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Ray Kurzweil Outlines the Coming Biomedical Revolution [Video] | @tachyeonz

@tachyeonz : Will we live longer lives in the future? According to Ray Kurzweil, it’s only a matter of time until technology begins successfully tackling age-related disease—and life expectancy grows longer and longer. 15 more words


The Future Of #Energy Might Look Pretty Amazing (VIDEO) @tachyeonz

@tachyeonz : You’re already familiar with solar power, wind power, and even water power. But when it comes to the future of energy, those renewable power sources soon could be old news. 20 more words


#Holograms you can touch !

@tachyeonz : Japanese researchers have created holograms that can be disrupted by human touch. This could particularly come in handy in medicine, where hologram technology is used to demonstrate certain procedures. 17 more words


Consumer Behaviour Will Control The Inexorable Rise of the IOT

Trend Summary: Despite the current spate of internet-connected devices, the markets will ultimately decide which devices will gain traction.

Following the tsunami of new products that have already invaded the online marketplace, creators and marketers of devices connected to the Internet of Things will need to closely monitor the way in which their devices are used and … … 144 more words


SURGERY: Use of surgical robots has changed the way radical prostatectomy procedures are done in the U.S.

The volume of radical prostatectomy procedures decreased 7 percent from 1425 procedures per million men over age 45 in the late ’90s to 1330 per million in 2010-2011.  165 more words

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Machine Learning Trends and the Future of Artificial Intelligence 2016

Every company is now a data company, capable of using machine learning in the cloud to deploy intelligent apps at scale, thanks to three machine learning trends: data flywheels, the algorithm economy, and cloud-hosted intelligence. 19 more words

The Future of Machine Learning: Trends, Observations, and Forecasts

The fundamental assumption in Machine Learning is that analytical solutions can be built by studying past data models. Machine Learning supports that kind of data analysis that learns from previous data models, trends, patterns, and builds automated, algorithmic systems based on that study. 18 more words