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Start thinking about "connectional intelligence"

Basically, networking sucks — to the point that often the best advice to “network better” is actually to “stop networking.” There are a myriad of reasons for that, not the least of which is networking feels like a game that can only be won by the big, Type-A, business-card-passing person. 619 more words

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We should let adults embrace the idea of "play."

Here’s another idea I got from Rob Poynton, whose book I read on a train from London to Paris. (He lives off the grid in Spain and writes/blogs about a lot of issues related to making work more enjoyable and productive, including the idea of improv sessions for organizations.) 794 more words

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How "the latitude of acceptance" explains change at work

Here’s how to conceptualize the idea of a “latitude of acceptance.” Take any idea that has two distinct sides. There’s a cluster of people all the way at one end (“Abortion is terrible!”), then a cluster of people all the way at the other end (“Abortion makes total logical sense!”) and then a much larger group of people in the middle with a nuanced (to them) perspective (“Abortion is OK in these situations, but in general, it’s not.”) Your… 821 more words

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We should stop viewing leadership as a destination

I’m about to write probably 300-400 words and use a lot of fluffy terms like “leadership” (hard to define, if inherently simple), “destination,” and “journey.” It might make you gag. 755 more words

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Fuck it, yo. How about an unconditional basic income?

There’s a lot to unpack here politically and culturally and sociologically, and I’m probably not intelligent enough to do it in type of fundamentally-valuable way. But I’ll give it a shot, because the topic is interesting to me. 640 more words

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Senior business leaders mostly fear incompetence. Cue the trickle-down.

Cool story here on “what CEOs are afraid of,” based on data from 116 CEOs and other executives (including 27 in-depth interviews afterwards). 116 isn’t a lot of people by any means — … 1,018 more words

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News: The importance of 'soft skills' in the new economy.

The Development Economics research group has estimated the value of imparting ‘soft skills’ to employees stands at 88 billion Pounds. Soft skills include the following; 54 more words