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Convenient Protein Product

OmO is a future food manufacturer specializing in research and development of natural protein. OmO is not only a company that produces edible insect products but a producer of innovative and exclusive products that are rarely found anywhere else in the world. 169 more words

One day at Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception

Let me tell you something, if you think the Exploratorium is just a museum forget about it! =]

While living in San Francisco I had to explore Exploratorium an environment of over 650 exhibitions of science, art and human perception. 221 more words

San Francisco

STEPS Radio: The Big Meat Question!

Today’s show went a bit broader than our usual set up: we couldn’t keep Meat to one question… So today we had several.

STEPS Radio discusses the implications of meat eating on the global environment, we ask a professor what the future of animal protein looks like, we ask about the ethics of meat eating (in maybe somewhat heated discussion ;) ), and we ask how people are trying to make plant-based diets more accessible to normal folk around Uppsala. 102 more words


A Study on Studies that Report Adverse Effects of Transgenic Food & Feed

Our policy at the Legume Laboratory is to report on the latest science surrounding the way we feed ourselves and possible methods of feeding a growing population in a world of limited resources and escalating environmental pressures. 1,314 more words

Open State: Future Food

Entomophagy: the practice of eating insects, by humans.

This is just one of the topics being explored at Open State – starting today and running through until 8th October, primarily based at Victoria Square plus other venues. 294 more words


Does C4 photosynthesis occur in wheat seeds?

In our humble opinion, the debate about the conclusions drawn in a recent paper regarding the possibility of C4 photosynthesis being active in wheat seeds is one of the more interesting scientific debates raging at present. 1,196 more words

C4 Photosynthesis - Testing Candidate Maize Genes in Rice

It would be no surprise to regular readers of the Legume Laboratory that we hold significant interest in the possibility of engineering C4 photosynthesis into C3 crops. 1,173 more words