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How to make Mexican Burrito Lasagna

This is a very easy recipe that I created for my family. My husband is from Mexico and he loves spicy foods. Me? Not so much, but I try to find a happy medium. 312 more words


Two quick fish recipes for your "plancha"

One good thing about summer is definitely the outdoor cooking.

Two years ago, my husband bought himself what the Spanish call a “plancha”, which is basically a large cast-iron plate heated from underneath with 2-5 gas burners. 526 more words

Eating In

Postcard from London

The Black Cab dropped us on the footpath on Queensborough Terrace and drove off, leaving us to find No.72… We can see numbers 74 and 76, but for some reason our map tells us we are standing outside the Latvian embassy. 986 more words

Food Discovery

Butter Pepper Garlic Prawns


Medium Sized Prawns (de-shelled and de-veined)- 20

Butter- 2 tbsps

Black Pepper Powder- 4 tbsps

Coconut Milk (Medium consistency)- 1 cup

Salt- to taste… 129 more words

The Desi Twist- An Indian Connection

We Indians have always been good at modifying things as per our liking, we call it ‘JUGGAD’. Fortunately/Unfortunately this has creeped into our food as well. 595 more words


An Insight into Tourism and Food in York

Typically York, being a historical city, has benefitted hugely from the tourist industry and records from previous years have shown the ever-increasing tourism trade. An article published in 2013 showed that the money generated by said tourists is to be around £573 million supporting more than 19,000 jobs with 6.7 million visitors annually (bearing in mind the population of York is around 200,000). 233 more words



A couple weeks ago I had lunch at Sushirrito in Palo Alto. This Bay Area exclusive restaurant fuses the ingredients of a sushi and the shape of a burrito, hence the name Sushirrito. 154 more words