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Mr. McGibletts Makes a Comeback

Mr. McGibletts was a household favorite back in the day. He’s been through a lot. He’s been puked on… peed on… and I’m pretty sure both dogs have chewed on him as well. 53 more words

Feud: Bette and Joan

I wanted to write a review last week about FXX Feud: Bette and Joan, however, I needed to temper my excitement with part 1 with the question: Was it going to continue into part 2? 705 more words

TV Talk

FX Drops Nine New 'Archer' 'Newsreels' And Everybody Has Amnesia

As we all know, working with, around, or near Sterling Archer, and especially being Sterling Archer, for any length of time inevitably leads to head trauma… 193 more words


'It's Always Sunny' Found A Way To Keep Growing (And Grow Up?), Even In Season 12

It feels strange to wonder if a show is growing up when it aired an episode two months ago that featured a character pretending to have AIDS to cut in line at a water park. 1,155 more words


Daily Cartoon! ARCHER: S.5, E.1: "White Elephant"

Welcome back to the Friday edition of the Daily Cartoon! I apologize that this is coming already late in the day, but sometimes these things happen. 1,045 more words


'Archer' Bogarts A 'Cigarette' And Brings Back A Running Gag In Some Hilarious New Promos

Archer is headed back in time for season 8, with an arc called “Dreamland,” where he’s a Sam Spade-inspired detective, Woodhouse is his unfortunate dead partner, Lana’s a femme fatale, and Ray apparently isn’t allowed to smoke up with his fellow jazz musicians. 187 more words


Legion: Not Quite an X-men spin-off, but Quite Possibly, Something Better

FX has been putting out original premium content since 2002, with a string of successful hit shows under their belt, such as: Justified, American Horror Story… 616 more words