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'The nostalgia circuit'

One of the most prized talents of a professional musician is to be able to perform their compositions as close as possible to the original recording. 934 more words

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Robots Could Lead a Recycling Revolution

It was only a matter of time before the two emerging industries of robotics and recycling teamed up. Now that it’s happened, recycling robots are looking to transform how we handle our waste in a big way. 775 more words


Random thought 6: Artificial Intelligence is already here

Since the 1950s, after Alan Tuning built his first machine, we have been fascinated by the idea of machine intelligence. According to Tuning, at the most sophisticated level, a machine intelligence would be indistinguishable from a human intelligence. 2,005 more words

Aliens & Artificial Intelligence

'The ten month rule' (end)

The alien ambassador nodded in compassion again. “I understand all of your past reservations. It’s only natural for your species to fear what you do not know or understand. 607 more words

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'The ten month rule' III

Naturally, those who believed the extraterrestrials were sincere, felt it was an incredibly dangerous thing to risk offending them. It was their only chance to save some children from the utter annihilation of the planet; which they had wholly accepted. 608 more words

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'The ten month rule' I

They came on a Tuesday. Prior to the announcement, it was like every other day in recent memory. There were news stories about riots, wars, pollution, weather catastrophes, and cute lab puppies which saved their owners from deadly space heater fires. 405 more words

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15 Predictions Regarding The Future

I had the idea this morning to “summarize” my beliefs regarding Futurology—what I’ve been researching and writing about for the last couple of years. This is pretty long and comprehensive, but might provide you with some insights and/or springboards for your own research. 1,702 more words