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How about a culture of trust via transparency?

Very buzzword-laden headline, no? I’m here for you.

I fully understand, and write often about, the idea that words like “culture” and “transparency” don’t mean anything to most people in terms of making money, and the goal of most orgs is “making money.” If you spend too much time thinking about “a culture of trust,” that’s time  610 more words

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55% of people think performance management is effective. Wait, it's that high?

I’ve written about the whole idea of performance management probably a half-dozen times, so I won’t belabor the concept/idea that much here. (If you want to read one of my earlier posts on it, … 494 more words

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#HRTechEurope - We're All Millennials Now!

Last week’s HRTechEurope conference and exhibition spanned 2 full days of interesting content and thought provoking presentations, 1500 delegates and lots of fun. There was a blog squad of 21 leading to a range of views and insights as we digested what we heard, and there is definitely some variety in the follow up blogs. 1,017 more words

Problem-solving at work: Struggle and insight go together

There are dozens of things I don’t understand about how most workplaces are structured, but potentially paramount among that series of things I don’t get is this sequence: 503 more words

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Business travel confuses the hell out of me

This morning, my wife was dealing with someone she works with — and admittedly, my wife is about 2 days from leaving her job, so the phrase “checked out” might apply here in earnest — and basically, this co-worker had to get from Minneapolis to Indianapolis to Chicago to San Diego within a span of about 30 hours for a series of different meetings. 315 more words

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Confirmation bias is everything in the working world

Here’s a good article from Fast Company, including this quote:

In a nutshell, people will interpret your current behavior in a way that makes it consistent with your past behavior, and they will tend to play down or completely ignore evidence that contradicts their existing opinion of you.

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Your time at work really isn't your own. Change that.

This is a really good, albeit long, article from Wharton (UPenn) summarizing the different speakers they had at a recent event in SF, and how everyone basically talked about how  567 more words

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