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Letter to my Future Self 12/13/17

A Letter to my Future Self

Where did the time go? You didn’t think that you would be famously known for writing an article in a magazine. 237 more words


Personal Letter To Future Self.

Dear 30 Year Old Me!

Sup Bitch! I hope you are alive and well and I hope that you are reading this from somewhere sunny. I thought I should put this on internet so that it would never disappear. 429 more words

Live And Learn

An Unexpected Letter

I was so surprised to receive one particular email recently. Who was the sender? Me.

I used a website that sends messages to the future, and I totally forgot about it! 213 more words


Afraid To Sparkle?

That first blog post – so intimidating – that blank white screen.  But so many important things to say!  That’s when I saw the writing prompt, keyword:  … 370 more words

Scale Win & A Note To My Future Self

Today I had one of the most satisfying wins of my weight loss so far! It has been 4 YEARS since I have seen a 2 in front of my weight, and I won’t lie, it makes me giddy finally getting there after just 2.5 months of hard work. 460 more words


and pretty soon

you’ll have a conversation with yourself


Day 25 #SMSelfLoveClub

Saturday 25th November – What is one choice you can make now that your future self will be happy about?

One choice that I can make now in order for me to be happy with in the future is to plan and prepare. 105 more words

Self Love