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Ashley Benson - #fuzzy...

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Ashley Benson – #fuzzy…

Engage 4.02

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The asymmetry of the one-leg launch rotated Kid in flight just enough that the heel of one foot clipped the wall as he cleared the alley, flipping him face first out of his brief freedom of flight into a skidding sprawl as he crashed across the roof, sliding and rolling until he slammed up against the wall of the stair access. 3,312 more words


Newborn Swaddles? 

Swaddles, those sacks of clothing that wrap around your child. Did you know that they are the perfect way to set a newborn to sleep? … 320 more words


Engage 4.01

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Kid charged around the corner, slinging his bag across his shoulders, eyes wide and darting about the small space left to him. With no more than the quickest scan Kid dropped his weight low over his bent knee, planting his foot firm beneath himself as he launched in stride at the wall to his left, near foot planting flat against the wall and thrusting him back in the opposite direction at the hand-high wall, topped with a handrail, bounding the narrow walkway while leaving it exposed to the elements. 2,343 more words


Implementing Fuzzy Sets in SQL Server, Part 4: From Fuzzy Unions to Fuzzy Logic

By Steve Bolton

…………Fuzzy set relations carry an added layer of complexity not seen in ordinary “crisp” sets, due to the need to derive new grades for membership in the resultset from the scores in the original sets. 4,044 more words

SQL Server

I was Useful today!

Something Exciting happened today! I took food to the Gnomes.

That was Useful. But it was not Exciting. I will tell you the Exciting thing now. 669 more words

Hi From Bud Mushroom