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Express Post

I had to walk twice to the shops. Twice! Is this what hubris feels like?


Brah-Brahmp, Brah-Bumph Brah-Bumph

This is how I want my childhood to be remembered–factual accuracy be DAMNED.

BLATANT PLUG: Have you checked out my new website, Prosimian Media? It’s where I’m launching a bunch of new projects! 13 more words


NaBloPoMo Day 5: something I never thought I'd want to knit

I am going to skip over my apologies for missing yesterday. Clearly, this is not going to manage to be a daily event.

There are a lot of patterns out there for knitted skirts. 128 more words

the problem with non-wool

First order of business, I finished something!

It’s lovely and I really enjoyed knitting it. I expect to make another one some day.

I also cast on for a Clapo-Ktus. 198 more words



We live in a fast world. At 25, I am already halfway through my second year at my first job as a consultant. I wanted to be a racer. 213 more words


NaBloPoMo Day 7: is this a knitting blog?

In the past week I have talked about fabric, chickens, studying, and baking bread. Oh, and yarn. I have not talked about knitting. I don’t think I’ve actually done much knitting in the past week. 248 more words


NaBloPoMo Day 19: more books, progress photos

This morning, Cookie and I did this:

I think she said she had 240 books signed and padded and I put them in envelopes, she and I taped them and I labeled a few before I had to go off to pick up the kids. 329 more words

Knitting Pictures