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UX, CX... it's time for EX

Most organizations attribute their success to a ‘consumer first’ policy. In today’s world of personalization it means developing a superior user experience with an access to highly customized products and services, and proactively addressing problems before they have been raised. 1,214 more words

Transforming HRM

How The 9-5 Saps Our Creativity and Harms Our Productivity

From ten to eleven, have breakfast for seven; From eleven to noon, think you’ve come too soon; From twelve to one, think what’s to be done; From one to two, find nothing to do; From two to three, think it will be; A very great bore to stay till four.

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What a Bell-curve: The evolution of performance management

Can we finally say goodbye to annual appraisals; performance ratings and the bell-curve distribution model?

This is the fourth and penultimate part of my series on Deloitte’s “Global Human Capital Trends” report 2017, in which I briefly look at Trend 5… 779 more words

People Strategy

¿Sos jefa? Sabé como retener a un millenial en tu equipo


¿Sos jefa? Sabé como retener a un millenial en tu equipo

Te contamos cómo establecer nuevas pautas de relacionamiento en la empresa, para aprovechar al máximo las potencialidades de todo tu team. 806 more words


Something Ain't Workin'

The modern age has carried with it a theoretical glorification of labor, and has resulted in a factual transformation of the whole of society into a laboring society…. 2,354 more words

Two Americas

The Future of Work is...


Are the next top job/careers the ones that restore our earth?


“When asked if I am pessimistic or optimistic about the future, my… 93 more words


Princess Leia had a point when she told Tarkin to back off with the Death Star. This week, I shared a report that moves managers to adopt a remote mindset. 112 more words

Remote Technology