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Sexualizing Nursing

For decades, the nursing profession has been sexualized the media.

We have all seen the short skirt, cleavage, high stockings, and high heels nurse costume that reinforces the “sexy nurse” stereotype. 428 more words

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“Dear Jimmy Kimmel’s Nurse” from Nurse Kelley Johnson

It was a nurse at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles that saved Jimmy Kimmel’s newborn son. This nurse saved this little boy’s life by detecting his murmur, recognizing that he was blue, and ensuring he was brought to the NICU for life saving measures. 397 more words

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5 Times Nursing Caught National Attention in 2016

2016 was an eventful year for Nursing. There’s so many heartwarming news about the nursing industry. As we embrace 2017 with open arms, here’s 5 times Nursing caught national attention in 2016. 336 more words

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Nurse Kelley’s Response to “Nurses Eat Their Young”

We have all heard the phrase, “nurses eat their young”. This phrase ignites another level of furiousness for me.

Let’s decipher all there is surrounding this nursing blemish. 710 more words

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Ever since I could remember, I’ve wanted to become a nurse. I can actually remember when my mother started nursing school. I remember her… 312 more words

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