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The mood was somber in heaven that day. The angels moved around, carrying out their tasks, but without their usual joy. As they each passed through the various passageways, they couldn’t help but longingly stare at the Torah, being prepared for it’s introduction to the humans on earth. 1,669 more words

Let Me Tell You A Story...

Long ago and far away there was a God who was lonely. She looked throughout worlds and found many people who had been cast aside and trampled on by the powerful. 321 more words


If 1+1+1=3 Then America Worships At The Altar Of Mars

Our God is what we pay most attention to

America may or may not be a declining Empire. She may or may not be a democracy. 83 more words


Does This Video Make Sense To You?

This is a question for the greater 11213.org audience. Someone sent this video to me does it make sense to you? Please email your comments to info@11213.org. 45 more words


Either Jesus Didn't Leave Instructions Or They Were Suppressed.

Deception is an art

Look as you will in the New Testament you will not find Jesus giving a teaching on prayer techniques. Nowhere does he discuss the techniques he used for prayer. 276 more words


To Capture The face Of G-d

One of my better shots.

Spiraling in to find reality

When I first joined Cambridge in Colour one of the members asked me what kind of flower shots I wanted to take. 81 more words