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The New Technology Revitalizing Safety

Forget the unease of walking to your car after a late night of classes or festivities. RoboCopp is a tech start up from Sam Mansen and Jill turner, who share a vision of preventing crime before it happens. 634 more words

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(5/10) The last of actress Faith Domergue’s three science fiction movies of 1955 was a British quota quickie. Released as The Atomic Man in the US, it concerns two journalists investigating the case of a radioactive man who gets pulled back from death on the operating table and seems to be out of sync with time, all while his doppelgänger is involved with secret and potentially dangerous nuclear experiments. 3,899 more words


Microsoft will help Automakers to create innovative vehicles that deliver better, safer driving experiences.

Microsoft is bringing our software and cloud expertise to the automotive industry. Microsoft is sharing their expertise in developing, supporting and maintaining IoT technologies. Rather than attempting to build their own connected car, they’re providing automakers with a platform that does the heavy lifting across multiple areas of connectivity – empowering customers and partners with the cloud-based tools to connect services and data together. 430 more words


High Speed Internet for Everyone-Global Internet Coverage.

After Tesla and SpaceX, PayPal founder Elon Musk is planning to launch 4,000 satellites around the world to bring internet to every corner of the planet: the genius inventor is securing government permission to begin testing the technology. 297 more words


760mph Trains- Your Future Commute.

Hate commuting? Imagine, instead, your train carriage hurtling down a tunnel at the same speed as a commercial jet airliner. Like, if you want to go from Delhi to Mumbai you can reach within a hour or from San Francisco to LA in 30 minutes.   249 more words


Future Technology- Space Drones from NASA

Space Drone

NASA has challenged their designers to develop a conventional drone to work inside a space station, navigating with no ‘up’ or ‘down’. In aviation and in space, a drone refers to an unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft. 226 more words