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Future Professional

Tuesday, July 7th, and it was a bittersweet day. A phobe like me committed to 2 things, something like a relationship and a $16,000 loan. I’m scared shitless but there’s also an eerie calm within me. 45 more words


शिक्षा - Siksa

I love hands-on activities. I feel I’ve always learned best by watching something be done and then practicing it myself. Upon first enrolling  at Aveda, I dreaded the fact that class would be ten hours long. 328 more words

Knowledge Capital & Personal Development

Since more than 3/4 of the top-developed nation’s working population are engaged in the service sectors, the intellectual capital and varying levels of development of these people are a major factor in a nation’s competitiveness. 271 more words


Project Work & Multifunctional Teams

A dramatic change in the structure of modern organizations is transforming the very nature of work.  The traditional position descriptions that are part of a formal, rigid, hierarchical organizational structure are changing into loosely structured, multifunctional virtual project teams. 427 more words


Makeup Monday: Introducing Jesse Jones

Tonight me and my best friend Valerie went to a future cosmetologist; Jesse Jones to help him diversify his portfolio and practice his makeup skills. We brought our makeup, talked him through the basics and then let him go for it!! 86 more words

Make-Up Looks

Where Are They Now? Teddi Chanos

Positive reviews from salon floor clients are always great, but hearing positive reviews from our SFIEC alumni always make our world go round. One of our SFIEC graduates from 2010, Teddi Chanos recently sent us an update on what she’s been up to since she graduated and got her Cosmetology license. 543 more words

Future Professional