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Plans for the future?!

If you guy’s don’t already know I have a Youtube channel where I post more beauty related content, sometimes linking to the content I post here on my blog! 452 more words


Happy Anniversary!

Dear reader,

it’s one year since the very first post on this blog.

I’m happy. There seem to be over 1600 readers from over 35 countries and that certainly is a sign that this blog has something people like to follow. 356 more words

Thoughts for the night.

It’s always hard talking about your dreams with someone. I mean you want to tell your friends everything, but what about the stuff that even your friends can’t understand? 217 more words

New Projects to Keep the Mind Going

Hi everyone, right now is an exciting time for me. I have a new blog up, and I am currently starting my fitness program at the gym. 116 more words


Content i can Create Now and Plans for the Future.

Hi everyone, i decided it would be easier to receive requests (and get donations) if i did a post detailing everything i can do and my plans. 309 more words

A Little Late for Graduation

I’m graduating this evening, from Fresno City College. Or at least, this evening is the commencement ceremony, when I get to don a black robe that’s too big and a mortarboard hat that’s too small, and sit with a multitude of other MIB (and women too) to be presented as the graduating class of 2015. 639 more words

College Days

Standard 8: Present professional practice for the review of colleagues

The last two years have taught me a great deal about how to be a better teacher, and stronger leader.

Some of the classes that had the most impact on me were those that I could take and use directly in my classroom. 787 more words