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Day 56 - let my spirit sing sweetly for the love in Your eyes

On the real, Foy Vance is my boy. I put up a song by him two posts ago so this post isn’t really about him, but I just feel that he deserves some sort of recognition for how wonderful he is. 149 more words

The Earth Stood Still - Christmas Songs 2014 Day 18

The Earth Stood Still is an original song by Future Of Forestry from Advent Christmas EP Vol. 2.
It’s quite simple, but has a couple of nice phrases in it. 165 more words


Monday Morning Music: "The Earth Stood Still" by Future of Forestry

Original Christmas songs aren’t usually that great. There are only a handful that grab you and demand a place alongside the standards and classics.

This song is one of them. 28 more words


The Earth Stood Still

A teenage girl and her soon-to-be.
A simple trip far as they could see.
The sky was clear and the hour serene.
But did they know what the night would bring. 142 more words


Monday Morning Music- "Traveler's Song" by FOF

Lauren and I are taking a one-day trip for a combination of our anniversary and my birthday, so today’s Monday Morning Music comes from Future of Forestry’s “Travel” EP. Enjoy!

Personal Notes

Sleeping at Last - Conclusion

Sadly, this week has come to a close and so has our focus on Sleeping at Last.

Luckily, you can still keep up with him! He has an Instagram (@sleepingatlast), a… 86 more words

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