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In 5-10 Years: Imagine that (Poem #158)

(Four consecutive poems written based upon Timothy Wilson’s Best Possible Self Reflection in his book Redirect. Written in the perspective of myself in 5-10 years reflecting upon where my life has taken me) 827 more words


Thank You from the Future

Hey Kids,

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

I’ve heard this before. This particular quote is from Gary Vaynerchuk. I dig that guy. 146 more words

Life's Truths

What I would tell my future self

The future is something that we always think that is so far away that we tend to ignore it and deal with it when it comes. 1,104 more words


From J; To J

Dear future self,

Ayoko sanang kamustahin ka. Alam kong hindi ka sasagot. Alam kong hindi mo gustong may nakikialam sa buhay mo, kahit pa ang sarili mo, kahit pa ang mga iniisip mo. 830 more words


To myself, the next time I fall in love

I told you this day would come. Once it felt impossible, but the truth is that you are so full of love with so much to give, and a person like that – a person who falls in love with the morning air and lit candles and the first bite of every meal – that’s the kind of person who is meant to fall in love. 637 more words

Moving On

Day 14 got a little creative...

Day 14 – Your life in 7 years

7 is an interesting number but okay, we’ll run with it.

We’ll start with the “this is what I hope will happen” answer and then discuss the “what I expect to be more realistic” answer. 707 more words


Lia Veley: Don't take your ability to shop at Costco for granted

It is expensive to be poor, because it costs money to save money.

The Washington Post published an interesting blog post that focused on how poor people pay more for toilet paper. 279 more words