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Most people would say after I tell them my life goal. Its either they wouldn’t believe me or could not imagine me doing it. Well, my goal is not really that grand. 476 more words


My Favorite Things About Disneyland

1. Seeing other people who are as crazy about Disney as I am. Especially Disneybounders.


3. Walking down Main Street… 203 more words

Nellie Forbush May Just Be The Cutest Heroine Ever

Last night I watched South Pacific for the first time. I may or may not currently have the soundtrack on replay while I’m typing this. 594 more words


I haven’t been home in six months. Six long, exhausting, frustrating months. Six short, incredible, exhilarating months.

On January 4th I left the safety of home and re-entered my world of chaos. 789 more words


8 Pieces Of Valuable Toilet Wisdom

Public toilets are not just for bowel and bladder related shenanigans, they can also offer some terrific advice and wisdom (along with the occasional questionnaire). 8 more words


Life after YWAM 

I am officially a YWAM Perth graduate!! These past 6 months have been filled with amazing memories with some of the best people I have ever met. 804 more words

Gap Year

Marriage Equality!

So today the US Supreme Court legalized marriage equality across the entire country! Now I am a Canadian and we’ve had marriage equality for 10 years so I’ve never had to truly fight for the right to marry the person I love but when ones of my best friends texted me at work today telling me about this I was so immensely happy. 455 more words

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