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Fire and Brimstone

How do we build on a wild plot?  Put up walls and a roof and a safe haven for the tenants.  Yes, that is part of it.   79 more words

Old Testament


Once upon a time there was a young girl named Miryam. She was an only child – some say for a long time – some say for a shorter time. 525 more words

Blog Exodus: Prompt Two: Exalt

This is one of the hardest prompts I’ve seen. Exalt is not a word that’s used in everyday life. When I think of exalt or exalting someone or something I think of complimenting someone on a higher plane. 164 more words


Ornery sheep just are. They think the grass is greener on the other side of the field. Maybe they have a buzzing in their ears that keeps them from hearing the special voice of their shepherd. 627 more words

What Are We Really Cleaning for Pesach?

Below, I am posting some inspiring words of my friend, ILana TzipOra, who is too shy to post herself. I am hoping to encourage her to write more and share her words with the world. 813 more words

Jewish Stories

Things I Say To My Daughter…That Teach Me About G-d

This is my new series all about how being a parent truly does help us to understand G-d’s ways. Let me explain. It has been said that G-d is like a parent to us; a loving Father. 227 more words


Search For Clarity 


Play those tapes


My soul

Write your script

And let you players

Fill your molds

Let your angles sing

In despair

Hovering over… 169 more words