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Nothing Last, Nothing Strange

If only you knew what the future hold for you, because if you do there were things you wish to do differently, there were things you wish to unlearn, there were people you wish to unloved. 208 more words

Personal Thought

Chase Something

The other day while scrolling through Facebook, which I admit I spend way too much time doing, I came across Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech from the Oscars a couple years ago. 450 more words

The New Start

Episode #32 - Your Future Self...

Do something your future self will thank you for.  Imagine if one month ago you had done that “thing” – let’s say write a blog post every day, today you’d have 30 posts done!  29 more words


14 Day Writing Challenge: Day #10

Hey, what’s up? Minah here~! ;) :) :D *smiles happily & waves hello* Today, I have Day #10 of the 14 Day Writing Challenge! YAY~!!! 490 more words


What is the next step?

Sometimes not knowing what the future holds or what you truly desire for your future self is alright.

I’ve always been someone who thought that I had my perfect life planned, and that once I had that plan I had to stick to it, but it turns out that I wasn’t happy with those decisions I made a few years ago. 262 more words


Letter to my Future Self

Dear old me:

It’s okay to be scared, but I will not allow for stupidity. It’s okay to have no idea where you are heading in life, so long as you are moving. 288 more words

A letter to myself

Therapists have always asked me the question, “If you could write a letter to yourself as a child, what would it say?”. As many times as I have been asked this question, I never know how to answer it and it makes me uncomfortable. 809 more words