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Foodycle, part 3: Insect food, urine farming, farmers' visions...

Two years ago our association Ruoan tulevaisuus (Future of Food) started Foodyclea transdisciplinary food festival open and free for all.

Foodycle brings together scientists, activists, producers and entrepreneurs. 531 more words

Food Security

Edible Insects and Global Food Security - new report

This post was shared by Rachael Taylor (University of Sussex) and reflects some of her own views on the report discussed and not necessarily those of the authors of the report. 306 more words

Food Cultures And Technologies

Home, Home on the ... Steppes?

A great migration is underway in the world of cattle ranching. Cowboys from the United States, Canada, and Australia are taking cattle herds numbering in the thousands to start ranches on the Eurasian steppes. 96 more words


25th Anniversary series: The Future of Food

In the UK we’re used to seeing supermarkets full of food, TV programmes showing us how to make ever more exotic meals and magazine articles about the next ‘superfood’ but how often do we stop and ask ourselves whether this supply can continue? 860 more words


A Scandalous Future

coThe kitchen of the future will be a sight to behold; indeed there won’t be much to do except “behold”. Suzy Strutner is enthusiastic about IKEA’s version: 206 more words

Contemporary Food Culture

Rock Stars of Agriculture Interview

Earlier this week I was humbled to be a guest on the podcast, Rock Stars of Agriculture. Sports and agriculture have been such an important part of my life and it was a lot of fun to talk with Wayne about both. 43 more words


The Brave New World of Food

“Picture yourself in a supermarket aisle in 2050. These new ‘magic meatballs’, brightly coloured for the kids, seem worth a try. Better have some of the meat powder too, one of the more established products from the mass-manufacturers of cultured meat – you can make that creamy meat-based fondue that always satisfies. 246 more words

Contemporary Food Culture