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After the Parks and Rec series finale I can’t handle the Workaholics and Man Seeking Woman schlock this week, and my viewings of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia  364 more words


Check Out Aisha Tyler's High School Photo That Inspired This Week's 'Archer'

On this week’s very appropriately-titled episode of Archer, “The Kanes,” Lana finally brings baby Abbiejean home to meet her parents, and that means that Sterling Archer is coming with them. 203 more words


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Mac Kills His Dad

You know things are especially bad when Frank is the least fucked-up parent in sight. As It’s Always Sunny pretty much has the market cornered on extreme levels of fucked-up-ness, this week’s episode (hilariously titled “Mac Kills His Dad”) is a perfect mix of terrible parenting and desperation. 789 more words


Mac kills his dad on 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Season 10 | Episode 7 | “Mac Kills His Dad” | Aired Feb 25, 2015

5:05 p.m. On a Monday. Philadelphia, PA.

On this dark episode of… 650 more words

Top-Ten Tuesday: Dennis' Best Moments

Arguably the most vein member of the gang, Dennis Reynolds would probably consider everything he did to be one of his best moments. While he’s clearly not as great of a person as he thinks he is, he definitely has had some hysterically memorable moments throughout the course of the  817 more words



I don’t really post personal stuff on here because it’s obviously not a blog about me. However, on Saturday morning I was in a pretty bad car accident and I just thought I’d write a little something about my experience. 402 more words


Season 10, Episode 6 Review: The Gang Misses the Boat

Man cheetahs, mesh shirts, and def poetry in last nights episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


The episode starts off with the gang on their way to catch a boat that’s hosting an exclusive party. 849 more words