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21st Annual Take Your Kids To Work Day

Today marks the 21st Annual Take Your Child To Work Day, a day when around 37 million employees take their children to 3.5 million workplaces in an effort to encourage the values of education and hard work in the next generation. 286 more words


This Video Will Turn Even The Biggest Cynic Into A Tree-Hugger

While issues like global warming and deforestation plague our world, a rapper is here to remind us that not all hope is lost — we really can do something about it. 248 more words


the littlest Earth Day

If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.  Do something before it’s too late.

Dear Future Generations

Hi there,

today just a short post about a very inspiring video of Prince Ea who says sorry to future generations. I just wanted to share the video because he has a lot of right points in this poem/rap. 26 more words

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Sungevity and zulily Work Together to Make Your Little Sunshine A Star

The decision to install home solar is usually made by the adults in a household, but we’re making children the stars of our 2015 campaign, “See Solar Differently.” Why? 428 more words