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Is this feminism? You're the Worst S2:E5

I’m currently mid-move and full on frazzled, so I’m not sure if that colored my opinion of episode 5, but yikes. Prepare for some negativity. 397 more words

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You're the Worst: Bojack Horseman Reruns for the Slow Watchers and Over-Indulgent

It’s unclear at what point in this week’s You’re the Worst did the FXX comedy’s season-and-a-half’s worth of similarities to Bojack Horseman, Netflix’s animated horseplay romp, boil over into something approaching the subversive . 502 more words


'You're The Worst' Recap: Improv, Feminism, and 'NCIS: LA'

“We Can Do Better Than This” is an apt title for this episode, in which practically everyone clumsily tries to be better: better at work, better at feminism, better at an improv hobby, better at life. 676 more words


'You're the Worst' roundtable: What just happened?

Season 2 | Episode 5 | “We Can Do Better Than This” | Aired Oct 7, 2015

Each week, EW Community contributors chat about the newest episode of… 1,311 more words

I Scream for Scream Queens

Scream Queens. To me, it is one of the most popular shows that has just been released. This show’s first episode is absolutely abrupt. How? A woman gives birth to a baby during a party, might I mention in a bathtub (which is disgusting and unsanitary), and dies shortly after being left alone from her friends. 346 more words


Irreconcilable Differences. You're the Worst S2:E4

Hi, everyone!

It is that time of week again (Thursday-ish), so I’m back to talk about You’re the Worst. “All About That Paper” was a series high point for me. 403 more words

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