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Incite or Insight?

Enda Kenny’s St.Patrick Days trip to the U.S. costs the taxpayer €35,000” read the headline in this newspaper article I read at the weekend. 268 more words

Greg Canty

The importance of remembering people's names

Early on in my professional career, I learned how important it is to get names right and here I will give you my simple tips to help you get them right too. 608 more words

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Boojum Mania

Our client Boojum is due to open in Cork this week…and the excitement is Cork is well and truly building.

Late last month the Boojum team came to town and caused a major buzz as they travelled around in their branded cars filled with Boojum goodies. 222 more words

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Wishing your time away..

It’s Monday morning, we struggle out of bed and it’s off to work – the clouds are hovering over our heads. We have the Monday morning blues.. 159 more words

Greg Canty

New Year, Same Me… (But how can we really change?)

So how are those resolutions going?

You know the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions – To lose weight, eat healthy, go to the gym, give up cigarettes, drink less, etc. 464 more words

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New friends are Silver, old ones are Gold

Maybe it’s a sign of brighter economic times, maybe it’s a reflection of past experiences with us; whatever it is, I love to see our clients return. 481 more words

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The Art of Possibility - I had a great 2017 because..

For the last few years I have been doing this simple little exercise at the start of the year to help me get focused around things that are important both personally and professionally. 544 more words

Greg Canty