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What we need are not just smart, but intelligent ads

Consumers now have more control over what, when and how they access content, giving way to on-demand and opt-in advertising models that are more targeted, contextually relevant and interactive. 540 more words


From Multi Media Advertising to Multi Message Advertising

What do you do for a living?

Long ago I gave up trying to explain to my parents what I do for a living. Now though, I’m struggling to explain it to myself. 631 more words



Want to know how people connect with their favorite products? Here are the answers.


The Future of Social Media is Mobile

In today’s world social media is a huge part of a lot of peoples lives. With people checking their accounts daily, hourly or being on it constantly. 490 more words


Talk has always been cheap. But now it's even cheaper.

It seems that almost every day, I hear stories or read articles about how the digital world is killing various businesses. However, in my opinion, it’s not the digital age that is causing grief for many organisations. 295 more words

This is what advertising will look like in the future

Media? Creative? Both. This is an early look at the future of advertising where Ideas, technology and media all blend together

Advertising 2.0

Selling snake oil

When things are uncertain, it’s very easy for charlatans to capitalise.
That’s always been the case, and probably always will be. That’s because when nobody really knows the answer, it’s easy to listen to someone shouting that they do. 440 more words