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‘Cool Burning' could be the future for green fuels

A very recent experiment conducted in the International Space Station by a team lead by Forman Williams established that flames could burn at much lower temperatures by using fuel more efficiently given the right atmospheric condition. 12 more words


Concept of the Day: Hyundai Fuel Cell Farm

OK, it’s a gimmick, but Hyundai’s Fuel Cell Farm is quite a charming concept. It’s a contained aquaponics ecosystem – plants growing in water, fed by waste from fish, using waste water from the ix35’s tailpipe – and is on display at the mo at the Design Museum, London. 553 more words


Home James!

One of the most often asked questions I get asked is about flying cars and although we’re not quite there yet we are a long way down the road towards getting a whole lot of new shiny cars that do some pretty magic stuff. 323 more words



Biobutanol is butanol made with biomass, which flips the usual carbon based solvent into one which is considered a renewable fuel.   Biobutanol has becme an important option to carbon based fuel and as more types of biomass are used to make it, it will become more and more available on mass.

Future Fuels

Clean Fuel

Many people wonder what clean fuel means. Essentially, clean fuel is fuel that does not produce C02 or green house emissions.  Many vehicles are beginning to transition into… 70 more words

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Future Fuel: Liquid Coal

We have long sought a resource to extricate ourselves from foreign (Saudi) domination.  Traditionally I always felt this would come in the form of solar energy for the power grid and via that we would power our cars through electricity. 83 more words

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Future Hybrid Cars: Are They Worth It?

There has been a lot of hype recently over the mass manufacturing of hybrids, with the prius leading the way. The problem I have, is that there is a lot money being put into hybrids (essentially keeping the oil companies afloat) and not enough attention is being placed on companies like Zenn and Tesla that promote all electric vehicles. 70 more words

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