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is buying physical cds still a thing?

In 2018, people aren’t buying music the same way as the were in the last decade. In those days people would actively go out and buy CDs. 579 more words

MRKT 327 - Digital Marketing

London Toyfair Reveals: Masters of the Universe PSH

For reveal number two we have some new Pintsize Heroes – and it’s none other than Masters of the Universe!

Exclusive versions of Faker, Evil-Lyn and Stratos will be available from FYE. 14 more words


Available Now: Groot With Cyber Eye

Groot with Cyber Eye is now available exclusively in FYE stores and over at fye.com, which is joining the popular Guardians of the Galaxy line which is likely to see future additions in the coming months. 11 more words


My MultiCultural Self- FYE

Female athlete artist creator
1.)A time I was very proud to identify with one of my descriptors was being a female in this time period. We are living in the era of a woman’s rights movement, where woman are now standing up even more than before for simple things we deserve such as equal pay. 54 more words

My Multicultural Self

I am bisexual, but I am not a cheater.

I am a cat lover, but I do not hate dogs.

I am introverted, but I am not mean. 229 more words


Performing Arts Performance

I went to watch the band play at the Halloween halftime show. It was really fun everyone in the band was in costumes, even the directors. 56 more words