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The other revolution.

When the Boston Globe ran an editorial posing as a fake front page attacking Donald Trump, it may have started a conversation about a revolution. Not a political one, but one about the current state and future of journalism. 351 more words

“Investigative brand journalism”: the next level of sponsored content

By LAURA HAZARD OWEN  Source : Nieman Lab

In some ways, How to Solve a Murder is just an investigative online story with original art and interactives. 1,220 more words

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Journalism on the precipice

Journalists and media companies can  change or remain the same

It is a scary, albeit exciting, time to be a journalist. Seventy-one reporters were murdered last year for reporting the news. 403 more words

Future Of Journalism

It’s time for news organizations to embrace Creative Commons

By Melody Kramer , Source : poynter.org

Creative Commons licensing is a smart way to distribute local or national content when the goal is maximum impact, or an audience spreading word that your content exists. 1,795 more words

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Assessing The Impact Digital Age Has On Journalism


Blandina K Malinzi

My desire for being a professional journalist is a discourse that I find unavoidable to share. Driven by the conventions of this discipline by my role models Christiane Amanpour, Anderson Cooper, and Oprah Winfrey today I continue to find out how the conventions are taking shape especially in this digital age. 1,653 more words

Lights Out , the Independent has NO PRINT

Final Issue Of Independent On Sunday published on 20 march 2016 and Louise Ridley of the Huffington post wrote,”The Independent’s last ever front page features a picture of the darkened skyline of Shanghai in China with the headline ‘Lights Out’. 845 more words

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How Facebook Swallowed Journalism

By Emily Bell, Source : Columbia Journalism Review

What happens to the current class of news publishers is a much less important question than what kind of a news and information society we want to create and how can we help shape this. 2,304 more words

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