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Electric Source Alt. (Electrosaturator)

Electric Source Alt. (Miku)

Module: Snow Miku 2011
Hairstyle: Snow Miku 2016 Hair
Accessories: Head item removed

Future Tone

Love in Motion (That One Second in Slow Motion)

Love in Motion (Miku)

Module: Summer Memories
Hairstyle: Meteorite Hair

Future Tone

Rainwear (Rain With A Chance of Sweet*Drops)

Rainwear (Miku)

Module: Vocal
Hairstyle: Summer Memories Hair

Future Tone

Being with You (Time Limit)

Being with You (Miku)

Module: Hatsune Miku Append
Hairstyle: Rainbow Lines Hair

Future Tone

PoPiPo Star Alt. (Po Pi Po)

PoPiPo Star Alt. (Miku)

Module: Hatsune Miku V3
Hairstyle: Ha2ne Miku Hair

Future Tone

Cinema Girl (Paris Cinema Girl)

Cinema Girl (Miku)

Module: Gothic
Hairstyle: Phantom Thief Miku Hair

Future Tone