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Your Shirt Just Ratted You Out

Thinking back at all the science fiction I’ve read over the years, real-time biomedical telemetry is rarely a major theme in the story line.  Dr. Leonard McCoy of Star Trek fame pioneered scanning tools with computer assisted diagnostic tech, all so he can report:     … 577 more words

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Hospitalizations for Patients Aged 85 and Over in the United States, 2000-2010

The oldest adults — those aged 85 and over — represented 2% of the U.S. population in 2010 but accounted for 9% of all hospital discharges and 11% of inpatient days. 225 more words

Posted By Diana Culbertson

FUTURE: Total hip replacements expected to increase

This is an intuitive conclusion — there are a growing number of older folks, therefore, barring a radical medical breakthrough, there will be a growing number of older hips to be replaced surgically.  204 more words

Posted By Kim Garber

Big Brands to Boost Digital Ads in 2015

Trend Summary: A survey of the world’s major marketers reveals that the majority plan to boost their advertising through 2015, with many intending to increase focus on digital media. 63 more words


Ride that Wave of Disruption!

Imagine a surfer atop his board, rising above the wave. He is being propelled forward by powerful forces. However, he doesn’t resist or fight back against the wave. 364 more words

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New Software Helps General Motors Gain Market Edge

Trend Summary: General Motors says its investment in IT technology has changed the way the company operates and markets its products, whilst also creating new revenue sources. 46 more words


'Store Inception' Techniques Boost eCommerce

Trend Summary: eCommerce today is less about selling via an own brand channel and more about selling to online consumers wherever they congregate.

As eShopping increasingly becomes distributed across multiple channels, consumers are wielding their power to shop wherever they can find the lowest prices or most convenient delivery. 39 more words