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Innovation at Reuters

Just an entirely self-serving shout-out to the nice CJR piece by Jonathan Stray about some of the innovations going on at Reuters, including our Automation For Insight project and Reuters News Tracer – a cool new tool that detects newsworthy events on social media and assigns a confidence score assessing how credible they are. 290 more words

Future Of News

Content To Distribute

So do we have a journalism problem or a distribution problem?

There’s no question that much of the media missed much of the story of Trump’s rise to power – that’s a journalism problem.  1,300 more words

Future Of News

Bubble Trouble

I was meaning to write this post – honest! – before the election, but procrastination has its benefits: Now the timing seems much more apt, even if the subject – … 832 more words

Future Of News

Just The Facts

Coming late to this – but then again, I’ve been late to post pretty much all of this year, so what’s new? – but wanted to flag Google’s new… 526 more words

Future Of News

News outlets to embrace social media or perish

It’s the question that’s been plaguing journalists as technology continues to advance: what is the future of news?

The news organisations that continue to stay strong through the 24-hour news cycle are the ones who embrace the online realm and social media. 402 more words

University Assessment

The New News

As the readings this week make explicit, the traditional news business model has forever changed given the rise of the Internet. Print readership… Down. Advertising revenues… Also down. 1,040 more words

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Breaking News? The Evolution of Newspapers Through the Eyes of Those Who Hadn't Seen It Yet

There are very few things in life that are constant. Developments in science and technology happen all the time. New news headlines are printed every day. 464 more words

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