!

Yep, that’s right – The Fused has updated once again! Just what is going on with that retreating darkness? Find out in Chapter 24: Sightlines!


You’re my other half but without you I’m never less

Our love sits constant and sure inside me

Because once two halves are properly fitted, connected, slotted… 39 more words


In Case of Emergency...

…read another chapter of The Fused! That’s right, Chapter 23 is now up! And things are only getting more bizarre!

(And don’t forget, the Before the Sun Fades ebook is only £1 in your DRM-free format of choice over at… 12 more words


Bright and Distant Future

From the perspective of its passengers, the shuttle platform drifts serenely, the universe rotating gently around it. From a purely physical perspective in the local reference frame of Earth’s centre of mass, it orbits at hundreds of kilometres an hour, adding even more speed to that in order to switch to a more distant orbit, precisely timed to draw near to – but not to intercept – another hurtling space object. 718 more words


Hey Look It Happened!

Chapter exists! It’s a bit late now to say anything much other than that a wild chapter appeared. Chapter 22!


Colour Everywhere - Isabel Garriock

Late winter in the United Kingdom can be such a dull, bleak time. The magic sparkle of Christmas has faded away and left behind a cold, rainy and grey environment. 771 more words


The Fused: Chapter 21!

It’s not a long chapter, but on the other hand, it’s here and it’s on time! As ever, it’s also linked on the Tuesday Serial website… 72 more words