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Friday thought #35 'I imagine a world where we smile when we have low batteries, because that means we're one bar closer to humanity'

Did you know that the average person spends 4 years of their life looking down at their cellphone? 4 years?? That’s a massive chunk of a life, how utterly terrifying. 540 more words


Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University - Week 7

Last night at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University we learned about investing.  Investing 15% of your income is also known as Baby Step 4. This is after you have paid off all of your debt through the debt snowball (Baby Step 2), and put 3-6 months of expenses into an emergency fund (Baby Step 3), then you start your investing, which is also how you grow your wealth for retirement. 214 more words

Financial Peace University

The time is now:


EFF Hails Court Ruling Rejecting NSA Bulk Collection of Americans’ Phone Records

Appeals Court Decision Should Push Congress to Strengthen Protections Against Mass Surveillance, EFF Says…

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Future Generations

The Future's Bright…?

When you are married to the military, events such as Anzac Day suddenly hold much more significance than they once did. When you become a mother, especially to a son, they become more poignant still. 510 more words


Think Before You Type: A Modern Day Discourse on Self-Accountability

Sometimes I wonder if there’s ever a way to teach future generations about online etiquette. I have noticed such an intense growth of keyboard warriors in the last few years. 685 more words

Patagonia - The Cleanest Line

by Heather Kallevig

This article by Patagonia’s Paul Moinester is a great follow up to Why Protect ANWR.  This opens our eyes to even more threatened areas in Alaska’ frontier.  97 more words


Dear Future Generations: Sorry

A couple of days ago I came across this video, which is great, but it is also slightly misleading.

If you actually listen to all of it, he does actually go into what I’m going to say, but I was infuriated with the first 4 minutes and this is my reply: I am NOT sorry, and I will never be sorry. 256 more words