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Checking In: Challenges and Expectations

As you go through college people have many expectations of you and you face many challenges.  These last couple weeks have definitely been difficult to juggle, but that means it can only get easier.   475 more words


Common Core

As an art major I mostly take art classes to learn about the things I want to do for the rest of my life.  But I will also need some of the common core classes that teach me math skills, english skills, and learning about human culture in humanities because we use these skills in everyday life. 306 more words


Blue Hell

by Andrea Dorbu

You woke up extra early this morning to pick out the perfect outfit for the first day of your freshman year. As One Direction blasts from the radio, you carefully do your hair in the mirror, making sure to avoid any strays and eagerly apply a liberal amount of makeup because Mom just allowed you to start wearing it only a few months ago. 2,308 more words

Creative Nonfiction


An academic challenge I’ve faced is procrastination. I’ve always done this, but now that I’m in college it’s even easier! Someone can just txt you and you can hang out no doubt! 187 more words


The First Week Struggle.

The first week was a lot harder then I expected. I didn’t realize my drawing class that’s at 7:45am would catch up to me so quickly. 84 more words


Midterm Check In

I have not been facing many major personal challenges this semester. Luckily, I was able to assimilate to college life relatively well. The one big challenge I have been facing has been making time for myself. 210 more words