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Nerd Nite 33: The Beginning Of The End Of Winter - Mar. 8

Are you ready for the end of winter? Me too… and if the weather holds up; there won’t be any snow left by the time Nerd Nite 33 rolls around on March 8th. 828 more words



As the rise of the machines are well and truly underway, people across the globe are fearing for their job safety. Self-service checkouts, self-service bank machines, checking yourself in at the airport as well as the doctors; these are just a few examples of some of the jobs which have been replaced by machines, and now it seems like it’s journalists’ time to feel the pinch. 662 more words

In Belarus, the military use newspapers for the winter camouflage of an infantry combat vehicle

Here is more proof that newspapers are still in high demand. The news site “The Belorussian Military Newspaper. To the Glory of Motherland” (an official organ of the Ministry of Defense) published… 144 more words

Future Of Journalism

Does nonpartisan journalism have a future?

BY JUSTIN BUCHLER, Source : theconversation.com

The basic problem is that the norms that have guided the nonpartisan press are built around the assumption that the parties are mirror images of each other. 1,432 more words

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Is This the Social Media Revolution?

The future of social media is bright and shining. As the digital world continues to expand and become incorporated into almost every aspect of our daily lives, the utilization of social media rides on its coattails by connecting everyone, anywhere, across the globe. 401 more words

Why is the knowledge of handling data essential for journalists?

There is a promise in data and this is what excites newsrooms, making them look for a new type of reporter. Look at it this way: instead of hiring journalists to quickly fill pages and websites with low value content the use of data could create demand for interactive packages, where spending a week on solving one question is the only way to do it.

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Why you should study JOURNALISM.

Once,it was said that knowledge is power. But time has changed.So does the world. Now we say that information is power. And if you want a career full of excitement and a desk full of various information;Journalism might be your choice to study. 685 more words

Future Of Journalism