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Technology of the Future

The technology of light is the technology that will meet all our energy needs in the 21st century. It will need no huge budgets to maintain because it will be devised and controlled by intellectuals who do not look for billions of pounds of profits to satisfy them. 52 more words


Project Moon Base


(3/10) In a nutshell: This rather inventive and surprisingly scientifically ambitious film was a TV pilot halfway through filming. Unfortunately the TV budget shows. A Communist saboteur infiltrates a 1970 reccie flight for the first American moon base, and the two pilots are more interested in settling the fifties war of the sexes than actually doing their jobs. 5,613 more words


Telekinesis by KDB

Hello everyone,
         How many of you know about TELEKINESIS or are you ever heard the word TELEKINESIS if No then you must know it.
TELEKINESIS: … 255 more words

Future Technology

Luxembourg Goes into the Asteroid Mining Business - Luxembourg!

Today the Luxembourg government announced it’s going into the asteroid mining business. It plans to provide incentives and a favorable regulatory climate to encourage the industry to flourish in the small country. 458 more words




(3/10) In a nutshell: This is the oldest surviving British space flight film, produced by Hammer Films and directed by Terence Fisher. The low-budget production mixes a murder whodunnit with a love triangle and a spy thriller, and despite the name, most of it’s a pretty mundane and Earth-bound programmer. 5,072 more words


Future technology by KDB

Space drones
NASA has challenged designers to develop a conventional drone to work inside a space station, navigating with no ‘up’ or ‘down’. The winning design , ArachnoBeeA, would use cameras and tiny beacons to manoeuvre its way around. 2,026 more words

Future Technology

Google achieves AI breakthrough!

Here is an interesting article that shows we are making significant progress in Artificial Intelligence. There are major implications to this breakthrough. Here is the article.

Google AI breakthrough