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ATP (Animal Testing Prevention)

Following our placards, our group decided to choose animal testing as the subject for our campaign. With Nia being vegan, and myself and the rest of the group trying not to buy products that are tested on animals as much as we can, we agreed to raise awareness for this issue as we were all actively supporting of it already. 260 more words

Future Generations

Future Generations Project: Multi-Platform Campaign

For this campaign we were given a day to produce placards for a chosen campaign. After being shown a range of examples of placards that had a lot of attention to type and detail, we were left to brainstorm our ideas in our groups. 269 more words

Future Generations

Other Ways of Wearing

Freja offered to model the bodice for me. It works well as a crop top, and the reflective qualities, while not exactly day to day wear, would be suitable for clubbing or a rave. 37 more words


Bodice Complete

After a lot of finagling I managed to make the two different lines integrate. I’m not too pleased with the way the back hangs down like regency coattails, but it was the only way I could make it a straight line along the bottom rather than a jagged line. 43 more words


Aesthetic Decisions

Rather than having the black wire to remove the focus from the binding, I could have used other colours to instead make it part of the design. 395 more words



Cut the triangles from my mirrored acrylic. Thanks to my choice to not engrave a pattern onto my pieces, it didn’t take as long as it could have, but it still took two hours. 128 more words


New York Street Cart Hot Dog. New Music From Future Generations.

Whether you miss grabbing a hot dog on the streets of Manhattan or just want to try an outstanding topper on your next frank, you won’t go wrong with this flavorful onion sauce. 249 more words

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