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Blogging and PR – Top Tips

I was recently asked to speak at one of the National Blogging conferences that was held in Cork.

As a blogger myself (www.thebeautydial.com) and a PR account Manager at… 333 more words

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Where are you sitting at the table?

Can you sit us at a good table this time?“…I could hear that familiar question being asked.

Years ago we used take a very glamorous fashion and beauty event on tour around the country – I kid you not! 511 more words

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But what if someone says something wrong?

I was in the middle of a social media training session with the senior team of a client and Mick, who was one of the elder statesmen in the group asked a question. 623 more words

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Manners maketh the business woman!

When did you last send someone a ‘thank you’ card?

I, for one, can’t remember my last time sending one and I’d forgotten what a lovely surprise it is to receive such a card until this morning. 439 more words

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Saying the right thing at the right time

Saying the right thing at the right time is a huge skill.

The team need motivating, the meeting needs cooling, a big point needs to be made, a situation needs rescuing, a group needs convincing, the proposal needs selling ..whatever the situation its important to say the right thing and deliver it in a manner that connects with your audience and has the impact you desire. 829 more words

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Facing the Music 

Week after week I watched the pre and post-match interviews.

As a lifelong Liverpool FC fan I’ve been concerned about the team’s loss of form and I am glued to each of those interviews to see what our manager, … 532 more words

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Dyson - Rising to the Customer Service Challenge

Back in January our Dyson vacuum cleaner packed up and we were more than happy to replace it with another one. It’s a brand I really believe in, so much so that I wrote a blog about it called ‘ 591 more words

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