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Letter to my future self 

Dear dynamic future-self,

I’m writing you to tell you, you made it! It’s now 2020. You’re safe, you’re enthusiastic, and you’re healthy. The last five years have not been without struggle, but you’re a better person today because of it. 242 more words


A Letter To My 30-Year Old Self : Megan Cox

Dear Thirty-Year-Old Megan,

If you’re reading this letter, congratulations! You survived Vegas! Or maybe you just haven’t gone yet, but in May 2015 you’re certainly planning on it for your thirtieth birthday … which is in September. 794 more words

Letter To My 30 Year Old Self

Day 9 letter challenge

Dear Someone I Wish I Could Meet – Future self,

Hi future self. How have you been? I hope you’re doing great with your job right now. 264 more words


Letter to myself in the future...

Kim K. wrote herself a letter to be read 10 years from now and well, it got me thinking.  Did you ever have to do that exercise in school where you had to write your obit…morbid yes, but it totally gives you some insight on where you see yourself now and where you see yourself in YOUR future. 449 more words


Dear Future Self #Day9

Dear Future Self,

Hey! How are you? Hope you are happy? I have so many questions for you! Where do you live? Are you living your dream? 122 more words

Letter to My 30-Year-Old Self : Colleen Seambos

Dear Colleen,

You’re going to be thirty pretty soon. Are you crying yet? I mean, I know how you were when you turned twenty-five so I would expect nothing less. 499 more words


Letter to Myself (Written in summer 2013)

I wrote this to myself–word for word–two years ago. I just opened it. It’s incredible to me how much of this is true today. I almost feel weird about how well I knew my future self. 200 more words