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Dear G-d

Thank you

for keeping me afloat

atop Your cloud

especially at times

when I think

Your soft, cushiony presence

isn’t there



Long, long ago in a snowy land, my mom took soft, fleecy blankets and cut them into two different sizes. One for the twin beds of my kidlets, two for our larger size bed (for she was sure that the wood stove could not possibly heat such a big house), and one for her bed where nights were chilly and dark since my father died many years ago. 476 more words


Tomorrow, the “shop” will be started – again.

Tomorrow, the tree crew will be here to start widening the distance from our home to the woods around us. 433 more words

Abuse Rx

Little white beads fall from the sky,
I gather them up
collect them and save them.

They are dropped down from the heavens,
and sprinkled on the grass… 53 more words


Why God isn't compatible with Religion

I’m used to seeing and reading why this or that is incompatible with Christianity and it makes me laugh.  It makes me laugh a lot.Because God, or G-d if your superstition is even more ridiculous giving power over Yahweh to the ink upon paper, isn’t compatible with religion. 479 more words

On Faith

There’s a type of rhetoric I don’t like, which makes having faith in G-d seem irrational. It wins by a straw-man by defining faith as weakly as possible.   178 more words