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It’s hard to articulate this feeling. It’s a feeling that I often get when I’m sick, like today. It’s like a constant buzzing in my head, except instead of a noise it’s a feeling. 375 more words


Out There Sounds For The New World Episode 1

I’m starting a new vein of posts whose purpose is to share the most interesting new songs & sonic experiements available.  This first post in this new series will explore some remarkable avant-garde & experimental gems from this year’s February Album Writting Month challenge. 247 more words


Utimi Under Bed Restraint System Review

Utimi Under Bed Restraint System Furry Wrist and Ankle Cuffs Bondage with Adjustable Straps

I LOVE THIS RESTRAINT KIT!! I have rather varied tastes when it comes to the bedroom and I enjoy exploring that with my husband. 340 more words


On Being Tired and How to Wake Yourself the F Up

I intended on writing a completely different post for today. Likely because I intended to be in a completely different mindset while writing. But I did not and I am not. 782 more words

Life Journey


Don’t you just love company? I mean regardless of who it is there is something just great about it. Someone who wants to just hang out with you, as a person, enjoying being around you. 128 more words

Bear your Whiskers

What’s this fuzzy thing?  It’s fur me….let’s see?  Oh…..it’s really a pile of fur……you can give it to Kali….I feel like sharing.  I don’t want to try it on…ok….if I have to.                                                                 7 more words

A Goat at the Masquerade

I would like to invite you all now to join me at a very peculiar party. All the other guests in attendance are wearing masks. You get the sense that such a thing is expected at this party. 351 more words