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An Inconvenient Truth – Sci-Fi is Bad At Predicting The Future

Is science fiction a good predictor of the future, or – more to the point perhaps – is science itself an effective predictor of the future ? 434 more words

Science Fiction

Will Smart TV’s replace computers?

Samsung released this video, and we have to admit “great machine!”. The future is here, and electronic brands are giving the right step. The big question is in the air now: will smart tv’s replace computers? 50 more words


Features I would like to see in my next computer

I am replacing my old desktop and will also soon need a new laptop/tablet to replace my 3 year-old net-book but have not quite decided what to buy as yet.   183 more words


Crystal computing

I want to start an exploration into a new type of computing using crystals. Mainly with a focus on quartz I believe these simple materials have the ability to bridge conciousness with the material, generate energy, direct energy, and store intentional programs. 626 more words

Ultimate Convergence

As our phones, computers and televisions become more and more similar to each other, this process of merging technologies, commonly referred to as “convergence,” has an obvious end point. 370 more words


"Touching" Tech Predictions

I’ve read numerous tech blogs since I posted my view of the iPad yesterday. Here’s what I see in the future of computing. iPads.

Ok, well not the actual iPad because it sucks. 281 more words

Future as Microsoft See It

Microsoft, being a leader in computer industry, is sharing how they see future. Here is an interesting youtube video.


Do you believe it?

Artificial Intelligence