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Where is my kitchen?

I worked on an inner city apartment recently and the apartment was nice enough, though there seemed to be something missing. It had the retro colourful front door, large sun soaked windows that are becoming more and more uncommon for inner city living. 659 more words


Resurrection of Plants: Key to fight drought?

Resurrection is the concept of a living being coming back to life after death. The mention of this is found in many ancient religions where the God dies and resurrects. 396 more words

Green Campus

Cycling the backroads of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

The 06:00 flight from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City was cheaper than the day-long train. Although train journeys in Vietnam are a wonderful way to see more of the countryside, we decided to pass up this particular one. 791 more words


Treading lighter in the city - ways to live greener in Cape Town

It’s easy to assume that living in a city means contributing to the carbon radiating from it. Cities generally have a large carbon footprint. Traffic is more dense, tall buildings use more energy and on a wind free, summer’s day in Cape Town, the smog hangs more thickly in the city bowl. 964 more words


Growing organic vegetables in the townships of Cape Town

How township vegetable farms are employing the poor while enchanting our dinner tables.

It’s mid-morning at Nyanga Junction, the largest train station in this part of the Cape Flats. 999 more words


This Lab Grown Chicken Indiegogo Campaign Is Gaining Steam In A Hurry

Futuristic meat and meat alternatives have been on the way for awhile now. Beyond Burgers and cloned steaks are the wave of tomorrow. Who wants to deny science? 509 more words