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Bucking the herd, again

In digital news,  no-one hit their number last year. Ad revenues were down across the board. But predictably, inside newspapers it’s business as usual. Most are carrying on like the numbers don’t really matter, like consumers and advertisers will always need them regardless. 3,062 more words

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Revisiting I Believe

After looking back at my I Believe statements from week 1, I still think that my statements are true, but I have learned many things about the news that changes my perception. 227 more words

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I Believe, Round Two.

I almost forgot about the I Believe project we did in the beginning semester but was happy to look back on old work for this project. 261 more words

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Prominence of Fake News

“Fake news” is a frustrating phrase which seems to only continue building its presence in today’s digital world of information. With social media outlets continuously giving people the chance to share stories from numerous sources, it’s much easier to find information. 567 more words

Looking Back at "I Believe..."

I still feel pretty comfortable with most of my “I Believe” statements made at the beginning of the semester. Many of my statements discussed the increasingly digital future of news and the accompanying financial challenges that organizations are facing.  352 more words

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The Algorithms of War

Just a riff on a recent NYT magazine piece about the debate around “autonomous weapons,” or machines that can make decisions about who and when to kill.  886 more words

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Making Money: The Future of News


This article talks about how online news websites are struggling to find ways to make money and adapt to the changing landscape. These websites are also trying to find ways to increase consumer traffic and innovate to meet customers habits. 195 more words

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