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A Spring in my step

Yesterday Spring arrived with a bang. Beautiful, sunny, warm (ish). It was just a sampler as today is back to overcast, I don’t mind. The sampler reminded me just how glorious the weather can be. 233 more words


RNA Interference Sprays as an Alternative to Transgenic Agriculture

A current focus of agricultural research is the development of RNA interference (RNAi) technology. An article on the MIT Technology Review site titled ‘The Next Great GMO Debate… 949 more words

Food Production

Art the new media

In order to survive, people must eat. Unfortunately, the food that is needed for survival is not always available, safe, or nutritious for individuals, families, consumers and communities. 315 more words


The End of Food?

What better way to start a website about the science of food production than with an article discussing a future without food?

Actually, what is being analysed here is not the end of food altogether, but rather replacing the intake of the required chemicals and compounds needed by the body, normally obtained by consuming fruit, vegetables and the like, with an alternative. 836 more words

Food Production

Spring ready

I have planted the first round of my Spring/Summer seeds. Beyond exciting!

My markers are sticks that I collected from the ice-cream shop tasters and washed. 38 more words


Welcome to the Legume Laboratory!

Welcome to the Legume Laboratory!

The purpose of the Legume Laboratory is focused on doing three things, and doing them well:

  1. Providing reliable updates and critique on new research findings in the fields of plant biotechnology, farming practices and soil science;
  2. 99 more words
Food Production

Tough choices

I have finally chosen what seeds to put in the 24 spots that I have in the mini greenhouse. It took me a long time, I set out with the intention of being ruthless. 393 more words