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20 Honest Things I Hope I Will Accomplish In The Next 20 Years

In 20 years I’ll be 42. First off, that’s terrifying, but I hope I’ll be where I’m aiming to be.

1. I hope I will be genuinely happy with my life. 561 more words

'You are an intelligent woman. Own this!'

Dear Future Em,

You got your group presentation feedback today. And you went and got a freakin’ first. You smashed it.

Your lecturer is obviously very observant. 187 more words


January 14, 2017- Past, Present and Future selfs

Hello January,

When I visit my hometown, I am usually torn between my past, present and future self.

The past self, is what people used to know me for. 192 more words

Personal Development

Tuesday 1.10.16

Sunrise, Biddeford pool, 5 days ago, Beauty on a frigid January morning

Working on:

  • Week 1 of Heart and Soul with Olga Furman.  Great practice with portraits this week, honestly quite frustrating at times. 
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13 Things Your Future Self Wants You to Know In 2017

Most people are likely talking about their New Year’s Resolutions.

But if you know me, you know how I feel about those.

The momentum of doing it differently this year fades within 60 to 90 days and then you’re back to square one. 1,583 more words

* My Words for 2017

It will be a time of change. Life is unfolding along an unexpected and uneasy path, with so much outside of our control. When moving into the unknown, it is helpful to sit and pause and listen to our inner guide. 189 more words

Middle Ground


Hi. It’s me. You? Us? The pronouns will probably shift in this. Yeah. For sure. Anyways, it’s almost my (our?) birthday. I’m still young and dumb and unnecessarily sarcastic and I probably sound very terrible when you’re reading this. 586 more words

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