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Finding G-d In The Missing Socks - By Marc

Today is one of those days when I felt like I did not have anything worthwhile to say here. I racked my brain as to what lesson I could share…a lecture I may have recently heard, an amazing parable, something profound…and while there was a great class shared by… 934 more words

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Fire and Brimstone

How do we build on a wild plot?  Put up walls and a roof and a safe haven for the tenants.  Yes, that is part of it.   79 more words

Old Testament


Once upon a time there was a young girl named Miryam. She was an only child – some say for a long time – some say for a shorter time. 525 more words

Blog Exodus: Prompt Two: Exalt

This is one of the hardest prompts I’ve seen. Exalt is not a word that’s used in everyday life. When I think of exalt or exalting someone or something I think of complimenting someone on a higher plane. 164 more words


Ornery sheep just are. They think the grass is greener on the other side of the field. Maybe they have a buzzing in their ears that keeps them from hearing the special voice of their shepherd. 627 more words

What Are We Really Cleaning for Pesach?

Below, I am posting some inspiring words of my friend, ILana TzipOra, who is too shy to post herself. I am hoping to encourage her to write more and share her words with the world. 813 more words

Jewish Stories

Things I Say To My Daughter…That Teach Me About G-d

This is my new series all about how being a parent truly does help us to understand G-d’s ways. Let me explain. It has been said that G-d is like a parent to us; a loving Father. 227 more words