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Buses for FYE

On friday, a guest came in an talked to us more about the bus system here, which I now really aprecciate. I learned many things after his presentation. 123 more words

First Week Experience

My first week here at Kent has been an interesting one. This is a series of firsts and everything is brand new. I was a bit of a nervous wreck for a bit thinking of going away to college. 308 more words

Places to go & People to see!

Student Multimedia Studio:

  • Located on the 1st floor of the Kent State library
  • Phone number: 330-672-1848
  • Hours:
    • Monday- Thursday: 9am- 9pm
    • Friday: 9am- 5pm
    • Saturday: 12pm- 5pm…
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FYE: Places to Go and People to See

The Kent State University Library is the center for student resources. It is located at 1125 Risman Drive, right across from the Student Center.

In the library, you can find the Student Multimedia Studios (SMS) on the first floor. 468 more words


Scavenger Hunt

At the women’s center help such as emotional and mental health, social issues, work-life balance help is all resources provided through that program.

The Uumbaji Gallery is helping inform and widen culture through a gallery on campus and give you the knowledge on global Africa and their diasporas.

Resources on Campus

I.L.L. Article e-delivery


Kent State University Library

Allows students on campus and off campus access to all of the articles that are in the library. 260 more words