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Mango Rasayana Cupcakes

King of Indian Fruits that is Mango is harvested during the month of March and stays till May-June. Mangoes are tropical delight with a host of nutrients and phytochemicals. 241 more words


Spicy Fusion: Aab and Hot Wings

April 21, 2017

Check this out:

Last night, we made two dishes. Aab, a Thai dish, is originally fish grilled with curry paste, green onions and Thai basil all wrapped in banana leaves. 179 more words


Bittersweet: Starbucks Pop'zel Coffee Frappuccino

Starbucks has been on a roll recently, introducing new drinks nearly every week. This time they’ve introduced a unique fusion of popcorn, pretzel, and coffee and called it a… 347 more words


Full of Luck Club: A lucky food fusion

I’ve read reviews of this place, all of them raving about the mini buns that the Full of Luck Club has to offer. Seeing the photos however, was what really caught my attention — the mini buns look interesting and appetising. 532 more words


The Low-Down on Fusion Cuisine

Anybody who has spoken to me before knows that cultural identity is a very important issue in my life. There are various posts on this blog that focus on how I’ve tried to understand who I am and what my culture and race mean to me on a larger scale, which you can see… 2,203 more words


Food Mission 2016: Noodle Bar by Tokyo Latte

Another hidden gem in Western Singapore!

Walked past this cute cafe a couple of times in JCube and finally decided to pop in for dinner on a non-crowded Monday evening. 291 more words

Photo Collage

Asian Food Porn - #Dëshirë

There’s something seriously sexy about good smelling food – the mix of highly fragrant spices and herbs, the tossing and turning of freshly boiled noodles or aromatic rice; the sizzling sound while sauteing veges and the sharp tinge of soya and worcestershire entering the nostrils, triggering your hunger more than ever, sending chills in your body, arousing every hormone; you’re imagining its face, its colors, how it looks up close, how strongly it smells when you take a large sniff at it; how badly you want to taste and feel it on your tongue & nibble on it slowly savouring each flavour,  feeling your food bite by bite; by now you’re so excited that when the dish arrives and how it looks matches your imagination and all that followed,  you just can’t help take a dive for the fork and knife for a rendezvous with the glorious food.. 889 more words