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New 'Artificial Synapses' Pave Way for Brain-Like Computers

A brain-inspired computing component provides the most faithful emulation yet of connections among neurons in the human brain, researchers say.

The so-called memristor, an electrical component whose resistance relies on how much charge has passed through it in the past, mimics the way calcium ions behave at the junction between two neurons in the… 832 more words

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Interstellar funded in part by science

Interstellar – Imagination to Reality

The above link is the subject of this post

I think that this article is one of many that prove another of my theories. 264 more words


10 Upcoming Technology That May Change The World In 2017

Hello and welcome my a radio station listening audience and online article readers. we will of course be speaking about future technology, future improvements, and futuristic concepts. 5,138 more words

Future Technology

Full Speed Ahead : Your future with driverless cars.

Just think about your daily routine for a moment. Rushing around, trying to get errands done. Driving to the post office and the grocery store. Driving home from office. 945 more words


Sand Mattress??

While this looks like a normal everyday mattress it’s hiding an interesting secret..it’s actually Ultimate Earth Beds sand filled mattress!

While the website is promoting this more towards the hippy crowd it does have me wondering if this indeed would be comfortable to sleep on. 107 more words

Wearables take control & give you back!

There has been a big buzz about wearable over the last couple of years and we see new products launched almost every quarter. The wearable world started from a simple pedometer and now growing to incorporate , heart rate monitors, GPS tracking and what not. 1,107 more words


Nettle Virtual Holograms

A Russian company called Nettle has developed a way for 2d images to create a 3d hologram that is viewable from all angles.

This is pretty amazing considering that hologram technology has been struggling to develop for decades. 87 more words

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