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Dear Future Generations

Dear Future Generations,

Hello. If you are reading this, I am surprised. It means the world has not ended. Right now, we all expect that it will. 880 more words


Fiji’s Sleeping Public Debt Nightmares (ed. in FT 3/12/2016)

Fiji’s Sleeping Public Debt Nightmares (ed. in FT 3/12/2016)

This month, a common theme for the local and international media will be the impact of the Bainimarama Government on Fiji since the military coup of 2006 (the fad phrase: “Bainimarama @10”). 3,389 more words

Ae 2016


 The utilization of non-renewable sources like oil, gas and coal is expanding at a disturbing rate. The time has at long last come to care for some other renewable fountains of energy i.e. 1,536 more words

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(u3a) Dear Future Generations: Sorry

An apology letter to future generations:

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Dear Future Generations,
I think I speak for the rest of us when I say, 876 more words

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Antidote for Trump

Antidote For All that Trump Stands For

                                                           On Thursday November 17 I was interviewed on Rogers TV Daytime Ottawa about my latest book – New Planet, New World. 310 more words

Hero's Journey

Failure to Disseminate

A continuation of an Anthropological Perspective on The 2016 Election…

There is always hope…

A lone young man, grown away from the calamities of the civilized world, discovers he is part of something bigger. 871 more words


What about our children and their children?: the Brexit - Trump Show aftermath.

Here in the UK democracy has taken a hit twice in the same year. Ironically, the votes for CHANGE have been made under the banner of democracy. 820 more words

Having A Rant