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When your vice principal is a little too much like HAL…

Middle school is no fun in a world where standardized testing determines everything.   (This is supposed to be the future, a time when tweens and teens reference slang from fifty years ago like “awesome, bro.”)  Vice Principal Barbara is an automated administrator, charged with monitoring everyone and everything:  students, teachers, hallway behavior, the all-important test scores.  152 more words

Book Review

Influence 3.07

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Through the long span of human history, sports and religion have both served as the primary conflict metaphors through which humanity has identified with the world, oscillating in ascendancy like twin stars ever chasing each other around a gravity well, athletics gaining in popularity during times of relative peace, religion in times of war. 3,199 more words


The Morose Mononokean Episode 12


For the first time this series has decided to actually take a problem seriously and drag it out. While it almost seems certain that everything will be fine by the end of next episode, it was nice to see the characters we’ve met over the season rallying to solve Ashiya’s problem. 155 more words


Missing hugs

As I am sitting here on the train, after a long day at work, I just want some hugs. I just want to feel the warmth of a human body, a reassurance that I’m indeed alive and walking. 223 more words

Personal Stories

Influence 3.06

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Kid surveyed the clumps of clustered claptrap and wove a path toward the skylight, 24 paired panes of glass, a dozen on each side, the tented peak reaching about as high as Kid’s chin. 2,628 more words


Baby Blood Vessel Detection Using Fuzzy Logic Optimization


Health is a basic need of every human being. Therefore it is necessary that adequate health care facilities. PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital of Yogyakarta is one of the important places for people who experience a disruption in her health. 105 more words

Dian Budhi Santoso

Fuzzy Lemonade - Starbuzz

Fuzzy Lemonade used to be one of my go-to flavors. It was thick cut, unwashed, and tasted slightly reminiscent of Trix cereal. The smoke was unreal; one of the thickest cloud producing shishas I had ever experienced. 211 more words