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From ReadFilm: "Review: 'Westworld' (1973)"

Westworld; Director: Michael Crichton; UK Distributor: CIC. Country: USA.

Due to the popularity of the contemporary Westworld TV series, I thought that now would be a good opportunity to expose the 1973 film, of which the series is “inspired” by. 605 more words


Please Go To Gate 4

We’re in Interplanetary Departures today. Another image inspired once again by Icewolf’s post, this was created in PowerPoint as usual. Some shapes were created and 3D adapted, others were just used as they were. 102 more words


Thinking Beyond The Box





During WW2
Mentality of people
‘You a Nazi-st?’ Asked the one.
‘No’ replied the other.
‘Ah, then you should be fascist !’
After WW2
Mentality of people… 38 more words


3 - Apple Candy

“Is it okay now, Cry?”

“I think so, but it is still itching everywhere in my body.”

“You did not say that before,” I said in grumble, “so we still have to go in the store anyway, right?” 555 more words


Didn't finish a chapter in time #7

So I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks. Was kind of surprised that I actually got a Leesandra out, not last week, the week before. 1,435 more words