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Geeks Sue U.S. Government Over Copyright Law, Here's a Guide

Two men—a professor and an inventor—filed a remarkable lawsuit against the Justice Department this week, claiming a controversial copyright law violates their free speech rights. Their complaint asks a federal judge to strike down the law as unconstitutional. 842 more words


Facebook's Solar-Powered Drone Just Hit a Big Milestone

Facebook’s solar-powered, Internet-beaming drone is one step closer to bringing the web to earth.

The social networking giant said on Thursday that its unmanned aircraft, named Aquila, successfully passed its first test flight on June 28 in Yuma, Ariz. 553 more words


Elon Musk's Master Plan Draws Fans and Skeptics Alike

After days of following Elon Musk’s verbal bread crumbs on Twitter, the billionaire entrepreneur published his “Master Plan Part Deux” on Wednesday night, outlining a sweeping and grandiose vision that laid out future Tesla vehicles, shared and autonomous cars, and combined solar panels and batteries. 801 more words


Spotify Ramps Up Its Audio Ad Business as It Prepares for Its IPO

Spotify has one of the largest streaming music audiences in the world, having just crossed the 100 million-mark. But only 30% of those users actually pay for the service—the rest have free accounts that Spotify monetizes via advertising. 415 more words


How to Rob Microsoft, Google, and Instagram With Just a Phone Call

You don’t think of tech giants as likely victims of a phone scam. But a researcher found a simple yet ingenious way to trick three companies—Microsoft, Google, and Facebook’s Instagram—into forking over money using nothing more than the telephone. 399 more words


Facebook Builds Rating System for Its 400-Partner Security Network

Everyone on Facebook knows how to “like” a story. Now a group of cybersecurity geeks on a special social network run by the tech giant will get to do something similar. 756 more words


News: American Millennials Are Some Of The World's Least Skilled People, Study Finds

Fortune reports that Generation Y Americans (those born after 1980) lag behind their overseas peers in literacy, numeracy and problem-solving in technology-rich environments. Researchers at the Princeton-based Educational Testing Service (ETS), who conducted… 38 more words

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