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Good Food Knows No Boundary – Tidbits from the summer

Summer is the time to explore new experiences. This summer, while staying and traveling in the Midwest and the Northeast, I got to find and enjoy a variety of amazingly authentic foods, in places that I had never expected before. 340 more words


Mexican Poutine

Fusion food can sometimes go so wrong, but sometimes, it’s so wrong it’s right. Like “Mexican Poutine,” or so I’ve dubbed it. Roasted sweet potato fries topped with chorizo gravy, diced cheddar cheese, pickled jalapenos, chives, cilantro and hot sauce. 166 more words

What's Cookin'

Food Fuse: Chana Jor Garam & Guacamole 

I put these together as an appetizer for our guests. Chana jor garam. Usually tossed with onions, tomatoes and lime juice, garnished win cilantro. I threw avocado in the mix. 31 more words


At Home With The Foodsters : Cravings

Coming from diverse backgrounds and different nationalities, Mr. Eat & I were craving for food from every spectrum of the world! Since we were too lazy to get up and drag ourselves to a restaurant (not to mention the fact that we had a budget to stick to), we decided to satisfy our own cravings by making them at home and putting whatever the heck we wanted in it – traditional or not! 155 more words


Chili in Italy

Figuring out what to make for a party can be difficult. For almost every gathering I have in my home, there is a theme. The theme my husband and I decide upon dictates the type of food I make. 552 more words

Recipe Posts

Beef and Pork Meatball Burger Sliders

I have a notion. Party food should be fun. It should spark conversation, interest, smiles. Not every dish, of course, is going to do this. Sometimes, a dip is just a dip.  856 more words

Recipe Posts

At Home With The Foodsters : In Good Company

I’m not sure what we love more: cooking or eating! The struggle is real because there are so many places and things to try with so little time (and limited resources!). 366 more words

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