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Here’s a few clues to guide your search for a 21st century career:

Being Human

When robots and computers can do so much, being human will be your winning edge. 388 more words

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AI Empowered retail roles: the new competitive advantage?

A Retailer can potentially use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower its people to analyse, transact and crucially sell faster and smarter to customers than its competitors. 277 more words


The future of work - The major trends

Gender gap in participation rates is not expected to improve over the coming 15 years

Few countries combine an environmentally sustainable footprint with decent work… 54 more words

A Closer Look

What the Latest Law Against High Heels Says About the Future of Work

British Columbia’s government recently made it illegal for companies to force women to wear heels to work, citing it as discriminatory and unsafe. (Britain… 875 more words


No. 1 Job Skill You'll Need

The nature of work is changing rapidly. Job loss due to automation is on the rise – millions of jobs are at risk of being displaced. 118 more words

Labour Market

We have no idea how robots and automation are impacting jobs

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently convened a committee to investigate the impact of technology on jobs. In its 184-page paper, published yesterday, 13 experts in economics and computer science reported that, well, they don’t have enough data to determine exactly how automation, robots, and innovations like the on-demand economy are affecting employment. 405 more words

Parents as Career Partners 101


On Monday I saw my first “Automated Ordering Kiosk” at McDonald’s.

Is nothing sacred?!

Even this bastion of part time jobs for school students is being automated! 475 more words

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