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Time, Space, History, the Future, and More, Oh My!

What is it about stories that gets us so completely sucked into the storyline? There is no one thing that is universal, and I do believe that it will be different for everyone. 614 more words

Thought Of The Day

EFIERI -Monochrome Utopia.

EFIERI is the fashion brand of the twin designers Efi and Eri Melanidou. Their clothes are mostly inspired by Futurism, Minimalism, Avant-garde with emphasis on dark and fetishistic details.Having graduated with honors in 2012 from the Birmingham City University ‘s course of Fashion Design with Design for Performance, in 2013, they launched their brand “EFIERI” and their studio is located in Nicosia in Cyprus.  389 more words


Silence of Glyjun

The vast room was dark and quiet, save the repeated hum of machines. Screens and wires tangled with no beginning or end. From the doorway I could see far in, to the extreme right where Holo screens with unknown symbols. 776 more words

Writing Challenge


The mirage of future

hails from today

the sweet memory

of yester years

enlightened with fun

and frolic.

Oh! This is what I

have been waiting… 44 more words


OutRun 2019

Outrun 2019 is a racer developed by SIMS.  Taking place in the future where cars can go over 500 MPH with large jets on the back, Outrun plays just like the original but with different tracks, a more grittier setting, and over/under-passes! 185 more words


New Stories Out Now - The Miserable Planet #1 and #2.

A new series, The Miserable Planet is now available for free on Smashwords in multiple e-formats. Click the links below to read.

The Miserable Planet #1… 18 more words

Nature | Grande Canyon

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Description From Photographer if Any:

It’s a photo taken in the Grande Canyon without a lot of tourist there

By ZhihaoZhu

Source: 500px.com