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A blog post for when things get bad and you wonder why you are doing this?

31 January 2016

Things may get bad. From past experience you will think you are getting fatter not thiner, you will think that loose skin or wrinkles caused by the weight loss are horrific and that it is not worth it. 642 more words

Experience: Dear Future Me 2015 (recap)

Hey there!

My one word for the year is EXPERIENCE. What I aim in 2016 is practical contact, physical movement, action. There is nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of being inert, not learning new things, not meeting new people, not trying new tastes, not doing what I love, not loving my life. 

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You Have Failed This Blog...

Is what Oliver Queen would say to me if he saw this…

I have failed.

But I have gone through such an evolution process during the time I wasn’t posting anything and now I’m in a much stronger position to re-focus. 580 more words


Dear Future Self...

Dear Future Self,


I hope by time you’re reading this you’re at least in 2018. I hope you made it into the college you wanted to study whatever course you decided, right now, January 11th 2016, you wanted to be working with babies, by the ages of 1 month – 3 year olds. 369 more words

Realise a life without limits


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Future Self

Future Self is an installation that studies human movement to see what it can reveal about identity and the relationship we have with our own image. 20 more words


A Letter From Your Future Self

January 1st, 2016 it’s just another day, another year, another calendar flip. What if you could read a letter from yourself from December 31, 2016?  The letter is revealing the year, what would it say?   234 more words

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