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What is sex? It can be running naked through stinging nettles. It can be a bunch of men disguised as randy pandas. It can be a woman in a horse mask ripping apart a teddy bear. 839 more words

Book Review

“Future Sex, Inc.” at the Lounge Theatre

The future of sex in Future Sex, Inc is no sex. Orgasms are induced artificially via a new device, a wristband that slaps on like handcuffs, and is sold world-wide by an enslaving global corporation deftly named Monocorp. 868 more words

Future Sex by Emily Witt — Eli Lee

What should I do with my sexual freedom? This isn’t a question that everyone gets to ask. To have sexual freedom is to have real privilege, and on first glance, it might appear to be something that everybody would want. 3,726 more words

Book Review

Future Sex

The Short Version: Having turned 30 without settling into a committed relationship like she thought she would, Emily Witt takes the moment to take stock of our modern relationships – to each other, to sexuality in general, and to the way that technology has changed both. 998 more words


Literary Review | Future Sex By Emily Witt

Being really neither about the future nor consistently about sex, Future Sex is a disappointment. Its pitch is a big idea on an urgent theme – a kind of state of the insemination address, or The Way We Frig Now. 38 more words


Why I hate going to reading events

Walking over to the McNally Jackson bookstore in Soho on a Thursday night, I was already getting nervous. I was assigned by my professor to go to this reading event, …

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