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The Story in Paintings: Henry Fuseli, Swiss Gothic

At the end of the eighteenth century, when William Blake was developing his artistic career, the Royal Academy had two influential and very controversial members: James Barry, who became Professor of Painting but was then the only member to be expelled until a few years ago, and Henry Fuseli, also Professor of Painting and renowned for his ‘Gothic’ works. 2,242 more words


Tyger's eye: the paintings of William Blake, 3 - biography

William Blake was born on 28 November 1757 in what is now Broadwick Street, Soho, London. In 1767 or 1768, he started as a pupil at a drawing school in The Strand. 2,535 more words


Tyger's eye: the paintings of William Blake, 2 - The Ancient of Days

If we should read Blake’s writings in order to better read his paintings, is that sufficient? In the introductory article to this series, I took Blake’s painted etching… 1,003 more words



I’m on my way to the Tate Modern at the moment and  I’m really looking forward to it. I’m on the train to Paddington and just thinking about all the exhibitions I have really wanted to see and actually made the effort to go to the gallery, yet did not manage to see them. 323 more words


Blackpaint 560 - England's Great Disaster (England 1, Iceland 2) and some art, of course...



Monkey Man, Blackpaint 2016

National Portrait Gallery – Lucian Freud/Chantal Joffe

A few erstwhile unknown works by Freud, well worth a look; a lovely drawing of a sleeping girl and an unfinished self-portrait, a drawing in paint of another girl, as well as a childhood drawing from a sketchbook. 262 more words

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Image credit: The Night Mare, Henry Fuseli

(Trish Jean)

A dreaming moment
Recurs with a gasp
Matching the
Feeling that comes on
Its coat tail… 75 more words


W. H. Auden

And ruled by dead men never met,
By pious guess deluded,
Upon the stool of madness set
Or stool of desolation,
Sits murderous and clear-headed; 19 more words