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The iceman forcing scientists to rethink human physiology

I just listened to an episode of the podcast ‘Grow Big Always’ where the discussion revolved around the concept of mind control over body. The eccentric Dutchman Wim Hof first caught my attention a few years ago in a BBC documentary about ‘superhumans’, and in that episode, Wim was able to dive in the Arctic underwater in shorts for a considerable period of time, defying physiology as we know it. 268 more words


How wearable technology is changing the future of healthcare

Izvor: softwebsolutions.com

Wearable technology is already revolutionizing all the sectors and healthcare has not been left behind. 622 more words


How Smart Sensors change the Future of Healthcare

izvor: triotree.com

In many industries, sensors have played a vital role in detecting chemical, biological, physical signals etc. In healthcare, to deliver care directly to patients sensors provide the mechanical vision for reading, counting, sorting & robotic guidance. 625 more words


On the Future of Healthcare [video]

By NIHCM Foundation

This briefing brought together leading health care experts with diverse backgrounds to discuss the future of health care, including potential policy reforms and new ways of thinking about long-term care, the consumer experience and the concept of value in health care. 140 more words

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