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Living in the Future

Artificial intelligence has long been an ethical debate across college campuses and at cocktail parties but what many people seem to ignore is we are already living in the beginning of the artificial intelligence era. 482 more words

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All About Trends

The year 2017, like any other year, has brought a new onslaught of trends for marketing. Looking back on everything that has been effective, marketers have begun their predictions for what is going to be effective and popular for 2018. 434 more words

Future Trends

Three Recent Advertising Trends

As an advertising major one important topic I attempt to pay extra attention to in the news relates to where the most money can be made in the future. 747 more words

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15 Predictions Regarding The Future

I had the idea this morning to “summarize” my beliefs regarding Futurology—what I’ve been researching and writing about for the last couple of years. This is pretty long and comprehensive, but might provide you with some insights and/or springboards for your own research. 1,702 more words


The digital future of work: What skills will be needed? | McKinsey & Company

Robots have long carried out routine physical activities, but increasingly machines can also take on more sophisticated tasks. Experts provide advice on the skills people will need going forward.

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Collaboration not competition: could this be the future of development?

Amplify is the UK’s Department for International Development’s attempt to bring a truly innovative and collaborative approach to aid. Will it work?

What’s the best way to get fresh new ideas for development problems? 125 more words