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JYE DSO Shell 150 diy oscilloscope kit

SUMMARY: The JYE DSO Shell 150 is a very portable, fun to build and fun to use oscilloscope. Don’t expect super specs, sample rate is 1M/s and analog bandwith is 200kHz. 545 more words


FYE Manifesto

A manifesto is defined as a public declaration of policy and aims. Popular before an election written by a political party or candidate. With that being said, the three main points that resonate with in me An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth by Bruce Mau go as follows: 263 more words


An incomplete manifesto for growth

  • Travel more – I believe that it is so important to create the best and most adventurous life for yourself. Its good to broaden your horizons and go out and experience life to its fullest.
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A lot of freshman and sophomore year is spent taking different core classes that don’t have much to do with your actual major. However, a lot of these core classes provide helpful insight to the real world and job application skills that you would need with whatever job you end up doing. 452 more words


Incomplete Maifesto of Growth

The pursuit of art, to me, is the pursuit of creating anything. Doodling on your paper, inventing, simply thinking in your own way . Any thought that is original to you, is art. 345 more words


Identity Circle

What I include in my identity circle that is important to me is that, I am an artist, female, athlete, and make-up enthusiast. These four things are important to me because it’s part of who I am as a person and these things make me happy. 181 more words



This past week in class we did an activity that has to do with what you identify with and/or who you identify as. Once we were able to establish what we identify with we were to come up with pros and cons of each component of us.   340 more words