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fydhws ~ The Sound (four movements in the key of D)

It’s been a long time since we’ve reviewed the work of Kristijan Petreski,  the multi-guised Macedonian composer.  At that time, he was also known as Sferi. 360 more words

Richard Allen

SEQUENCE7 by Future Sequence

from Future Sequence web site:

This is the seventh edition in the SEQUENCE experimental music compilation series. Curated from artist submissions over a six week period, this release differs from its predecessors in length and selection process. 116 more words

Sound Prescription

fydhws - 9

The album is meant to be played without pauses in between tracks but as one continuous flow of the 9 movements:

|1| Pervade!
|2| Nothing is what it used to be, and yet everything is still the same… 12 more words


Moonshine Blues - Between Dusk and Dawn

Between Dusk and Dawn is collaborative release of two musicians from different countries, bc_ranger (also Endless Melancholy) from Ukraine and fydhws (also Sferi, … 50 more words

Sound Prescription

Review: fydhws - Eden i Dva (2010)

From Recent Music Heroes blogspot.

/Drone, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Post-rock, Conceptual, Epic, Minimalism, Guitar ambient, Ambient drone, Ambient noise/

Comment: fydhws is the favorite musician of mine from Macedonia (I do not want to exploit the derogatory combination of certain initials and dots to have used generally for hinting at that former Yugoslavian country). 123 more words


The Sound/Video Experiment

Goal: The audio&video track should recreate the same effect, when played normal and backwards (palindrome). Video is generated using winamp milk drop.

(note: don’t know if this kind of experiments are done before, if so, link to the artist(s) would be useful)


Apskaft Presents: Battleship Potemkin

A soundtrack for Sergei Eisenstein’s Battleship Potemkin (1925). The film with the Apskaft score can be downloaded or streamed from the Internet Archive. The score can be be downloaded from… 6 more words

Sound Prescription