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Week 6: What is citizen journalism & what is the future of journalism?

Citizen journalism is defined by Jay Rosen in the video below. He explains that the turning-point where audiences convert into content-makers to inform others, could be called citizen journalism. 219 more words


A dream of becoming a journalist.

Students got discouraged of becoming the future journalists after being told that journalism is dying and  they needed to have a back up plan.

Students were left speechless and hopeless as they are half way through to completing their Journalism degrees, as one of the journalism student I was also confused and sad after being told that the career that I chose might not get me a job as a journalist.There is still ongoing debates about the future of journalism… 138 more words

Future Of Journalism

Superheroes to the Rescue

To see a brighter future for journalism, there are two people you should know: Christopher Callahan and Eric Newton.

Callahan is the visionary dean of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 501 more words

Media Transformation

Robot Journalism, the Third Threat

Classical journalism is being forced out by:

– Guerrilla Journalism, driven by the Viral Editor;

– Brand Journalism, driven by content marketing;

– Robot Journalism, driven by… 403 more words

Media Ecology

New tools of the trade & Media Entrepreneurs 

For the first time in human history anybody can publish material. Perhaps the greatest impact of this change is in the dissemination of news, views, thoughts and ideas. 318 more words

Future Of Journalism

The Net Effect: An Optimist in the News Business

This lecture by Morry Schwartz, publisher of ‘The Saturday Paper’, explores the possibilities of a world where the news is in the power of the people; a shift away from old news models controlled by monopolistic news organisations and political or corporate groups.

Future Of Journalism