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Once upon time, there was a world without Kardashians. (what is that like?) A place where fashion boundaries were set and constantly broken, where Kate Moss smoked her bodyweight in cigarettes, a world painted by brown eye shadow and shimmery lip gloss – a culture of socks and sandals. 489 more words

Win a Fuzzy Business Poster!

This is a contest for fans of my Fuzzy Business book series.  You can WIN a beautifully-printed 11″x 17″ poster of the first Fuzzy Business… 78 more words

"Queen" FUZZY ft. Dazer & Grindz [MV] | "Maybe Its You" PNO ft. Fuzzy

Written by J. Johnson

Fuzzy is one of those artists that uses his unique voice to speak his actions. Even though actions do speak louder you feel that through the words of Fuzzy. 294 more words


My 2016 Valentines Day Essentials/Favorites!!

Hey guys! It’s Audrey here, and today I will be doing an essentials post! But not just any essentials… MY VALENTINES DAY ESSENTIALS!! By the way, I will not be adding pictures to it because some of the stuff I don’t have with me right now, but I have had them from past Valentines days! 364 more words

more green with a splash of white...

Someone questioned me about the lack of snow…we have lots, but I’ve not been able to venture out to take photos , so for now I will post photos I’ve taken in the past few years. 9 more words

Heather Cote Photography