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I'm running for President and here's my platform.

I am coming to you today to talk about our future. For brief moments in time we have the distinct pleasure of sharing real estate on a rock that’s hurtling through space at 67,000 miles per hour travelling around a 5504.850ºC nuclear fusion engine. 1,685 more words


Heaven, hell and in between

I’ve been thinking about many things these days, but somehow I fail to put my thoughts into words. Maybe there have been way to many words already or my mind is just too messed up to catch the thought just when it’s sorted out. 366 more words

Street Photography

7 Videos About The Brave Future Of Medicine

When I receive questions about how healthcare and the practice of medicine will change due to the technological explosion we are living in, I like to be brave and assume that all stakeholders will move into the right directions if they are provided with guidance. 60 more words


Each time the send button is hit.  Every day when there is no reply.  Every week you get rejections through.

The life of online dating – actually its the life of job applications. 247 more words


Spring in September

Spring is officially (finally) here and today the weather was very much like Finland in September. This is very confusing, but also a bit amusing. In celebration of the last day of winter (or summer for you Northern hemisphere folks) I wrapped Christmas gifts to send home, and also received a package from Finland – my very first letter and goodies from mom since I left! 193 more words


Future Scenario Development [the beginning]

This was the first step in envisioning our future scenario for assessment 2.

We began by making a list of all the area’s of interest, these are outlined below: 66 more words


The people we help them become

Someone on Facebook posted an article from Forbes about how parental behaviour can prevent our children to become “the leaders they have the potential to be.” And while I do understand the idea of some (only some!) of the points the article makes, the fundamental message actually makes me angry and sick. 500 more words