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Skijoring: The Only Winter Sport Where Sled Dogs are the Lamest Possible Option

I think we can all safely agree that puppies are awesome, especially big, fluffy, high-energy, winter-loving puppies.

So how awesome does a sport have to be for sled dogs to be the  418 more words

Fuzzy Ponies

Good News: Snobby Art Critics Like Ponies Too

I recently had the opportunity to attend a contemporary and modern art show in Chicago with one of my girlfriends, which I then didn’t write about for weeks because traveling for even a weekend throws my work schedule into panic mode these days. 270 more words

Fuzzy Ponies

Fuzzy Bear Filler: Not Fuzzy Ponies

Well, as you all know by now, the last few days have been filler posts, because your humble blogger is off on vacation. And since that vacation is in the wilderness of California, your humble blogger will either be back tomorrow (probably fairly late in the day), or has already been eaten by a bear. 138 more words

Fuzzy Ponies

Fuzzy Pony Filler

As promised on Friday, here are some fuzzy ponies to enjoy while the staff of MA101 (re: me) goes on vacation:




And, just for good measure, what has to be closest thing I’ve ever seen to a fuzzy pony glamour shoot: 14 more words

Fuzzy Ponies

My Little Pony and the "Fuzzy Ponies" Image Market

As long-time readers will know, one of this blog’s preferred forms of off-day filler is fuzzy pony pictures. (And this is relevant, because your blogger will in fact be gone for the next several days, meaning you get filler content from now until Wednesday June 26). 189 more words

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Fuzzy Pony Filler: Beer Pony

I’m on the road today, so here’s some fuzzy pony filler for you, courtesy of a friend and former co-worker who encourages my pony obsession shamelessly: 92 more words

Fuzzy Ponies

Obscure and Adorable: Baby Takin

Did you know that there is a subfamily of creatures known as goat-antelopes? Scientific naming at its most creative! They are creatures that kind of look like goats, but also a little like antelopes. 546 more words

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