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4 years

In 3 weeks’ time I travel north to visit the Lost Scot. After 4 long years, sleepless nights, fleeting phone calls and unreturned voicemails, the stage is being set for a sit down and talk, face to face to settle this struggle of hearts torn apart; to either renew something lost in that storm that seems like an eternity ago, or to finally heal old wounds, say good-bye, and leave it all to disappear into memory. 233 more words


Things aren’t really looking too good at the moment. To be honest, things haven’t been looking good for a while. We solely went to Norway because I was meeting up with someone at a newspaper there. 195 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 02: Where you would like to be in 10 years.

Well, in 10 years I will be 29, inching my way toward the 30 year mark I see myself teaching English and Literature to a local high school, maybe even moving out West like I’ve always wanted to. 63 more words

Well since you didn’t ask

Well since you didn’t ask

I think people would get along better if we didn’t have beliefs.
I think people would get along better if we didn’t have opinions. 26 more words


Mourning has broken?

I feel different now from a month ago, different from before my trip away. I’m less panicked and I’m more calm. The crippling fear that Iain’s going to die doesn’t sweep over me as it has regularly in the past 2.5 months making me shut my eyes and cry in panic. 838 more words


"Only Ever Yours" by Louise O'Neill (2014)

“The chastities keep asking me why I can’t sleep.”

I don’t ever like having to say the words, “I’m a feminist”. That’s not because I’m not one, because of course I am, but it’s merely that I don’t think it’s anything that needs to be said. 873 more words

Science Fiction

The Benefits Of Fidelity

We live in a world that has forgotten its foundations, and neglected those very things that could make it strong again. Many children are growing up today without really knowing their own father and some have never even met him. 580 more words