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mountains, a fire and a whisper 

So after Israel was redeemed from Egypt they were brought out from there and ended up at the foot of a mountain. Moses, the leader that G-d had called while he was tending sheep in the wilderness, had gone up this mountain to speak with G-d. 1,004 more words


“Each thing sings and each is silent.

Each thing sings, pulsating with the life G‑d gives it.

And each is silent, and the silence says,

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G-d, the defender

Sometimes I think about how I view G-d. Obviously that can and does change over time. It’s dependent upon so many things. Of course, your understanding is hopefully built on what He reveals about Himself but it’s also colored in by life experiences, impacted by our inability to fully and truly comprehend someone so vast, and of course sin which clouds and twists and blocks out. 279 more words


Immortal tears - a poem

From time immemorial, G-d has been,

Watching mortals toil and strive…

Reaching ever inward to find heaven;

For some great reason to be alive.

But the Immortal, blessed be She, 76 more words


The Incorporeal G – d in the Torah

Photo: Miriam Woelke
More than once, the Torah is stressing an incorporeal G – d even though it mentions G – d’s arms, face, etc. 95 more words

G - d is above human understanding


G – d is the most ancient of the ancient, the mystery of mysteries, the unknown of the unknown.

Idra Rabba / Sefer Zohar – Book of Splendor

The Art of Kvetching

Kvetching is an art. How to combine the right amounts of nagging, whining, flattery, with a good cause that needs attention? As we’ll see, the recent film “ 885 more words