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Pie in the Sky

How do you think seniors are doing?

We Have Work To Do

Even if the actualization of a thought is distant or unlikely, there are times when some things have to be said. 716 more words


“The Future Starts Here” at the V&A

The V&A have put together a very interesting exhibition “The Future Starts Here”with some 100 objects selected to illustrate current trends and future possibilities. The exhibition, on until 4thNovember, is organised in five sections: Self, Public, Planet, Afterlife and “The Future is….”. 628 more words

SAMI Consulting

City Home Future

While searching YouTube for good film clips of cities in bygone decades, I found these two little gems.

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What is “The Future”?

By: Hani Eldalgamoni

Sunday, April 02, 2018


Sometimes looking too far makes us forget the present, the present is the one which makes the future; the future is the outcome of the present and not the past. 203 more words

Carpe Diem! What is in the menu today?

“Let us therefore set out whole-heartedly, leaving aside our many distractions and exert ourselves in this single purpose, before we realize too late the swift and unstoppable flight of time and are left behind. 630 more words


Changes Are Gonna Come...

I have been doing a lot of thinking-it-over in the past few weeks or so, concerning my own blog, the one in which you are looking at this very moment, KALEIDOSCOPE(www.j2w7.wordpress.com)…I had taken a look at the plans that WordPress offers in which you can upgrade your blog to a custom domain or something; However, I have not made any kind of decision as of yet concerning my blog’s future, so I would like to think it over some more, and when that time comes and if and when the price is right for me, then I shall be planning on boosting my own blog with a custom domain, and right afterwards, I hopefully make some kind of annoucement on those changes. 287 more words


Once Too Often Out Of Time

June 20, Mission Day 171, Deva Ichnida, Rescued And Reunited…

…with Professor Flamear, Mister Cresp, Judge Bulbous and Senator Pretyman. And making the acquaintance of a… 274 more words

Science Fiction