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"The Map of AI Ethical Issues"

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To The Next One

“To the next one:
I hope you are gentle, and I hope that when your
knuckles brush my cheek so tenderly, I hope you
will see only smooth skin and ignore all my… 215 more words



I was an accident prone child. I don’t know whether it was the environment around me that was unsafe or just me testing the boundaries of what was, but burning myself, ┬ábreaking a bone or two and hurting myself enough to require stitches was pretty much par for course as a child. 348 more words


Medical Marijuana: The Future of Breast Cancer Therapy?

Many women are diagnosed with breast cancer and this deadly disease also affects their families. It is the most common malignant disease in Western women and statistics says it represents 22.9% of all cancer cases in women throughout the world. 32 more words


My disease is progressive meaning my life has dramatically changed over the years as my body is faced with more and more difficult adjustments. And even when my disease was not as challenging as it is now, I still saw others who weren’t disabled as being better than I was and with a perfect future that I could never have. 213 more words