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Does Employee Cybersecurity Training Do Any Good?

Found an unidentified USB stick lying around in a public place lately? If so, did you plug it into your computer?

Don’t laugh. Almost one in five (17%) of the 200 people who recently came across one at random—in an airport, coffee shop, or public square in Chicago, Cleveland, or Washington, D.C.—plugged it in, then proceeded to open a text file and click a link or email an address in it. 469 more words


Prioritizing: The 5 balls you juggle in life

I think there should be much more of a robust science and research underpinning to the idea of “How people set priorities.” That’s somewhat everything  485 more words


Google: May We Recommend This Cloud App?

There’s a pretty simple motivation behind Google’s recent decision to endorse certain business applications and it’s this: A growing number of small and mid-sized businesses apparently want to migrate their business operations over to the cloud. 584 more words


How to 'manage up:' The 'what-if' approach

One of the hardest things for most people at the low/middle arc of organizations to do is “manage up,” which I think means “stretching yourself” and/or “having a better relationship with your boss.” 485 more words


Naw, you're really not that busy

Here’s a thing I’ve literally never understood in the period of time I’ve been working: everyone runs around all the time talking about how busy they are. 694 more words


Now begins the time of year where family > work

Ah, Monday. But this is a specific Monday! It’s the Monday of Thanksgiving week! (At least in the United States.) So you probably work today, maybe tomorrow, no more than half of Wednesday, and then you’re likely off for the rest of the week. 797 more words