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By anizabbas7

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Animal World Loons in Lake Fused Glass Nightlight Cover

Common loons also are identified by a pale collar and are largerthan the Pacific loons. Despite the surprise, Common loons are known to breed during summer months across the northern United States, much of Canada and Alaska. 221 more words

Secrets Switchables Fused Gerbera Daisy

The Upsy daisy Bed comes with a soft Upsy Daisy that closes her eyes when she lies down and a blue soft blanket the same as the one in the show. 337 more words

Handcrafted Fused Art Glass Night Lights Butterfly on Flower Around

Receive $10 off on Orders over $50 at Flower.com Use above Flower.com coupon code and Flower.com promo code on our website is absolutely free. To use this… 302 more words

Clarifying Switchables Fused Dragonfly

You’re a musician or an artist and you are looking for some simple, modern and stylish to place in your studio. Look no further than the… 254 more words

An Switchables Fused Birch Trees

The trees have many uses. Their wood is used in furniture-making, and extracts from the tree are used to make leather oil and cosmetics. The tree’s leaves, which have medicinal qualities, are used to make teas. 334 more words

Whats Switchables Fused Beehive by Krista Hamrick

“Take the note – especially the one that pisses you off.” – krista Vernoff

If krista discovers that she is in a circumstance that isn’t working, is sucking the life energy out of her, she “rips off the bandaid”, detaches and moves on to something that feeds her soul. 302 more words