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What we do when no one is looking…

Rob runs Café Velo, one of the loveliest breakfast and lunch cafes here in Cork, Ireland. When I’m there, it’s as if I’ve walked back in time to when I lived in the 15th arrondissement in Paris. 410 more words

Fuzion PR

Attracting the first customers 

The shoulder season must be a big challenge for those working in the hospitality industry as there are customers out there but not quite as many as in high season. 447 more words

Greg Canty

A great customer ethos

It was just another day and just another cafe and I ordered just another cup of coffee.

How many times have I done this in my lifetime? 253 more words

Greg Canty

MAGA and simple messages

What in the name of God is MAGA?

Of course it is an acronym for “Make America Great Again” used for hashtag purposes by… 432 more words

Greg Canty

Customer Loyalty - Who is rewarding who?

You can see it all starting to change – things are getting better and inevitably the prices are starting to creep up and the special deals are disappearing. 401 more words

Greg Canty

A week off and the "not to be missed" opportunity 

For once this year for a few reasons we still hadn’t taken a break and we planned a week off in beautiful Valentia, Co.Kerry.

Just before our time off a good opportunity came through to us. 428 more words

Greg Canty

Do we have a hunger for bad guys?

At the moment we seem to have an insatiable appetite for the bad guys – this often seems to start with the media, with us happily jumping on the bandwagon, lapping up all of the attention grabbing and often sensationalist headlines accepting all of what is being said without question. 454 more words

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