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'Crimson Poison,' by Susan Moore.

In futuristic Hong Kong, Nat Walker (an orphan heiress) lives on a junk boat with her robot dragon and legal guardian.

Nat spends her time zooming through Hong Kong’s crowded highways on her slider (electronic hover board), racing between school, home and martial arts lessons. 183 more words

Page 4 - Chapter 2

Seven was having an incredibly hard time waking up. Every time he came close, pain would swamp him, and he would slip back into unconsciousness. When he finally woke up, he found that he was sore. 1,055 more words



Presenting WAYOR – a movie in 13D – entertainment at a price!

Stories From The Folds Of Life

Part 14: The Order of Writers, from 'She who Wrote the World' a novella

Stone walls seemed to hold the weight of a night that grew heavy with rain clouds. Muffled lights still dimly shone through drape covered windows.  Crystals pulsed around on either side of the sidewalk and precious gems were intermittently speckled into the cement fastenings for the stone ground.  768 more words

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This futuristic jet takes off vertically so you can keep it in your backyard

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Meet the TriFan 600.

Made by XTI Aircraft, the personal jet could change the way people travel with its ability to take off and land vertically. 368 more words


Part 13-Q&A with the Author, from 'She Who Wrote the World,' a novella

There are many questions I have asked in my encounters with her over the years; it is from her very mouth that our civilization has sprouted. 609 more words

Science Fiction

Preview: Hot Iron

On the piers of Neo-Chicago’s Chinatown district, an underwater explosion rocks the night. The NCPD’s media-blackout forces locals to take to the net to report and speculate on the event, but one woman alone is set to learn the truth. 257 more words