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Jan Kaplický Drawings

A collection of reproductions of line drawings by visionary architect and master draughtsman Jan Kaplický are currently on show at the RIBA Bookshop until the end of October.  188 more words

You're The Only Star in Heaven

Jan Kaplicky’s drawings for NASA of the International Space Station are a triumph of that period in history in which our most expansive, ambitious infrastructure, the one that slipped the surly bonds of earth into space, was first conceived by men drawing with set squares at tilted boards. 791 more words


Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari Modena by Jan Kaplický Future Systems

The guiding principles of the Museum’s design are to communicate the motoring vocation of our territory and to tell the story of a prestigious race cars manufacturer.

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Tour Ferrari’s Stunning $17.6 Million Aluminum-Skinned Museum

It’s a given that car enthusiasts will flock to the Enzo Ferrari Museum, but the museum itself, with is aluminum skin and geothermal wells, is cool enough to draw the eye of anyone interested in architecture or design. 201 more words


Extreme Architectural Makeovers: 12 Startling Frankenmuseums

The idea for Mary Shelley’s most famous novel, Frankenstein, came to her in a dream while summering in Switzerland with the notoriously melancholy poet, … 369 more words