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The Future of Gym Battling

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Barring some rework of the gym mechanics, this current gym system is here to stay, and it is rather clear in the patterns it brings. 819 more words


The next job- so much is hazy

The unknown.   “It” will happen, thats for sure.  But what is “it?”  What will happen?  I’m faced with that today, and everyday (to be honest).  But today my thoughts reside with my future.  242 more words

Daily Prompt

Mass Communication Modifications

It’s undeniable that mass communication and journalism, in general, are changing at a pace that’s hard to believe. As we discussed in class, this change is good, bad, and everywhere in between for the process of educating and keeping the public informed. 372 more words

Creatives in profile: interview with Anne Beat Hovind, the curator of the Library of the Future

In Norway, a thousand trees have been planted in a forest just outside Oslo. In 100 years’ time, they will be used to make the paper for an anthology of books, which will form part of the so-called ‘ 3,925 more words


April 23rd's Poem

product of the metal

i can’t decide if living in the
age of technology
is good for me or not.

sure, on one hand,
countless advancements… 101 more words