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Too busy to post trades yesterday, not much just some clean up.

SWKS rolled 102 and 104 puts for 1 DTE and 7 DTE for 0.94 and 0.60 credits. 173 more words


#Fuzzy #SyntheticStock – I’ll take shot since @Iceman pointed this out. Big squeeze on the daily with 50ma turning up. Decent weekly premium as well. Earnings in two weeks… 31 more words

NFLX Earnings

#Earnings -Thanks @Jeff for the reminder. Taking a page out of my “Turbocharge Your Fuzzy” post from last week. Looking at NFLX…where would I be happy setting up a #Fuzzy or a #SyntheticStock position? 67 more words


#fuzzy #syntheticstock BTC Jan19 89call $0.05 STO Jan 9 $0.51… STO Jan26 90call $0.49..
Core is Jun 85/85/82 $5.78….$0.40 per week to cover max loss.


#Fuzzy – BTC MU Jan19’18 45 calls for 0.03, sold for 0.31.  Looking to sell for next week.

STO EXAS Jan26’18 51.5 calls for 0.80

Jan 18

Not a lot to report here. The SPY double #Fuzzy performed well today (but really, and @hcgdavis already knows this, it’s just kind of a glorified double calendar–I doubt it will stay in the toolbox. 254 more words

SteadyOptions Trial

Taking a free 10 day trial here. Been following him awhile on Twitter and seems to do pretty good. Specializes in buying pre-earnings straddles. Maybe I can stumble on to something here that we can use…similar to some Whiz trades that eventually became the #SyntheticStock and #Fuzzy trades here. 36 more words