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Preview: Into Her Darkness

Coming Next Week: Into Her Darkness

Crystal Ferguson has been homeless since she turned 18. Abandoned by her parents, her friends, and life, her downward spiral has been mirrored by a society that cast her out. 377 more words

Holodeck Coming Soon?

If I could choose just one piece of science fiction technology to become reality in my lifetime, it would be the holodeck from Star Trek.  477 more words


Galactic Menace at the PRESSURE POINT--Review and a FREE Book!

Hi there! I’m excited to share a review for a new space-opera, sci-fi novel from Adam Quinn. PRESSURE POINT is the second book in his Drive Maker series, and you’ll need to read… 754 more words


Leesandra 7

Another compartment flung open, Leesandra looked inside. The Visor sat staring at her in its cushioned box. It was the same recycled one she was given every time she requested it. 533 more words


Hello Word Press

To anyone who stumbles upon my blog,


My name is Sammi, I’m an aspiring author. I’m working on a fantasy novel involving romance, action, futuristic time periods and Greek gods. 45 more words


Stories: Kerebra, 3

Asherdia rose up before them like a mirage, a low-lying shimmer of black in the midst of an endless sea of white. After hours of progress it took on definite form, the outlines of the individual buildings angular and foreboding against the featureless white beyond. 2,491 more words


Feeling lighter...

More specifically 10,000 words lighter. I had two assignments due in today, both 5000 words, but I think it is the most calm I have ever been when submitting an essay! 3,234 more words