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How 3D printing is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it

Summary for https://techcrunch.com/2018/04/05/bioprinted-organs-skin-and-drugs-how-3d-printing-is-revolutionizing-healthcare-as-we-know-it/:

  1. 3D printing is performed by telling a computer to apply layer upon layer of a specific material (quite often plastic or metal powders), molding them one layer at a time until the final product — be it a toy, a pair of sunglasses or a scoliosis brace — is built.
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Tech companies are targeting heart disease — here’s how


  1. From apps that diagnose irregular heart rhythms to phone cases that claim to measure blood pressure, there has been a wave of technology promising to use our everyday devices — smartphones and wearables — to fight heart disease.
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Why robots could soon replace our doctors

Tech is already saving lives around the world. Here’s a snapshot:

Created by IBM to aid diagnosis and management plans for cancer patients.

The Icon Group in Australia announced a planned deal with IBM in June 2017… 115 more words


What the Hospitals of the Future Look Like


  1. In a shift away from their traditional inpatient facilities, health-care providers are investing in outpatient clinics, same-day surgery centers, free-standing emergency rooms and microhospitals, which offer as few as eight beds for overnight stays.
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Feeling the Future

In Living Digital 2040, you can feel the future.

Preparing for the future is often difficult because it simply does not feel as “real” as the present and the past. 258 more words

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Up Close and Personae

At the end of every digital economy or smart city policy or strategy is a human being.

That human being could be your family or friend.   439 more words

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