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Personal development & home business Opportunity

An online business for the “Big Thinker”

Ever thought what your life would be like if you turned your annual income into your monthly income? 72 more words

An open letter to my future self

“There’s always hope for the willing” -of mice & men 

I hope you still like the smell of mahogany teakwood candles, laughing, and spreading love to everyone. 629 more words

Kenny Update

I realized that I forgot one of Kenny’s sabotage tactics that happened a couple of weeks ago (Future Kenny: and I wasn’t going to document it for future embarrassing stories, but I just underwent an epic 2 hour battle with you today over sleep. 129 more words



Right now, I’m lost and hoping that few years from now I get to find myself back. Right now, I’m broke and have no idea how to glue back all these broken pieces I have with me. 117 more words


18 Month Update

So, you got me. Reed is actually just turning 17 months, but hey… he spent his first day in nursery today and that’s the biggest milestone of 18 months anyway, right? 711 more words


Day 188

I try to imagine pictures of your future self and wonder whether there will be there any trace of my love. Perhaps a wrinkle on your face would have appeared from our laughing together?

366 Days With You

In Ten Years

Who knows where I’ll be in ten years, but here is a letter to myself for in ten years. (Though, I’ll probably forget I wrote this, so…) 621 more words