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Where is the FREE WILL when G-d knows everything?

A few days ago I wrote that G-d never changes and his level of knowledge always remains the same:
Someone sent me a comment asking how our FREE WILL fits into this concept.
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Adam HaRishon

[NEWS] G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL and Dara Upload Mysterious Teasers. Hints of a Collaboration

VIPs and Blackjacks are at a loss as their biases upload similar but varying teasers onto their Instagram with the hashtags, #WHOSNEXT, #YG, and #20151121. 106 more words


G-d's knowledge never changes

G-d does not acquire knowledge which He did not possess previously. His knowledge never changes like ours. G-d always knows everything happening in the whole universe. 170 more words

We’re baaaaaack~ This time I’ve showed Eric Zutter by Bigbang’s G.D and T.O.P. This song has a certain groove to it and i’m curious to know what groove you guys think it has. 20 more words


Stuck on Wanting to Give You Some Advice

I’ve got a friend.

Who’s in a challenging life situation.

And he’s working his way through it.

With professionals who know way more than I do on the subject. 483 more words

THE JEW WHO REFUSED TO KISS THE BISHOP’S RING - The story of my redemption, by Judah Ayling

I never thought that title would be a summary of the first years of my life. I remember being a little boy kneeling next to my bed, praying to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 2,362 more words