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Looking back and looking forward

Last year I was celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with my family, best friend and her boyfriend. G was about a thousand miles away with his family. 429 more words


I am Jacqueline Of All Trades and not a Boring Bumkum!..

How would you feel if you are at a cocktail party or any social gathering, where several chit-chats are going on in small circles and you are stuck with a Mr/Ms Know-it-all, who is busy spouting boring bunkum over a singular topic that would probably put you to sleep at the get go; no matter how much you try to steer them into a more interesting  topic? 339 more words

Humor - Bellyful Of Laughter


So what have I been doing lately? Not much to be honest. I guess it’s time to reflect. The excitement has finally died down after one and a half years of being in the states. 717 more words

One Day...

One day we’ll go to Paris together. One day we’ll go on a cruise. One day we’ll go drinking. One day we’ll take a trip to Big Bear. 150 more words

A Little Escape

A Cosy Evening

This is just a small post for a cosy Sunday evening. I have decided to ask you a couple of questions, just to know what else you would like to read more and also to let you know about some of the projects I have in mind for the next period. 402 more words


Organized Religion is a load of Bull

I revert to music for a lot of things: Stress relief, focus material, background noise, you name it.  I can always express myself and define myself with music.   1,380 more words


Appreciations 4.91

Today was a day filled with good things to appreciate.

First of all I woke up after a night of much, much more better sleep than I’d been having lately. 163 more words