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Thickness of new coating changes its color

New materials with a network-like structure create a full spectrum of intense colors and highly scratchproof coating for metals.

The lower layer of the designer material is a metallic network perforated by tiny cavities and made of an alloy of platinum, yttrium, and aluminum. 546 more words

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Bombs aren’t wildlife’s biggest threat in a war

In conflict zones, the most common killers of wildlife are not guns and bombs, but breakdowns in institutions, societies, and economies.

Societal upheaval during armed conflict drives unsustainable patterns of natural resource use that may have long legacies. 764 more words

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Food from storage messes with honey bee gut microbes

The availability of nutritious pollen has decreased over the past decade. Researchers suspect that what honey bees eat is disrupting the bacterial communities that reside in their gut—and, in turn, negatively affecting their health. 609 more words

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Annotations are teaching algorithms about classical music

The composer Johann Sebastian Bach left behind an incomplete fugue upon his death, either as an unfinished work or perhaps as a puzzle for future composers to solve. 838 more words

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Gut bacteria linked to motor skills in Parkinson’s

Scientists have discovered for the first time a functional link between bacteria in the intestines and Parkinson’s disease.

Changes in the composition of gut bacterial populations—or possibly gut bacteria themselves—are actively contributing to, and may even cause, the deterioration of motor skills that is the hallmark of this disease. 847 more words

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Why some animals look showy but others play it safe

Why do some animals have extravagant, showy ornaments—think elk and deer antlers, peacock feathers, and horns on dung beetles—that can be a liability to survival? 745 more words

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Young guys may think preventing HPV is ‘women’s work’

Public messages have tended to reinforce perceptions that human papillomavirus, or HPV, was a “woman’s issue,” according to research on how gender affects perceptions of sexual health responsibilities. 512 more words

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