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letter to my future self

Dear Me,

I harbor no doubt that you will change and evolve and grow into an even better person in the years to come, and while the present me will continue to tell you pretty things and remind you of what is important, she will also take up less room in your mind.  338 more words

Meeting the future me

7 years ahead on our three dimensional timeline. There I am standing in front of my future self – and daughter.

What a beautiful sight, both of us standing there, couldn’t be more peaceful. 350 more words

My Story

Dear diary

Nu e așa că ar fi foarte fain dacă am putea să retrăim unele momente din viața noastră? Din păcate însă nu s-a inventat o mașină a timpului. 459 more words

A Letter To My 40-Year-Old Self

July 31, 2016 (To be read again on July 31, 2022)

Dear Stella,

Hello there! I do hope you’re doing exceptionally fine. I would have wanted to write to you sooner but circumstances won’t allow me to. 413 more words



Apologies are always hard, especially when the person you are apologizing to is yourself.

This may seem like the most selfish thing in the world but I have to apologize to myself. 604 more words

Daily Prompt

Personal development & home business Opportunity

An online business for the “Big Thinker”

Ever thought what your life would be like if you turned your annual income into your monthly income? 72 more words

An open letter to my future self

“There’s always hope for the willing” -of mice & men 

I hope you still like the smell of mahogany teakwood candles, laughing, and spreading love to everyone. 629 more words