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Photoprotection and Crop Productivity

This recent research article in Science has received a decent amount of attention for good reason given the possible impact it could have on crop productivity through increasing photosynthetic efficiency. 1,005 more words


Could the Star Trek Food Replicator be the Future of Food?

It seems an age since we wrote about what the future of food may look like.

Many modern pieces of technology have drawn inspiration from Star Trek. 911 more words


Discovering the great taste of traditional Mediterranean dishes

July 14, 15 2016
A two days tour around Ragusa region, Sicily for students , teachers , experts or amateurs… 97 more words


Food Waste and Climate Change

When you pass over that less-than-perfect looking apple at the market for the blemish-free, shiny skinned one, or tip the unwanted left-over from dinner into the bin, do you think of the waste of energy and carbon consumed to produce it? 479 more words

Food Production

Fast-Tracked Photosynthesis

We have previously written on the topic of increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis as a possible method of increasing crop growth and yield. By swapping out the predominant C3 photosynthesis system with the superior C4 system, it was estimated that rice and wheat yields could increase by 50%. 625 more words