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The Net Results

The phone voice has always fascinated me. It’s like we have a different personality when we’re answering the phone. The ability to switch was impressive. 860 more words


TRUSTING ME: A quick guide to who, what and how to deliver a better message

When you’ve got a difficult message to deliver don’t just send out the next cab on the rank. Instead, use a bit of research to send out the best one. 770 more words


CHANGE DILEMMA: 'Why are firefighters who run into burning buildings afraid of change?'

“Why is it,” a Canadian fire and rescue officer said, “Why is it that firefighters who run into burning buildings afraid of change?”

A friend had asked him this and he admitted he was unsure what to reply. 175 more words


BBC EXPERT: Fear change in tech? You've seen nothing...

Worried the world is changing too fast? Here’s a thought. You’ve seen nothing.

In 1973, former BBC tech writer James Burke had imagined what 1993 would look like. 480 more words


BIG DIGITAL: Digital comms is much, much bigger than comms

I heard something┬áthis week… then read something that chimed with it.

At the Association of Police Communicators event in Grantham I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen for a while After exchanging pleasantries, I asked what was keeping them busy. 218 more words