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The Blackbird Abides

With busy joy the blackbird
builds a nest
in the rain gutter.

She sounds like men repairing the roof.

Does she know what will happen… 22 more words


Once People Danced

“Ther number 38?” the Director called, looking up from hir lavender soft-bot.

“Yes.” said 38, feeling hir stomach tighten.

The Director’s windowless chamber was pastel blue with vases of soft yellow and green tinsels fashionable set about. 955 more words

Still Wondering What CV or Resume Looks Like, Dear Friends?

Some friends still ask me about what kind of CV do I have, how to make a CV, what should be included into CV, this-and-that CV, et cetera. 730 more words

Do You Know?

The Price 

Behind the curtain

The door the box the future

Lies – which will you choose

Haiku Poetry

Technetronic Enslavement: Life Inside the Matrix of Control

by Patrick Henningsen, New DawnWaking Times

The march of modern progress has brought forth many advances for humanity, and yet man is lost. Technology, automation, and miniaturisation, along with the micro-processing revolution, allow things to happen that were unimaginable only ten years ago, let alone a century before. 930 more words


Future Unknown

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Waseem: The test...

At times, the unknown future changes so quickly and completely, that we’re left only with only the choice of what to do next. 2,163 more words