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‘Policebot Blues’: From 'Elusive Suspicions'

Having Jack Brewster sing “Policebot Blues” seemed like a natural fit, especially after watching From Here to Eternity for the umpteenth time. That one particular scene in the legendary 1953 movie, where real life country artist and innovator Merle Travis picks and sings “Reenlistment Blues,” in the character of a GI, has always been a personal favorite. 360 more words



Sector 39, Pegu Range, Myanmar :
        The lean tall bearded man drove his Pontiac through the forest, as his tyres struggled to get a grip. The digital speedometer showed 3 kms to go, and the compass showed a very straight way forward. 643 more words

39 Futuristic Kitchen Products You Had No Idea You Needed

Espresso Maker
You are going to buy this? Yes or No?
Espresso Maker Moka Pot Coffee Instructions Bialetti ® Red Moka 6-Cup Espresso Maker The Art of drinking Espresso-finding the perfect tazza… 24 more words

Transhuman Rebirth

If we remove the need we have of each other with regards to procreation of our species in these impendingly close transhuman times , for instance sperm banks replacing men and artificial wombs would replace women taking the role of giving birth ( Or even cloning doing this job in the not too distant future ) , also maybe other futuristic ways would be invented that could produce babies in factorys , then our conforming views of male and female gender would slowly disappear . 56 more words


Two thousand and 84

“What is freedom?” she asked.
“It’s more than an absence of imperial domination,” he explained, eyes glowing in the dim lit cell.
“It’s something you must have inside, in your head, before you can live it, before you can give it to others. 385 more words


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Voithos 2.1.1

Day 20 Assignment

As I remember it seems so long ago. The world from my perspective was so different from the world I knew in my previous investment in formal education, I literally was ill-prepared. 1,085 more words

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