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Congress observed

“Congress is so strange. A man gets up to speak and says nothing. Nobody listens — and then everybody disagrees.” — Russian actor Boris Marshalov, after visiting the House of Representatives

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futility closet & you are not so smart

Here’s a shout out to Futility Closet, a fine podcast that presents something mysterious, quirky, or unusual each episode. And puzzles. I bet the co-hosts didn’t suspect that listening to them challenge each other with lateral thinking puzzles would be so entertaining for listeners. 56 more words

Interesting Links

Podcasts for Writing Inspiration

Podcasts, just like audiobooks, is a great way to spend those times of day when you’re commuting (or doing housework). There are podcasts available on just about every subject you can imagine. 378 more words


Ghost Duds

I don’t often do this, but the subject whetted my appetite. The following comes verbatim from a November 24, 2013 posting on Futility Closet. Do visitors from the spirit realms have an innate sense of modesty? 431 more words


Happy Birthday to Mr. Poe

January brings the birthday of one of my favorite writers, Edgar Allan Poe. Thus, the first month of the year leaves me in a celebratory spirit of all things Gothic and, specifically, all things Poe. 1,117 more words


A Philosophical Conundrum

I got this puzzle from The Futility Closet, which I have decided to add to my links:

Suppose we have a complete wooden ship, and one day we replace one of its wooden planks with an aluminum one. 200 more words


Book Signings

I have never owned a book that was signed by its author before, but all of a sudden, I now have two: Futility Closet by Greg Ross and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. 871 more words

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