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BAE Systems & Futurizon share thoughts on the future

I recently visited BAE Systems to give a talk on future tech, including the Pythagoras Sling concept. It was a great place to visit. Afterwards, their Principal Technologist Nick Colosimo and I gave a joint interview on future technologies. 11 more words


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It will come to pass, dearest, that in the not too long distant future the cell-phone will become obsolete. Yes indeed, dearest; the cell-phone will be discarded for a newer technology; one that is available now; yes indeed. 243 more words

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Top 10 Future Water Gadgets

Hello Everyone , Welcome to our channel.
Electronics and water don’t usually mix, but when they do, the results can be impressive.
Whether you’re looking to upgrade your diving gear, impress your friends with a brand new water toy, or capture perfect photos and videos of sea life, these underwater devices and technologies are sure to enrich your next subaquatic adventure. 2,088 more words

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Smart Robots

The Future Of Human Labor In A Robotic World

Robots are coming to steal our jobs. We know this because one news outlet after another has told us so.

389 more words
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Self-driving bus involved in crash less than two hours after Las Vegas launch

It took less than two hours for Las Vegas’s brand new self-driving shuttle to end up in a crash on Wednesday – thanks to a human. 407 more words

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AAA is launching a public self-driving shuttle in downtown Las Vegas

The American Automobile Association doesn’t want the future to leave it behind.

On Nov. 8, the association, in partnership with French transportation company Keolis, will launch an all-electric, self-driving shuttle in downtown Las Vegas, geared at familiarizing consumers with the nascent technology. 237 more words

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