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Breaking News? The Evolution of Newspapers Through the Eyes of Those Who Hadn't Seen It Yet

There are very few things in life that are constant. Developments in science and technology happen all the time. New news headlines are printed every day. 464 more words

Class Assignment

Facebook and the blue pill of news

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe” *

I read a Roy Greenslade…

907 more words

Cristina Nicolotti Squires poached by Sky News

One of ITN’s most successful and creative executives, Cristina Nicolotti Squires, has announced she’s leaving to become Director of Content at Sky News. 284 more words

TV News

Journalists in the '90s saw tech coming miles away – and so can we

As Prof. Dan Kennedy has mentioned a number of times, people discussing the collaboration/combination/competition of/between journalism and technology like to frame their arguments as follows: “Newspapers never saw the Internet coming. 1,405 more words

Digital Journalism

Robo-journalism: the third threat

A tie between cyber journalists and bio-journalists has already occurred. – Three threats to journalism. – News story on earthquake and tectonic shifts. Generative journalism. 4,279 more words

Digital Environment

What should a local news source be?

I was thinking today about an upcoming reader project and started jotting down what I’d want from a regional news provider. I don’t mean  section headings (‘news’ or ‘information’ are givens, surely?) ; I mean, what values would make me think of them as more than a purely geographic recorder and pusher of information. 300 more words


What's The Use?

Very (very) belatedly – a report from NICAR in Denver, which was a long time ago now.

That was in March. David Caswell, Jacquie Maher… 817 more words

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