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Population Forecast for Wasco County

In 2016, the Population Research Center at Portland State University developed a series of forecast for future population changes for Wasco County through 2066.  The full study is available on their website  for… 387 more words

Data And Research

There Is No "Opt Out" For Humanity On The Future

The goal of a terrestrial consciousness is to survive briefly on a limited planet. the goals of post-planetary consciousness are to evolve and expand in time.

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The Return Of Ozymandias

Meanwhile in archeology news, a massive statue of the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II was recently unearthed from a mud pit in a Cairo slum. Though broken into several bite-sized pieces, the find is still very impressive and looks suitably ironic in photos. 517 more words


Book Review: The Chaos Protocols

We inherit a system of value that is mostly unaligned to our spiritual or magical values because they come from an economy that is just simply not built for our benefit.

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Library of Things: If you build it, will they come?

More and more libraries on the national and international level are initiating a Library of Things.  The Sacramento Library of Things  allows patrons to check out tools, pieces of art, devices, instruments and more.   298 more words

The Road To 2020

Part of the reason I have this site—other to keep my brain occupied during the periods of time it isn’t occupied—is because I have a set of rather strong intuitions and convictions as to how the world is going to be within the next 3-8 years and beyond. 664 more words


The Rapidly Changing World of Events

On Thursday 2nd February 2017, a group of innovative and passionate MICE professionals came together for EWL London’s mastermind coffee morning, and discussed trends that they saw in the rapidly-changing world of meetings and events. 419 more words