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Does G - d need us?

Does G – d actually need us human beings?
When I heard the answer for the first time, I was shocked.
“No, G – d doesn’t need us because He doesn’t need anybody or anything.
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G - D

A New Decade, a New Adventure

I turn 30 in approximately an hour. I’m a day ahead from most of the people reading this (that finicky international date line and all). I wondered how I would feel when I hit the Big 3-0, the dirty thirty, but honestly, I don’t feel any different. 447 more words


Shame and Blame Game

I am responsible to and for myself



Taking this from a shame and blame perspective into an empowering movement or lifestyle for oneself, is difficult. 1,038 more words

Mythos: Free Will, free choice?

Humanity has long pondered the question of free will; and whether  chicken or egg came first. Like Xeno’s paradoxes the questions identify flaws in both language and logic.   1,023 more words

World Order

Why vegetarian? A cultural journey.

He asked me, “why are you vegetarian?”  He wanted me to write an article to explain why.  He thought his magazine readers would  be intrigued by the combination of muslim name with vegetarianism. 1,199 more words


Not Without My Anisa

Not Without My Anisa (Randyjw; October 1, 2016)

There was a poem flowing through my mind

a few short minutes ago

And now that it’s fallen behind… 608 more words