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10 slides in 2 minutes

In an earlier post in January we referred to our presentation, “What Happened to Newspapers?” In just 10 slides it explains why newspapers capitulated to the digital competition and what can be learned from it – and not once do we use the word “disruption.” 77 more words


When Worlds Collide

OK, so the collision I’m talking about isn’t quite as apocalyptic as planets running into each other (although if you were in Boston just a few weeks ago, you would have had a glimpse of what the end of the world does look like). 867 more words

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The end of road for the BBC Trust

I was at the IPPR’s Oxford Media Convention today to listen to Rona Fairhead talk about what might replace the BBC Trust.

Despite saying she didn’t want her time as BBC Trust chair to be overshadowed by discussions about governance, she’s ensured that will have to be part of the conversation through charter renewal. 178 more words

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A Report From Boston (from Bill Adair)

As I mentioned last week, I took leave of my senses and headed to Boston on Thursday to catch up with Bill Adair, … 633 more words

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We Can Remember It For You Wholesale

In the Philip K. Dick short story on which the two (not terribly good) Total Recall movies were based, people can pay to get false memories implanted in them, in lieu of real experiences. 480 more words

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Call it temporary insanity.

There’s no other way to explain why I’m off to snowy Boston this Thursday, to catch up with Laura and Chris Amico… 250 more words

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Can anyone be trusted?

Why do you watch the news you watch and visit the news sites you visit?

Because you can relate.

We turn to news not to have our opinions formed but to have them reinforced. 1,579 more words

Why Did Newspapers Die?