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A Letter To My Future Self

Supposedly, yung entry na to ay kahapon pa dapat naka-published. Ang KASO! I did something pathetic regarding this post (again). Ganire ang pangyayari (if you don’t wanna know, you can just skip this part): 879 more words


Mapping the future: staying close to the envisioned self

The second generation black iPod nano that my father bought me as a Christmas gift back in 2006 still works fine. After juicing the decade-old device, the first song I lid up on it was Epik High’s “After 10 years (Dear me)”. 511 more words

Social Cognition

18 years old?

Dear grown up May,

I am so glad you clicked on the email to read this letter because that means now you can listen to some advice your 1-year-ago self wanted to give you. 337 more words


favours you can do for future yourself

let future you relex!

pack your lunch the night before

pack your bag the night before

make a list!

do that thing you want to do… NOW! 51 more words


Learn to Focus on Your Future Self

How often have I heard the well-intentioned advice, “Live in the moment.” Even Henry David Thoreau suggested, “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” 305 more words


This is what dreams are made of

It’s never too late,

This will be an inspirational post about how you can follow your dreams no matter where you are in life.

I work a 9-6 job doing something that I wouldn’t necessarily say I hate but it’s a job that pays the bills. 172 more words


A Letter from My Future Self

A/N: This edition of this letter is going to be put towards an exam, hence the translation notes (which is weird because it’s a deeply personal piece). 1,234 more words