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Our post chart as pick of the day by FXCM!

Very proud to be the pick of the day by FXCM on trading view! Thank you !


FXCM | Complete Analysis of FXCM Broker - FXHQ.COM

Founded in 1999, FXCM Review and in depth analysis of FXCM Forex Broker Trading Platform & Features Headquartered in New York, NY.

FXCM: Infographic Design

After consulting with the FXCM team to grade the usability of their marketing site, and a follow-up project to design a new information architecture and user experience, I was presented with an opportunity to design an infographic that would live in the education center as one-stop sell for both new and on-the-fence Forex traders. 259 more words

Regulators (Finally) Get Around to Cleaning Up Israel's Forex Market

After tabling regulation of companies offering trading in foreign currencies (forex) and related derivatives, the Israel Securities Authority has finally issued rules to rein in the heretofore  643 more words

Israel Securities Authority

FXCM Inc. and GAIN Capital – Strong Q4 2014 Metrics

Both FXCM Inc. (“FXCM”) and GAIN Capital release monthly operating metrics – ahead of the results announcements in the industry this can provide useful insights into recent levels of market activity. 344 more words


FXCM Inc. – Planning to Forgive c. US$90 million of Negative Client Balances

There was an interesting announcement yesterday from FXCM Inc. (“FXCM”), a specialist online provider of forex trading and related services, whereby they are planning to forgive “approximately 90% of its clients who incurred negative balances” in relation to the recent extreme movement in the Swiss Franc. 349 more words



上兩星期瑞士央行突然將瑞士法郎跟歐元脫勾,一瞬間對美金升值30%。就算你無留意這段新聞,都應該讀到獅子銀行當日的網上銀行出了錯,人家瑞郎急升了但客人在 internet banking 都仍然可以以未升值的超筍價買瑞郎,仲要有足足兩小時可以慢慢買!唔知有無朋友發到這一筆橫財呢?


放眼望遠一點,在太平洋彼岸的美國,薄有名氣的外匯商 FXCM,因為客戶炒燶瑞郎所以差點暴斃,幸得 Leucadia (LUK) 出手相助,借三億美金周轉,不過條件就辣啦:兩年期,年息 10% 起,每過一季就加息 1.5%,最多加到 20.5%!擺明想食咗人隻車!

FXCM 一出事,隻股票20號開市,股價就由前一日的 $12.6 gap down 到 $1.58,直插近 90% 無水花!我睇到眼都凸埋,但貪心的我有覺得好抵買喎!當然,炒了這幾年股票知道接 falling knife 是找死的行為,所以我又不太敢買。 37 more words

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