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A Letter To My 30-Year-Old Self : Kaitlin Olivero

Dear 30-year-old Kaitlin,

Based on how the first three years of my twenties have gone, I cannot even imagine what life is like at the end of them. 557 more words

Various Thoughts

The New Complexity of Life

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to advise you of the complexities of the new cosmic paradigm.

The new paradigm has within it a complexity of life which you have not yet dealt. 111 more words

Creating Your Life

You as Your Future Self

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to talk to you a bit about living as Your Future Self.

By this We mean living as the Future Self you imagine being in the future and living as that Self right now. 87 more words

Creating Your Life

Dear Future Self (Confessions of a 20 Year Old)

Dear Future Self,

Right now, I am only 20 years old. But not for long. In 6 short months, it will be my birthday yet again, and I will be another year older. 412 more words


Seniors Who Google

5 Ways Technology Can Enhance the Lives of Seniors

There’s no avoiding it; technology is everywhere. Many golden agers steer clear of it, but we would argue that there are several applications of technology that they should not only stop avoiding, but embrace. 483 more words

Senior Living

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I don't know about you but I LOVE Google!

I have been using many of their products for years and as they bring on a new one I usually have a go. I have used the maps extensively to work out where to go, sneak peek at places around the world, to checkout the authenticity of company addresses and to give me accurate mileage for my log book. On top of that I found that there are clever folk who use Sketchup7 to draw exact replicas of buildings around the world and they attach them to the map, so awesome.

I also found that you could even organise a scavenger hunt using the map and Google searches Fun!

Browsing the internet on Chrome is a total pleasure and extremely fast and now very intuitive, sometimes a little spookily so, but very useful nonetheless. I am pretty fed-up with Microsoft products now I'm afraid. I find them expensive and aggressive and rather convoluted so Google docs are just fine by me and really easy to use and the best thing is I don't keep getting updates that weigh heavy on my computer dragging it to slower and slower speeds! Once I used to keep all my files on the computer like everyone else which also tended to slow the computer eventually. But not any longer. My life is now kept in a Google Drive. 'cloud' as safely as anywhere else I reckon. Another Google product I could not live without is of course, Gmail and the calendar that connects with it and with anyone I wish to share an appointment with. I've used the calendar as a joint project at work to keep everyone informed and privately to remind me timeously of a myriad of events in my life from Grandchildren's birthdays to doctor appointments and even annual renewal of my subscriptions. Google+ is still a bit of a newbie to me but it certainly throws up some great ideas and I'm itching to have a go at Google Hangouts. I've watched with it but I want to run one so I've just upped my Internet speed so it doesn't trip out; so look out kids I'm HangingOut  your way soon. I'm sure you are a senior who has not been left behind? What Google products do you love to use? Please join in the poll. [polldaddy poll=8641860] If you have any friends or parents who could do with a little help in keeping up with some of this technology checkout  myageingparent.com It provides some helpful forms to use in their free registration pack on site. Till the next time go well www.flipping2retirement.net      

A Letter From My Future Self

a letter from my future self
sits silently upon my shelf
it speaks of many ills to come
some unavoidable, but some
depend upon my acts and how… 122 more words


Day 25: Flashback - More Straws

Gratitude: supportive friends and family

10/7/14 Email to L:

Things not great here. After another rough fight, I left and spent the weekend in hotel rooms. 429 more words