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Boosting Plant Immunity with CRISPR/Cas 9

Following on from last week’s repost of a piece written by Meristem Journeys on the use of CRISPR technology to assist plants without implanting additional DNA, a Research Highlight appeared in the… 535 more words

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Genetic modification with a twist!

DNA editing has always been a controversial topic, with many countries around the globe, particularly in Europe, refusing to grow or import crops that have been genetically modified. 845 more words


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Meristem Journeys has clearly and brilliantly described the use of CRISPR technology to improve plant genomes without inserting additional DNA as described in recent Nature article. Meristem Journeys' blog post and the article itself are well worth a read.

We Love Open Science!

The Legume Laboratory is delighted to read that one of the scientific journals it sources a significant number of articles from to report on is going to be unleashed from the shackles of restricted access in 2016. 77 more words

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Back to future food production

I felt very privileged to attend this futuristic seminar held in Seinäjoki; an international seminar bringing together experts in the field of insect economy.

“Insects will be there to feed the world without consuming the earth.” 322 more words


The Challenge and Benefits of Growing Food on Mars

Apparently, the recently released The Martian (spoiler alert – probably nothing major to story but I haven’t seen it yet) shows the main character surviving stranded on Mars on potatoes he has managed to grow in the hostile Mars soil. 177 more words

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The Quest for Drought Tolerant Crops

Whether seeking to address concerns about climate change or trying to grow crops in areas that are otherwise too hostile, plants able to survive in times of low water availability would be significantly beneficial. 760 more words

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