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New tools of the trade & Media Entrepreneurs 

For the first time in human history anybody can publish material. Perhaps the greatest impact of this change is in the dissemination of news, views, thoughts and ideas. 318 more words

Future Of Journalism

The Net Effect: An Optimist in the News Business

This lecture by Morry Schwartz, publisher of ‘The Saturday Paper’, explores the possibilities of a world where the news is in the power of the people; a shift away from old news models controlled by monopolistic news organisations and political or corporate groups.

Future Of Journalism

With the arrival of the Web and the growth of the blogosphere, the public forum and mobilizing functions of journalism have grown relative to the informing and investigative and social empathy functions.

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Future Of Journalism

Broadcasting isn’t the same as connecting. Broadcasting can create awareness. But connecting people can create engagement and change  – Jason Goldman

Future Of Journalism

Journalism and the Future

What is the future of journalism? This is the age-old question that has been circulating in the media for the past decade.

The media landscape is constantly evolving with the rise and advancement of technology. 360 more words

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Undergrad Adventures: Reporting III

To finish out my journalism minor, I decided to take Reporting III this quarter. This particular class is centered around how to be a beat reporter for a city, and what kinds of stories you should be looking for. 731 more words