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A News App Dies, and the News Biz Stays the Same as Ever

  • But when it comes to the news—at least the business of news—the old ways have been hard to shake.
  • Matt: news organization to news organization, let’s just say we get it.
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Black Boxes in Philly

Just a short post to say I’ll be off to Philadelphia tomorrow for the annual IRE conference, where I’ll be moderating a panel – called… 204 more words

Future Of News

When abundance enables sharing and sharing causes abundance

Here is an excellent slide in the presentation by Gerd Leonhard, a noted futurist, depicting a rabbit surrounded by tons of carrots. The caption states, “Get ready for abundance: distribution (i.e. 701 more words

Media Ecology

Location, Location, Location

Nieman Labs had an interesting piece yesterday about this NYT Upshot story on the best and worst places to grow up in America.

It’s not that the story itself was great – although it wasn’t bad, and in any case was technically a companion piece to this much more traditional NYT… 659 more words

Future Of News

The challenge of managing agents of change. Or, Justine should know

Over on Quora, the world’s best search engine, this question was asked this month: How can I be as great as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson? 1,293 more words

Digital Transformation

News On Demand

What is it about Uber? Oh, sure, it provides efficient, frictionless, safe personal transport on demand.  But weren’t you just as happy standing in the rain trying to hail the limited number of cabs on the street? 785 more words

Future Of News

The Quantum Theory of Mass Media (II). Content: a shift from chunks to a flow

The internet has shifted the news from a portioned to a streamed mode of consumption. A news feed in social media is an example of such an information stream. 628 more words

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