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Dear Self: Having an Oh Sh*t moment? Read this first.

This morning I went to Creative Mornings – which you probably know is consistently one of my favourite events in Toronto. The speaker, Shannon Lee Simmons… 849 more words


Week 8 - Imagine - My Future Self

It is blowing my mind that people think of a total stranger the same way they think of their future self. I had to find the study that Mark referenced. 1,083 more words

Network Marketing

A note to my future self

Well here you are, approximately 7 years later (as an engineer you are allowed to estimate haha), on your 27th birthday and I have no idea what God has in planned for us or what life is like for you now. 623 more words


Chào Thanh Bình của hai năm sau (2017).

Chào Thanh Bình của 2 năm sau (2017),

Lúc này cậu đang là 23 tuổi rồi nhỉ, thêm tuổi mụ là 24.

Tớ là Thanh Bình 21 tuổi, hiện giờ tớ đang ngồi ăn tại quán đồ Hàn tại phố Chùa Láng, Hà Nội. 2,373 more words

Dear Nhật Ký

A Letter to my Teenage self!

Dear Younger me!

Oh boy I wish you could know what I know now…. See what I can see right now! Because LIFE IS AWESOME! …. 825 more words


Dear Future Call,

Not quite sure what to write for this. What on earth am I supposed to tell myself that I don’t already know? I guess I’ll write about how things are right now. 499 more words


To Our Nephew on His Second Birthday

To Our Cutest Little Nephew,

How are you two years old already?! I know we always say this to you, but man, time really flies! It seems like it was just yesterday that your dad called Uncle Jon Jon and told him you were growing in your mommy’s belly. 599 more words