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We Can Remember It For You Wholesale

In the Philip K. Dick short story on which the two (not terribly good) Total Recall movies were based, people can pay to get false memories implanted in them, in lieu of real experiences. 480 more words

Future Of News


Call it temporary insanity.

There’s no other way to explain why I’m off to snowy Boston this Thursday, to catch up with Laura and Chris Amico… 250 more words

Future Of News

Can anyone be trusted?

Why do you watch the news you watch and visit the news sites you visit?

Because you can relate.

We turn to news not to have our opinions formed but to have them reinforced. 1,585 more words

Why Did Newspapers Die?

Yes, newsrooms are shrinking -- but journalism is growing

The latest wave of buyouts has hit the New York Times newsroom, with the paper essentially paying about 100 staffers to leave, by compensating them with up to three weeks of salary for every year they were employed. 528 more words

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As newspapers die it's not the end of journalism. It's just the end of journalism as practised by newspapers.

BBC and the future of news

The BBC has published a report on the future of news, as it looks towards renewing its Royal charter in 2017. The British newspaper has put to practice one of its postulates by developing the story using an  6 more words

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Terrestial, old-fashioned, non-streaming radio is still around for two reasons: Commuting. And the fact that radio companies keep a ruthless eye on costs.

They use a variety of techniques to hold down the cost of programming. 984 more words