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To Fully Become

…Go beyond yourself

… Trust and rely on God’s strength and grace

… God has a purpose for your life. Be open,act on it and trust God. 283 more words


Art Therapy and Psychotherapy as a career option

Today I attended another one of Es’es workshop, this week it was about art therapy. As I have mentioned before I am interested in working in a creative sector but not quite in designing. 350 more words


Year Two

Relaxing at the top. View of Provo and the lake.

Hiking trail

Mnt Nebo

Top of Bald Mountain

Hiking view

Two years living on the road on July 30th. 726 more words

Five years of cosplay!

Hot damn, I’ve been cosplaying for five years! Since 2012 a lot has happened in all parts of my life, but for this post I’m going to focus on my progression (and lack of it) in the hobby, as well as where I want to go from here. 3,000 more words


We have a scene! and it isn't 180 metres long!!!

So in my last blog post, I talked about starting to assemble my groups scene. I ran into a problem, a very large problem you could say. 195 more words


Day 15: What are Your Goals for the Next Few Years?

Day 15
November 8, 2017

Dear Me,

Frankly, I just want to have a job right now and hopefully become a regular employee. I want to start earning so that I can somehow lessen my parents’ expenses. 209 more words

Ask Yourself

The art of flat lay photos

Yesterday I gave my students an assignment: take a photo of your school bag and its content, flat lay style.

They did a much better job than I did, to be honest…This is my own image: 369 more words