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There cannot be GOOD without EVIL

According to the Jewish calendar, G – d created our world on 25th Elul. This time, the 25th Elul will be next Wednesday (28th September). 280 more words

The soul loves the body. It wants to raise it up, like a child, to see what the soul can see.[ more]

Source: Soul-Body Bonding – Daily Dose of Wisdom


What if G - d doesn't answer my Prayers?

An interesting topic I came across on the Internet: People of all religions complain that G – d doesn’t answer their prayers and thus they give up praying. 906 more words
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It's been a while; so...

What’s been happening?  Let me see if I can help you.

“Please give us nothing but vegetables to eat & water to drink” Daniel 1:12… 313 more words

World Order

Adventures In Paradise

I’ve been on island for almost 2 months now. I’ve noticed the change where I am feeling more comfortable. Hitting my stride. I’ve got a fairly consistent weekly schedule (I mean for as consistent as anything can be for a couple of months). 405 more words



Some people find themselves caught in the middle of certainty and uncertainty about the existence of The Creator. They are afraid to surrender to the realization that they’ve reached and they decide not to make another step. 100 more words


The essence of infinity is its propensity to unlimited possibilities.