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My reading habits, as of late, have been sorely lacking and it is rather disgraceful for someone who is known as a serious book reader. My attention span as suffered severely at the hands of my college experience – and the break I have had from it. 504 more words

Get Personalized - Marketing 10 years from Now

“Only 71 companies have survived out the 1955 Fortune-500 list” said a banner at one of the web portals. When I did a study on this, I found it to be true. 493 more words

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Diamond House by Formwerkz Architects

Designed by Formwerkz Architects this futuristic residence is situated in Sentosa – a well-liked island resort in Singapore.

Description by Formwerkz Architects The home alongside Cove Drive in Sentosa sits on a barely tapered website that confronted a person-made lake. Built…

Wooden spaceships in Saga, the graphic novel

Saga, Book One by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

See my last posts for story line details about this book.  It’s original, to say the least.  167 more words


Hello, 2301

Maybe it was just the drugs,
But the moon had zipped across the sky
As if in a hurry;
It rushed from her gaze
Replaced all too soon by the orb of the rising sun. 55 more words