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Endless Quest for Novelty

“Now for the second level of Wittgenstein’s hostility: his objection to the spirit of ‘the typical western scientist’. Science, he writes, is driven by a commitment to making progress, to ‘onwards movement building ever larger and more complicated structures’; it involves an endless quest for novelty, ‘add one construction after another, moving on and up, as it were, from one stage to the next’.

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10 Tips to Improve Mileage

Simple ways to get better fuel efficiency without you having to be adept at the mechanics that power your car, so that you can drive past the fuel pump more often than you stop there. 720 more words

The Tales of Hoffmann


(6/10) The first German sci-fi film, this 1916 romantic tragedy is based on Jacques Offenbach’s opera and the works of E.T.A. Hoffmann. It is the first feature film involving a robot. 3,969 more words

Silent Film

My thoughts on CRISPR

CRISPR(“clusters of regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats”)/Cas9 is a type of a gene-editing process. It is known to be cheaper and more precise than other Gene-editing processes.  770 more words


The Next Generation of Sports and the Start of Super Humans.

We see super humans in National Geographic channel, but if everyone become super humans. What that would be like??

We know people increase their stamina and power by taking steroids and Performance-Enhancing Drugs. 249 more words

Man O' War by Dan Jones (Book Review #427)

Man O’ War is a science fiction thriller and focuses on Dhiraj Om. He is a jelly fisherman seeking finds that he could sell just to get his life going. 210 more words

Book Review

The Present and the Future of Our Jobs !!

Recently a report predicted that about 25 million jobs would be replaced by Robots and AI in the coming 10 years.

There are two reasons. 199 more words