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Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression, or FLP for this post is a practice where you can take a peek at your future self, learn the steps it took you to get there and perhaps recognise any pitfalls. 577 more words

Every. Single. Day.

The one thing I love about Nutrisystem is that they have a bunch of people on your side for you when you feel, not so perfect. 652 more words

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Help out your future self


Well, we just made it through the worst weekend of the year: the start of daylight saving time. We “spring forward” (I don’t know who came up with such a cheery name for such an annoying event) by setting our clocks ahead by an hour. 699 more words

The Shift

One morning I woke up and my whole life had changed;

I drink coffee almost daily, I drink a mug of tea at least once sometimes twice a day. 523 more words

Answers aren't in the mind

I remember years ago hearing this statement and then and now agree.  Many of us are smart enough and have a brilliant mind yet there do seem to be times that an answer that makes sense and feels right is illusive.  525 more words

Spiritual Writing

Why do we judge others for things we do ourselves?

Being a teenager is rough. Even those adults who tell us, “you guys deserve more credit than you get,” judge us from behind a fallacious grin. 491 more words


Fight, Flight and Fall.

All our lives we are met with instances of the fight or flight analogy. The most common I’ve found is our parents often adopt one of the two in case of a fight “If that boy hits you again you hit him back twice as hard” or “If they try to hurt you, you go tell an adult and stay away from him.” However it recently dawned on me as I was met with some adversity that there is a secret option #3; Fall. 246 more words