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Dennis Reynolds: A Psychotic Life

All the members of the gang in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have their issues, and all could certainly be argued to be fairly antisocial in nature. 471 more words


All The Times Rafi Was A Complete Pervert And An Awful Houseguest On 'The League'

His brother-in-law, Ruxin, calls him a “homeless, ethnic Santa Claus.” He’s pure, unadulterated id. His best friend is a porn director known as Dirty Randy. He’s known as El Cunado. 962 more words


'Devastatingly Funny': Steve Rannazzisi (Kevin) From 'The League' Reflects On The Show's Final Season

It might have been hard to believe – in a good way – when the show first debuted, but The League is entering its seventh (and final) season. 1,917 more words


I Can't Tell if It's the Best or the Worst

I don’t know what it was about You’re the Worst that compelled me to watch the entire first season. Much like the show’s central relationship, what started as a flirtation/distraction from my other show commitments suddenly morphed into my going to Hulu only to watch it. 559 more words


Smokin' On that Papaya

She rubbing all on them titties like my name was Biggie
But I don’t know no Diddy, I got that Dirty Money with me
Got some Bobby and that Whitney, for Christina and Brittney… 15 more words


Just Watch It: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

 I’M BACK!!!

As a lot of you may know, during the Summer, Television sucks. Aside from Game of Thrones and some Netflix original series, everything else is fairly forgettable. 332 more words


Get Your Fantasy Football Game Face On With These Lines From 'The League'

For the past six seasons, FX’s The League has shown its characters scheming, pranking, trash-talking, and constant attempts to undermine one another. With so much back-stabbing, it’s a little too easy to forget that the only thing that keeps these characters coming back to one another is their fantasy football league. 975 more words