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Parent Trap

Sometimes I want kids and then I remind myself of the cons and philosophy I have on life so far. I am a modern changing organism and I still have time to dither and wait; countdown engines on. 402 more words

Marina Keegan Quote.

Keegan, M. (2014). The opposite of loneliness: Essays and stories.


An Email to Myself in 3 Years (Career Remix Version)

Gunnar, I can’t believe that it’s been three years since we last touched base! I pray this finds you well.

I am reaching out to you because I want to share with you all that has been happening in my life since we last spoke. 1,047 more words



We celebrated Easter a week early since my family came down for Reed’s blessing day.

So here’s the day in pictures:

^^^Kenny had to take the picture with his crackers he was snacking on. 100 more words

Mom And Dad Manning

Laptop + internet = automated business

Not long ago, if you wanted to build a physical products business
you’d have to:

  • build a warehouse,
  • hire warehousing staff,
  • pack and ship orders,
  • 182 more words

Centre Yourself : Aura Meditation

$10.00 AU

Audio Meditation Download


Are you feeling frustrated, tense and scattered? The ‘Centre Yourself’ meditation uses guided imagery to teach mindfulness techniques designed to help you find your calm inner centre again. 16 more words


A Letter To Future Me

Dear future me,

I always wonder what you’ll be like and who you’ll become later on in your life. I wonder about the kind of life you’ll lead and values you’ll hold, along with all of your dreams that you’re still yet to reach. 419 more words

A Letter To Future Me