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Steven Soderbergh is making an interactive "choose your own adventure" project for HBO

Several entertainment publications are reporting that HBO is developing a project in which the audience will control what happens in the story.

Deadline reports that the project is an “experimental film” called  462 more words

The Emmys: A Breakthrough for Women and Race?

Since the Emmy Awards were on last night I feel compelled to write at least something about them on my TV blog about TV. I will keep it brief in order to stop myself from veering into my personal opinion territory, because let’s face it you don’t want to read my 1,000 word rant about […]


Streaming wars: Amazon launches an improved Fire TV to rival the new Apple TV

Apple was the talk of the town last week when it announced a long-awaited upgrade to its streaming media and gaming device, the Apple TV. Among its new features are an App Store (for the first time ever), universal voice search (with Siri integration), and a redesigned remote (with an emphasis on gaming). 614 more words

Much of the world has faster Netflix than the US

There are a lot of things the world does better than the US: Literacy, life expectancy, general happiness, and, of course, soccer. You can now add Netflix to that list. 286 more words

You'll soon be able to watch astronauts in ultra-HD on NASA's new TV channel

Your odds of becoming an astronaut today are slim, no matter where you are in the world. Astronaut selection rates from the world’s public and private space agencies range from 4% down to a tiny fraction of a percent. 388 more words

What a TV guide from the future says about the state of media today

This post originally appeared on Medium’s The Message blog.

NBCUniversal announced this week that it was investing heavily in two internet publishers, Vox Media and Buzzfeed—$200 million for each. 201 more words

#Netflix's brilliant reason for making more mediocre television (The Verge)

Netflix has arguably produced the best summer of television programming ever. Daredevil, Chef’s Table, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, season two of… 33 more words

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