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LMTF Podcast Episode 18: The Future of Food

A new wave of food startups promises to up-end how food is produced and consumed, with potentially huge benefits to our health and to the environment. 9,819 more words


The Aqualibrium Garden - The Future of Food

The Aqualibrium Garden – The Future of Food by “Aqualibrium”

The fish in the self-cleaning aquarium in the bottom chamber of the Aqualibrium Garden provide the nutrients that feed the plants in the self-watering grow space in the upper chamber. 23 more words


Growing food in greenhouses: practical and profitable

In food deserts and in climates with short growing seasons, the wave of the future may well be found in greenhouses. Within the controlled environment of a greenhouse, growers can produce yields of salad greens, strawberries, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. 64 more words

Friday Jones Publishing

The bar that’s run by robots

By Brittany Sharman

While there are already a number of ways that robots are taking over for humans, this is something that many people may not have expected – but it already happened on the… 687 more words


dystopian food future

This summer, while following our son around on his rock and roll tour, my husband and I found ourselves staying at a lot of Holiday Inn Expresses across the Midwest.  502 more words

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Climate Change Is Threatening Food Security

“FAO Strategy on Climate Change. Rome, July 2017. Food security. Climate change stands to undermine the four dimensions of food security.”


How does the FAO define food security, and what are the four dimensions of food security according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations? 120 more words

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In the News: Week of September 18, 2017

We were still spreading awareness on how you can help those recently affected by natural disasters last week, and we also read up on the future of food (bugs!), a 16-year-old who is helping eliminate food waste and hunger in her community, in addition to .. 311 more words