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Why Your Future Self Will Thank You For Taking Pics During The Holidays

I may be what others consider as someone who sees through a phone screen, and Im perfectly okaywith that. Whenever I go anywhere, I make sure I have a fully charged phone and enough memory on it to take as many pictures I want. 14 more words


Someone Else

Flight 183 was a private airplane operated by Pilot Gregory that carried 3 passengers who didn’t want to be themselves. Instead, Pilot Gregory and his passengers wanted to be their future selves that each one had methodically planned out the lives for down to the smallest detail. 1,534 more words

Who is she?

Day 17 came and went like a blink of an eye, just like the four pounds I lost… Oh, hey girl, hey! She’s getting that revenge bod back. 319 more words

The Miracle Cure for Negative Self-Talk

As you are reading this post imagine that you could go out into the future and visit your positive self that had solved the current biggest challenges you are facing.   543 more words

Change Work

Wonders Small and Large

Today is a day you send back in time. Your younger self needs a hint, however fleeting, that this day waits for her. She won’t know you’ve hand a hand in whatever traces across her skin. 656 more words

Growing Up

;Dear Future-self #101

Dear Me,

Someday you’ll learn to never be afraid again, you’ll learn to stand up on your own two feet & you wont have to feel so empty and alone anymore… It’s okay to feel scared and to feel pain because eventually that pain might swallow you whole and drown you but then you’ll start to swim back up to the surface again… … 65 more words

A Letter to Future Self

Dear Self,

You deserve a great applause for what you are now. I am proud of you. But never stop there. Keep moving ahead with a smile through all walks of life. 384 more words

Future Self