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Our Brilliant Future: A Transhumanism Tale

The basic problem with the Brilliant Future we are facing is that it is largely not being made for us. 537 more words


Driving the Future: Autopilots

Automotive media is praising the advances in technology when it comes to autonomous cars. This future trend will revolutionize how we drive and spend our time in the car. 378 more words

Future Trends

Dancing for Big Brother: How Google and Facebook Censor Free Speech


Google and Facebook have become the mighty twins of online content. Google’s search engine is now ubiquitous, while  Facebook’s billion-plus membership as a social network covers every nook and cranny in the world. 836 more words

Future Trends

U.S. Military Testing Freaky Non-Lethal Weapons

The U.S. Military is testing strange, new non-lethal weapons that transform atoms in the air to scary,  flashes, loud sounds, including shouting human-like voices.

These literally disarming sounds and flashing loud lights that simulate live fire can be projected for long distances and have no effect on friendly troops in between them. 40 more words

Future Trends

Will AI Avatars Become Surrogate Presidential Candidates?

It’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence takes over the political system. I remember when I was a teenager reading a science fiction story about a future black president who was able to campaign in every household simultaneously by using specially programmed, surrogate holograms that actually spent time with each family answering their questions and giving them inspiring speeches about his policies, while sitting around their kitchen tables. 617 more words



This story we have been told about “security” was a lie—or, perhaps, it was true for a little while, in the tiniest of eras of human history (roughly, 1950s-1990s). 163 more words


Day 4: Beautiful Torun

Today we had a trip to a city which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List – its old part is very atmospheric and quite different from the more modern feel of Bydgoszcz. 174 more words