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Coding Error

To err is human.  But machines aren’t bad at it, either.

Especially when humans are the ones encoding the mistakes in – whether in the flawed assumptions we bake in, or the lack of judgement we show in blindly trusting our creations. 941 more words

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What most ails the marketplace of ideas?

Tim Wu knows: Too Much Information.

In a well-argued and smart essay, Tim – a law professor at Columbia University – makes the case that intelligent, truthful, nuanced information is being drowned out by a deluge of noise: Not just the cacophony of the crowd, but increasingly weaponized disinformation, propaganda and troll attacks that exploit new news distribution systems to overwhelm citizens.  1,450 more words

Future Of News

Structured Witness

Of all the functions that journalism performs – explaining, investigating, watchdogging, etc – simply bearing witness to breaking news events would seem to be low on the totem pole in an age of crowdsourcing, easy self-publishing, and platforms that encourage ordinary people to post what they see. 667 more words

Future Of News

New Ways of Storytelling

Not all new ways of telling stories need to be digital, interactive or involve technology.

Take a look at how the PCIJ Storytelling Project turned the story of Kian Delos Santos, a 17-year-old killed in the Philippines’ brutal war on drugs, into a book designed in the form of a children’s book, complete with evocative illustrations. 194 more words

Future Of News

The Story of PolitiFact

Just a quick post to point out this nice piece in Columbia Journalism Review by Bill Adair about the birth of PolitiFact, my oft-mentioned poster child (along with… 429 more words

Future Of News

Local news, emerging from the ashes

Do you want local news – or local newspapers? You can’t have both.

I have a friend. Her name is Anne. She is smart, rich and beautiful. 4,909 more words

Digital Innovation

The future of news + mobile audiences

Among the list of topical issues having to do with journalism, of particular interest to me is how news is being consumed and the future of news. 347 more words