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G-d asking Iyov (Job): "Where were you?"

In the Book of Job (Sefer Iyov) 38:4, G-d is asking Iyov a very interesting question:

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the Earth?

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Where do we go from here?

Sometimes I am not quite sure how much I should reveal about myself. Should I tell people I’m a rabbi? What happens if I come out to this person as gay? 893 more words


Just A Coincidence

And it’s the morning after the night before… Yesterday was the Jewish festival of Purim (lit. lots).

Purim is the celebration of the G-d saving the Jews from the hands of King Achashverosh and his wicked advisor, Haman, in a hidden way, through the hands of Mordechai, a righteous Jew, and his niece, who is married to Achashverosh, Queen Esther. 282 more words

Being Jewish


One of the most glaring omissions from the Book of Esther is, of course, G-d. G-d isn’t mentioned anywhere in the entire megillah. Not even once. 560 more words


There Is Good To Come :)

So not all plan go according to plan unfortunately even though we want them to they do not. I had a plan a life plan for the next year, work in Sydney Australia develop my skills in childcare, become the beast childcare educator possible and perhaps meet my prince charming ;) but not all plans are meant to be and my plan is just one of them that was not meant to be. 315 more words


Off the Spectrum: Atheist or Agnostic

You haven’t been listening, I  told you already, I don’t think in those terms.

That’s what my friend (let’s call him Mike) told me when we were discussing G-d and religion at 1am.

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Okay so for the full history of wow moments, see: https://ordinaryjewishteenager.wordpress.com/2015/09/03/wow/

For the potted history: a wow moment is any moment which makes you go “wow” (hence the name). 250 more words