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Time For #Television/Video To Adopt ‘Host & Guest’ Model (LinkedIn Pulse)

It’s time for T/V to get over its longtime love affair with the “cat and mouse” approach to advertising. Can you imagine the hospitality business constantly hounding their guests to do something they don’t want to — that has nothing to do with the reason they have come to the venue? 34 more words

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Bill Simmons will host a weekly show on HBO starting in 2016

Bill Simmons, possibly the most famous figure in sports media, has found a new home. The former ESPN personality has signed a multi-year, multi-platform agreement with HBO, where he’ll host a weekly talk show (starting in 2016) and be involved in a variety of other projects, including podcasts, documentaries, and other shows for the network. 320 more words

Hulu’s Living Room Viewing On The Rise As PC Viewing Declines

While the rise of standalone streaming services has been fueled, in part, by increased connection speeds combined with the ubiquity of smart mobile devices, video consumption is still often taking place in the living room. 442 more words


For the first time on “Game of Thrones,” book readers and show watchers are at the same point in the story

The game has changed. Following the season 5 finale Sunday night, HBO’s colossal hit series Game of Thrones has now either gone past or diverged from every major plot in the books on which it’s based. 904 more words

Looks like HBO is already considering lowering the price of HBO Now

HBO has long argued that the quality of its content, which includes shows like Game of ThronesTrue Detective, and Veep, is unmatched by its rivals.  493 more words

In the future, we’ll watch TV

Sure, there’s been a lot of hubbub about how television has changed and will change, but I think the conversation is over-rated. For seventy years, people have watched news, sports, comedies, dramas, movies by pressing a button and staring at a screen. 1,124 more words


First test passed: HBO Now streamed the "Game of Thrones" premiere without major incident

HBO has streamed its biggest show on its new standalone internet service, HBO Now, and it wasn’t a catastrophe. In fact, it was anything but. 626 more words