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ADVENT 2017 - PEACE #3

When the calendar ends…

Dreams end and a day begins. I wish I could tell you what I was dreaming about when I walked out of my dream and opened my blurry eyes to a new day. 343 more words


Most people pretty much already know the story of Channukah. However, not many know that Channukah isn’t exactly a high holiday so I thought I’d post a short version about that for you. 377 more words

Death and Life

So Christian, the big day is coming. The dirt nap, the big send off, the shuffling off of this mortal coil, the big sleep: our death. 152 more words


Lifestyle Faith

I remember being a younger man and faith was part of the weekly¬†mundane. I just did the “mandatory minimum”, once a week I would go to church and occasionally talk about faith during the week with a friend. 599 more words


The Holiness Behind the Challah Braid

Challah, the traditional Jewish braided bread consumed on Shabbat or High Holidays, is heavenly literally in taste and in texture, but also figuratively in the holiness of its special mitzvah. 728 more words


Work and the curse of the daily grind

Ahhh, Monday. Back to work. To the grind. To the salt mines. The nine to five. Working for the man. The rat race.

I think you get my point, there are lots of ways we see work in a negative light. 940 more words


My Song of Songs by Zena David

After sharing the 3-part series titled “When Your Abuser is a Woman” I felt this was an appropriate time to introduce the newly added category of Poetry. 685 more words