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The Shanghai Carnage

Over the weekend markets had a tremendous fall, not just on the U.S. front but practically all markets are suffering. Monday morning, Dow futures are projected down around 600 points (about 3.8%) while S&P 500 futures are projected down about 70 points (about 3.4%). 453 more words


10 Things to Consider About the Recent Market Panic

Everyone seems to be guessing about the future and near-term expectations after the recent market panic. The first thing that needs to be considered is that trying to call a bottom in a market is generally a guessing game, and sometimes it can feel like trying to catch falling daggers dropped off a skyscraper. 857 more words


"I think this is a song of hope ..." Robert Plant Live Stairway to Heaven

The S&P 500 has been climbing a stairway to Heaven ..

folks coming into 2015 we had some pretty strong patterns appearing. ┬ásome worked and some didn’t – isn’t that what we expect? 705 more words

Making Sense Of The China Stock Roller Coaster

The China stock market continues to move like a roller coaster. After rallying by over +150% from last July to this June, it dropped by -35% in less than a month through early July. 73 more words

Market Outlook

How Chinese ETFs Reacted to the Market

The broad markets in the U.S. opened lower Monday morning, not from a weakness in the earnings season or even a huge dip in commodities. In fact it was an… 211 more words