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Technology Transforming Future Generations

Nature Valley has launched an advertising campaign in early July showed a large difference between The generations alive today. Technology

They asked three generations, Computer the same question: “When you were little, what do you do for fun?” 1,009 more words


Shaping Women’s Health Services in Liverpool for our Future Generations

The city of Liverpool has had a focus on women’s health services since 1796 – that’s well over 200 years! As you would expect, how these services are delivered and where they are delivered from has evolved over the years, driven by the needs of women, babies and their families. 116 more words

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Every song I ever send...

this is the look you’d get about now
they want to hang me in the Met
preserve me for future generations
you were my last chance… 24 more words


No Responsibility? No Need to Prove Anything? Life Is Secondary?

I ran into this rant by a religious Finn. Who felt ostracised for expressing her/his (I do not know wich and frankly it is not important to the issue) feelings against marriage equality at his/her work as a social worker. 761 more words


What is Australia trying to teach its future generations?

What is going on in Australia? I can’t turn on social media without Adam Goodes name being mentioned.

Unfortunately it is a story that once again makes me not so proud to be an Australian, we have a reputation for our complete lack of immaturity, pack mentality and tall poppy syndrome and this story ticks all the boxes. 400 more words

Expat Adventures

I made my 7-year-old niece cry last night at dinner.

She had told me with a hug that I was the ‘most amazingest auntie ever’ but why was it I looked so sad? As I crumpled into tears myself (depression is unreasonable and cut-throat, and does not care that it makes you cry), remembering how this past Monday was the 7th anniversary of a major suicide attempt of mine, and how I became ill at about my niece’s age, my mother stepped in to explain my illness to her in more detail. 61 more words

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