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Making Money: The Future of News


This article talks about how online news websites are struggling to find ways to make money and adapt to the changing landscape. These websites are also trying to find ways to increase consumer traffic and innovate to meet customers habits. 195 more words

News Critiques

Real News, How Many of Us?

In the process of finding a piece that would adequately describe the evolution of news, I found this article on BBC on the topic, formatted in a fittingly new, savvy way of article reading – a page that meshes and flows together as the reader scrolls, with different layers of headlines and pictures. 276 more words

AI to Bypass Creativity. Will Robots Replace Journalists? (The Answer Is “Yes”). Part I: Intro

Journalism is a creative human practice. This, according to widespread opinion, makes it harder for robots to replicate. However, writing algorithms are already widely used in the news media to produce articles and thereby replace human journalists. 1,574 more words

Media Ecology

Why is local news so boring?

Let’s face it. Reporting on local politics and events can be tedious work. But that doesn’t mean the presentation of it should be tedious, too. But it is, and that’s yet another reason why the digital efforts of newspapers have no market traction. 2,536 more words
Future Of News

Humans In The Loop

“My dog can play checkers.”

“That’s amazing!”

“Not really – he’s not very good.  I beat him three times out of five.”

OK, it’s a bad joke.  637 more words

Future Of News

The horse has bolted

This week  Zuckerberg testifies before a joint session of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees then appears before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, answering growing questions about Facebook’s so-called “invasion” of user privacy. 4,202 more words

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Automating Insights

So I’ve written a lot about the “cybernetic newsroom” and how news organizations should focusing on marrying the best capabilities of humans and machines to improve journalism – rather than trying to make poor copies of each other.  768 more words

Future Of News