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Robot Journalism, the Third Threat

Classical journalism is being forced out by:

– Guerrilla Journalism, driven by the Viral Editor;

– Brand Journalism, driven by content marketing;

– Robot Journalism, driven by… 403 more words

Media Ecology

Just Content?

Should news organizations be content to be in the content business, and give up the fight to stay in the news distribution business?  And does it matter? 976 more words

Future Of News

The web is where the work is

John McIntyre writes:

Today, I have to tell you, working as a print-only copy editor is not a job with a future. A tremendous amount of content goes online, and it must be produced, formatted, and, yes, edited.

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Newsroom Life

The Stories We Tell

Once upon a time there was a startup called Circa.

It was an innovative startup built on some very interesting ideas and run by some really smart journalists like… 1,705 more words

Future Of News


So maybe this structured journalism idea is going mainstream after all.

The BBC recently announced a “manifesto for structured journalism,” which has to be the first time a major news organization has used that term; and there was a very… 511 more words

Future Of News

News Industry ‘Ho-hum’ to Facebook’s Vision

Mark Zuckerberg’s rare Facebook Q&A session June 30 garnered 241,000+ likes and 7,000+ shares.  The general consensus among news organizations and citizen chatter on social media during the event and several days afterwards  was fairly lukewarm addressing his responses directed towards a couple of questions on the future of news.  749 more words

Social Media Strategy

7/7: How UGC of a terror attack changed the news forever

Ten years on from the London suicide bombings of 7th of July 2005, I’m struck by how different the news landscape was then.

Today people have been posting their memories of the attacks on social media, back then it didn’t really exist. 742 more words

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