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TRUSTING ME: A quick guide to who, what and how to deliver a better message

When you’ve got a difficult message to deliver don’t just send out the next cab on the rank. Instead, use a bit of research to send out the best one. 770 more words


CHANGE DILEMMA: 'Why are firefighters who run into burning buildings afraid of change?'

“Why is it,” a Canadian fire and rescue officer said, “Why is it that firefighters who run into burning buildings afraid of change?”

A friend had asked him this and he admitted he was unsure what to reply. 175 more words


BBC EXPERT: Fear change in tech? You've seen nothing...

Worried the world is changing too fast? Here’s a thought. You’ve seen nothing.

In 1973, former BBC tech writer James Burke had imagined what 1993 would look like. 480 more words


BIG DIGITAL: Digital comms is much, much bigger than comms

I heard something this week… then read something that chimed with it.

At the Association of Police Communicators event in Grantham I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen for a while After exchanging pleasantries, I asked what was keeping them busy. 218 more words


STATS 2016: A pile of things every comms person needs to know from the Ofcom communications market report

Here’s a thing. Everybody apart from maybe your Gran should know what’s in the Ofcom Communications Market Report.

Everybody who is interested in communicating as part of their jobs should know it. 854 more words

7 University Story Telling Trends To Watch In 2016

The pressure is on. Universities need to stand out. They need to share successful student outcomes, powerful research achievements, and both local and global impact. Many are looking at how storytelling can help them. 1,642 more words

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A Virtual New Year For Higher Education

2015 ends with many in the Higher Education marketing community talking about Virtual Reality (VR). 12 months ago there was a little volume, especially as Yale and others launched their campus tours for Oculus Rift. 447 more words

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