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Christian Finnegan -- What Kind of Monopoly Player Are You?


There are two types of people who play the game of Monopoly. There are a batch of people who have their lives together and pay their bills online, but then there are people like Christian Finnegan who are more present-oriented. 30 more words

Behavioral & Game Theory

The trick to discipline and success

I often rebeled against the idea of living a disciplined life. Envisioning a future with a daily routine involving a restricted diet and an hour of exercise seemed boring. 693 more words




I have come across a few posts where people have written to their future self and I thought seeing as I turned 16 last month it would be an interesting idea. 247 more words


Future Self

I was asking myself “How or What do I want to see myself after a year of blogging, building an e-commerce business, first copywriting gig and going to the gym 5-6 times a week?” 254 more words

Another use for pre-registration plans (PAP): help yourself

Pre-registration plans (PAP) rightly become more common (they are still not common enough yet, I think), but here’s a reason to write up a PAP that I have never seen mentioned before: Pre-registration plans can be immensely useful for yourself! 97 more words

Didier Ruedin

Letters From the Past

“Keep dreaming, self, and keep writing, even if it feels like you aren’t going anywhere. I’m pretty happy and I hope you are too.” -Letter to Myself from 2015…

625 more words

14 goals

-call my magnetic, sparkling future self to come and see me

-give her permission to show me the way

-remember to tell her that her hair looks amazing! 76 more words