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Humans In The Loop

“My dog can play checkers.”

“That’s amazing!”

“Not really – he’s not very good.  I beat him three times out of five.”

OK, it’s a bad joke.  637 more words

Future Of News

The Horse Has Bolted

This week  Zuckerberg testifies before a joint session of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees then appears before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, answering growing questions about Facebook’s so-called “invasion” of user privacy. 4,202 more words

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Automating Insights

So I’ve written a lot about the “cybernetic newsroom” and how news organizations should focusing on marrying the best capabilities of humans and machines to improve journalism – rather than trying to make poor copies of each other.  768 more words

Future Of News

New Voices Failing, Disturbing

The Student Press Law Center has reported two states that so far this legislative session have given up on their students. They have failed to pass laws related to the New Voices legislation, which, generally, recognize the students’ rights to free press except in the case of libel, invasion of privacy or incitement. 204 more words

News About The News

Bite the hand that feeds you

In the digital world, companies that own local newspapers face a fundamental product problem. The online newspaper has proven to be a colossal failure – not surprisingly, a 19th century product conception has proven irrelevant in a 21st century marketplace. 3,036 more words

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Small | Scale

Can you scale intimacy?

In an age of viral content and global pageviews, what’s the right balance between aiming for massive scale and building deep, personal engagement? 1,011 more words

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